I Wish

You know? iam sitting here on my "love seat" wearing a pair of womens thongs, that i have known and loved for a while. They are so comfortable and feel so nice against my skin. It's kind of funny but not really, Why is that you may ask. Welli am 35 years old, andi i am at the point in my life where i feel that i need to do what is "important to me" and wearing this underwear / Panties, makes me really happy. I would love for it to be "ok" for me to wear what ever i want, and for anyone to wear what ever they want, and for it to be OK, cause all it is , is clothes. I am not hurting anyone by wearing these thongs, i am just enjoying them as much as i can. But the funny thing is, if it was ok for me to go anywhere and have my thongs seen by people, i don't know if it would be so exciting for me, it is now, but what if, damn life is to short.

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1 Response Feb 15, 2009

I totally agree with you. I cannot see that it is anybody's business what I wear and I am not asking permission to wear girdles, sexy black panties or pantihose.I am not hurting anyone and will keep on wearing whatever I like. I sometimes hope that some ladies would comment on the picture(s) in my profile and album ( I adore my girdle)