Thongs Rock!

I'm a lil' ashamed to say, but my first introduction into the awesomeness of thongs was about 10 years ago when my younger step-sis starting being sexually active. She was wearing more and more skimpage around my dad's house, and suddenly one day she did the "bend over in a thong" bit, and WHAM full on thongage, I nearly choked on dinner!

Ever since then, I've been smitten whenever I happen to notice any thongage, they rock!

And...well, just for shock value, I'd like to get caught wearing a thong someday, that'd be hilarious!

dedre dedre
31-35, M
1 Response Mar 16, 2009

I love a woman in a Thong I thinks she is very sex red, white, purple, pink or black!!!!!