A True Friend

Three days grace is a source of inspiration. In fact It is because of three day's that I met one of my good friends today (Doesn't believe in best friends) I was in the P.E hall sitting next to girl I barley even knew. Humming "I will not die." Then all of a sudden I realize she was humming with me. We both look at each other singing the chorus in perfect harmony."I will not die I'll wait here for you in my time of dying" And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

hooray for you! You now has a friend!

Thanks!!At first it was really aswkward....I mean really awkward we hated the same stuff loved anime both wanted to learn japanese and even had the same under wear....That's why we separated for a while but destiny brought us back together :D

wow! I love anime..clannad,nausicaa-valley of the wind, kimi no todoke! Wife scold me , she watch korean movie.. said I am a small boy...HEE! HEE! with children your age! Ha! Ha!

Respect to the anime lover *bro punch* :D