I Love Three Legged Cats

I just can't resist three legged cats. Ohhhhhh, they're so cute, poor wee things.

ViennaRose200 ViennaRose200
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4 Responses Feb 24, 2010

I have a three-legged cat. She has some other health issues and I have really had to be her protector and advocate. Because of this I feel we have a very strong bond...almost psychic. I love my three-legged baby.

I have a tripod cat that started me down the animal rescue path. He already had a brachial nerve plexus injury when he was hit by a car, and had a brain injury. I took this three month old feral into my home, and since the amputation of his front leg, he is my best pal.

i use to have a kitty cat with only one eye. I work with animals so I've seen everything......I love all animals no matter which way they come........

I had a visiting 3 legged cat once growing up. It was a stray, we took it in and it stayed for a month or so and then disappeared. He was so cool. We even found a 3 legged dog one time, and then found his owners a few days later. They were both amazing animals.