Ventura California "Thrift Store" shopping today...

While it's still early here, I decided to do something fun today.
I love thrift stores and the ones that line Main Street in Ventura California
are great and plentiful.

So, I'm off today to see what treasures I can find.
The things I always look for in "treasure shops" are
cookbooks, vintage tee shirts, huge mugs, bowls,
cookware and bakeware.

There is one thing
I do always look for but can't tell you because
if I do, you may start looking for this item too
and then I won't find any.

Do you have a favorite thing you always look
for in thrift stores? If so, mind telling us what it is?

I'd love a story about thrifting if you have one.

Here's one from me:
Years and years ago, I was in a thrift store and I saw a young
girl, youngish lady I guess is a better description, who seemed to be hiding
in the round rack that skirts or pants were hanging on.
I kept looking at the stuff in there and also kept noticing that she was
still hanging out in the rack, the middle of the rack, so as not to be seen.
I happened to walk by just when she thought no one was around and
our eyes met. She'd been discovered by me. I slightly smiled, winked,
and gestured "it's ok, you're safe with me, I won't mention seeing you."
She smiled as if to say "thank you."
A highly famous young actress, in a thrift store probably with her mom.
She probably had the number 1 series on TV at that time.

Her secret is still safe with me because I won't say who I saw that day.
But it's nice to know I can keep a secret.

Now, could or would you share what you seek in thrift stores and a story if you have one.
Imseekerofwisdom Imseekerofwisdom
46-50, F
Jul 14, 2010