Power And Beauty

To hear the first rumbling of a coming storm is breath-taking to me.  I see it as a signal to be still.  Be quiet.  Something much more powerful is about to make its presences known.  By me living in Central FL we have quite a few storms and you know when your about to get them...rruuuummmbbllllleee and then the windows will shake a bit.  I turn on the ac and let the house get chilly (don't worry I turn it off) and I get a cozy blanket and sit by the window and watch the art show.  The way the bolt displays its power by cracking across the sky unexpectingly and quickly is amazing to me, (wish I could drop 10 pounds that quickly) and the brightness and vividiness of that white bolt glowing brilliantly across the gray skies imbeds itself in my memory and it stays...reminding me to Respect the Power of the Almighty........and move away from the window. 

lilyiam07 lilyiam07
31-35, F
2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

I'm glad that you felt that way and enjoyed it as much as I. I'm glad that you came by and left some love on my story, You know how to make a gurl feel special! Keep your Head up!!!!

All I can say is wow!.. I felt like I was watching the storm right along with you..