Oh man, where do I even begin with thunderstorms? My entire life, thunderstorms have enthralled me. How the sky lights up, the huge rumble of the thunder, the immense power of lightning. For the duration of any lightning storm, my family and I would watch the sky waiting for the next boom. My mother was always afraid, but as mean as it was, we laughed. One experience (Lol!) I remember in particular was the first time I drove my dad's old crappy maroon box van thing. It was a stick shift, so I automatically killed it several times trying to start each time I stopped. Besides just that, there was a huge thunderstorm right overhead, the rain plowin' down, the wind pushing its way passed everything, the sky black as night. I had to drive to my best friend's house that night, since we were going to hang out, and the entire trip, this huge storm was following me. Bolts of lightning would flash on either side of me the entire way, always so distracting, but exhilarating at the same time. I was afraid the entire way that I would be blown off the road because the van box thing had such horrible wind resistance, but the lightning shooting across the sky really kept me going. I love thunderstorms so much. = )
Triomatene Triomatene
18-21, M
Sep 8, 2010