What Thunderstorms Do to Me.

The first thing I need before I can write anything for this entry is some music. Let us see what iTunes has chosen for me. "Sin" by Android Lust... that seems extremely appropriate.

Thunderstorms are wonderful things for me. They generally have a couple of effects on me.

The first is really nice. Whenever I can go to sleep in during a storm. I sleep very soundly and quietly. Rare is the occasion that I'll wake up with a nightmare. When the thunder rolls and the lightning crackles, I tend to sleep through the night.

The other effect of a storm is that it tends to spike my libido, and makes every sense on my body tuned into my sexuality. When lightning is crackling outside of the windows--or even better, all around me--everything about my being turns to sex. This is made even more interesting when I'm sitting inside of a classroom, watching the lightning bristle outside the windows.

I remember one incident about a woman who'd heard me speak about my affinity for storms, and there had been some attraction between the two of us. Our first really passionate sexual contact came while a storm was raging outside of the house. We were on the third floor of the house, placing us as close to the storm as I could have hoped for. The experience was just as active and "violent" as the storm around us. Apparently, I did a lot of growling, biting, holding her down, and ended up drawing blood with my nails as a course of the experience. When we finished and both of us lay panting in the bed, she smiled at me and whispered, "Every time I see lightning now, I'm going to think of you."

That's been one of the moments that I've loved being a sensualist, living in the moment, and craving storms and rain.

...thus, every time it rains, I know where my mind drifts to, and what is lurking just beneath the surface.
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2 Responses Apr 1, 2007

Thunder storms do the same to me; ignite me sensual being, my sexual apatite. I don't think this is weird by any means. I think perhaps we just don't know how many other people feel the same way.

i've always had the same reaction, so its nice to know i'm not the only weird one. they make you feel so alive.