I Can Feel...

The lightening ..every it strikes, it's as though it's raw energy courses through my veins. The thunder, makes me shutter, longing to grasp onto someone to protect me from something that I don't really need protection from. The rain...oh the sound of the rain is...mesmerizing, On my windows, hypnotizing.
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5 Responses May 29, 2012

Cool. You're like a super hero.

Well u got the powers and the body! Just need a secret identity.

I love thunderstorms also. <br />
Lightning hit about 50 feet from me once when I was a kid. I was in bed, wide awake. 2AM. You could feel the energy building up. I had no idea what it was, but the sensation had built to almost complete panic when the bolt struck. I knew something was about to happen, just really didn't want to address what it was, although I knew what it was and I felt trapped. It built slowly but a couple seconds before the bolt struck the feeling became overwhelmingly huge. We were going to be struck by lightning. And as I thought that, it hit, the air turned blue for an instant, there was a crack of sound and the sensation was gone.<br />
What I remember most was the feeling of inescapability, the feeling of certainty that something huge was going to happen and the way everything, even seemingly the air, turned blue.<br />
And the Fire Dept came.<br />
And put out the fire the lightning started.<br />
There's a thunderstorm on the way right now. I'm watching it approach on radar...

I love thunderstorms. I also love how you write- I find it quite as mesmerizing as any thunderstorm. It's a pleasure to read your stories.

I wrote a poem in I Want People To Share their Poetry about thunderstorms here in Texas, we have been having them the past 3 days and at times can be awsome sometimes scary.

There is nothing better then a Terenchal storm