Chasing Lightning

I am obsessive. I love lightning. I think it is incredible, powerful ,beautiful and intriguing. I wish that I could experience it more often. Where I live, we don't get thunderstorms too often, and the lightning that I see are just flashes in the sky. One night when I was young and not so educated I went out trying to find the lightning, going closer and closer to where I thought it was coming from. My mother explained that it could be miles and miles away. That made me pretty sad. I am determined to one day stand in perfect view of a lightning bolt...and not get struck!
MimiCatastrophe MimiCatastrophe
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1 Response Jul 16, 2007

lightning can be pretty last summer in july St. Louis had a big thunderstorm knocked out power for a week and since it did that I went out on my porch and was looking at the lightning even took some pictures and recorded some video of the lightning with my digital camera. The lightning lit up the sky it was very pretty but didn't like being without power for so long