There Goes the Power Grid

I grew up on a house on a hill overlooking a valley village. Occasionally we'd get these big thunderstorms that would roll in over the hills from the west, coming in from miles away in clear view from my bedroom window. There was an overhand on the roof above my window overlooking the valley, so one day during a rather active storm I left my window completely open. The overhang kept the rain out, but I could see and hear everything perfectly. I pressed my face up to the screen and watched, listened, and breathed the storm in. I watched lightning bolts strike trees, roads, hills, and finally a large power transformer on a telephone pole. The transformer exploded into several large blue streams, almost like dreadlocks hanging off of the pole. Immediately, I watched half of the town go black, followed shortly by the sound of the explosion as it chased the sight of the event slowly through the air.
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Jul 16, 2007