Pop... Crack... Bam

Oh Florida summers are the best! Every afternoon at about 4 they start coming in. The sky's grow dark and you can see the wall of water as it approaches. It could be raining in the front yard and sunny in the back... working next to the airport means lots more lightning than the already heavy. We get knocked out a few times a month and just about two weeks ago had to replace the phone system, alarms and add some TLC to a few computers. Soon the hurricanes will be here and the real fun begins... can't wait! They can cause soooo much damage but their power is remarkable!
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3 Responses Jul 21, 2007

NNaawww... it just gets the slow ones out of the way so we can play through...

El -- Doesn't that take the fun out of golf, when the golfers are easy targets?

Alligators enjoy them too because they confuse and frighten the golfers, making them easy targets.