Loud Bam ....gentle Memories

Growing up in the mid-atlantic region, the summers were scattered with thunderstorms here ...and thunderstorms there. On such days, the hot humid air would be greeted by a darkness. A huge dark thick cloud in the sky would slowly but surely conceal the sun. Our huge yard would be a dimly lit grayish green. The stillness felt impermanent.

And never will I forget the smell... It was the earth's natural perfume. The dirt mixed in with the moisture and the grass and the trees. My brother and sister and I would find an indoor game to occupy the afternoon as the sky cast a shadow over our home.

Then ...BAM! Crack-crack... BAM! ... And then the tapping of raindrops on our mini sidewalk. The smell of the damp earth became even stronger ... meanwhile a cool breeze would occasionally make its way through our screened windows and hush away the humidity even if it was only for one second. Those seconds felt so good!

We continued to play, maybe even read our library books.  In the back of my head, I wondered if the lightening would ever hit our house. This thought didnt last long... especially when mom had a fresh nectarines waiting for us and my book was so good.

Now I am on the west coast and I am rarely visited by any thunderstorms. Can you blame me if I will gobble up those smells and those sounds and keep them in my pocket whenever I get the rare chance to?
hibislo hibislo
Jul 24, 2007