Thunder Boomers

When I was very small I was afraid of thunderstorms like most little children are.  When I got a little older I started to look forward to the summer storms.  We would hear the first rumbles in the distance and my mom and brother and I would get out the candles and the game of Clue.  The power almost always went off and we would light the candles and play Clue for hours.  Now I love to stand outside and watch the flashes of lightning until it gets very close.  I love to feel the wind pick up and the hear the thunder booming around me.  Then I go inside and watch the flashing as it lights up the room.  I love a good rip roaring storm that lasts a while.  And then I love the feel of the air when everything is freshly washed. 

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3 Responses Feb 10, 2009

I too was afraid when I was small but came to love the thunder & pattering rain. I find it to be quite calming and romantic. I usually open my bedroom window when one hits so I can really hear the sounds in detail.

Storms are so powerful and beautiful.

There's nothing like it