I Love to Watch the Lightning Tear Open the Sky!

I have always had a great love for the awesome fury of a thunderstorm.Whenever the local radar shows a storm band coming I get excited.I used to study storms in high school and as the thunderhead approaches Im always loking out for a great big anvil cloud at the top with crisp clear edges at the top,then you know its going to a very strong one.Im waiting for hours as it approaches.

Then comes the gust front ahead of the storm.Great wind blows up as the storm feeds itself warm air to survive.The comes the rain heavy and cool.Sometimes Ive stood out in it just to get cooled off on a hot summer day.

Then comes the hail.Sometimes large most of the time small.Falling form tens of thousands of feet.

Then possibly a tornado but lees than one percent form these.Then it blows over after thirty minutes and its over.

But the neatest part is the thunder and lightning.Just think about how much electrical energy is up there if we could use it.50,000 degree temps in those bolts 1 mliion volts.And bright.The same sparks you see in a blanket at night are the same ones you see in the sky.Amazing.No wonder the ancients thought they were bolts thrown down by gods.I just love the awesome beauty of it.Ive stood out and watched thunderbolts for hours amazed by Nature's fireworks.

Then you have the astounding thunderclaps.Air superheated and rushing out with a sonic boom.At five miles per second.It is a sonic boom same as that from a jet fighter.But they can rattle the very ground.Ive stood not knowing this was going to happen.Right by the water tower and a bolt hit.It was very loud let me tell you,lol!What a currently shocking experience,lol!

And those thunderheads can look quite lovely from a distance.Great mountains of clouds.I could just sit out and watch storms for hours and hours on end.One time when I was younger there was a tornado warning I was standing outside watching it all.My mother told me if I didnt get inside I was getting a butt swatted.

When I was younger I thought hard about being a storm chaser like you see on TV butwell we arent the richest people on Earth and I could not afford school.But I can I can be a volunteer weather spotter here in town in the summer severe thunderstorm season.I just never have gotten over my love of weather and especially thunderstorms.If the Greek goddess of weather named Meteora was real she would be proud.



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That was as beautiful as the storm itself.

very interesting and i thankyou!!