Chance Of Scattered Showers

step into the rain.
and feel my fingertips caress you.
turn your face to the sky
and drink me in.

stretch out your arms
and feel my breath surround you.
twisting and living around you.
surrender yourself to be free.

turn your eyes to the lightning
quickly before it is gone...
leaving behind only thunder.
telling what's already been done.
SweeetKiester SweeetKiester
41-45, F
3 Responses Aug 23, 2014

I love the crisp smell of rain. However I hate lightening, frightening.

invigorating. electric..


i would like to say something about rain___you come to everyone without judging them of there acts,,,,

noted..... *a bit confused look*. *grins*

its just that rain falls everywhere and for every everyone,,,it dosent show dosent say you are good i should come to you,,,and you are bad people and i wont fall on you,,,

been reading some spirtual sh** maybe that could have had some effect on the sh**y stuff i wrote now

Aww, it's not ******, you were just expressing yourself. It's all good

ok.... well, you're right.. The rain falls where it wants to. The wind blows where it will. -gary allan


Don't read more into rain than what it is, it's just rain. It's not spiritual. But you're so young, confusing times. Take rain out of the equation of finding yourself.

i should

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thats really good

is it raining at your place

actually, it is... but this was written awhile ago.. and thank you. *smiles*

what are you doing here when its raining outside?dont you want to see it

not as much fun when "significant friend" is not here to enjoy it too... *grins*

you alone?

I love to sit outside when it's really windy, it smells so fresh. Of course I'm not stupid I don't sit in an open field or under a tree. I also love to go play in the rain like a little kid and stomp through puddles, all of it, but again I'm not stupid and recognize that lightening storms can be dangerous.

I always wondered why people say a thunderstorm, take cover, when thunder is nothing, it's the lightening. But they're still called dangerous thunderstorms. Lol

well said brother,,,cant beat that feel playing in rain,,,i still do it,,,

i like the moment just before it starts raining,,cool breeze,,dark clouds,,you can smell the rain in the air which was from someplace else near where it had already started raining
it starts slow like some classical music and it improvises little by little and finally it slows down gradually

first we could see the dark clouds heading our way,,then a little hot and cold brezze,,then some strong wind,,,and then lightning and thunder,,then then few drops here and there and the tempo increases,,and then as if someone flipped the bucket from heaven it just keeps poring for sometime and all we could hear is some white noise which mostly kindoff damps all other noises and then the when it is about to finish gradually slows down and we start people walking in the road........

i thought both lightning and thunder was dangerous?isnt it?

Lol spot on except brother part. Sister. Thunder is loud and scary and just noise, although a warning of an impending storm and something dangerous, listening. Not one without the other. Thunder causes no damage, lightening does.

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