Love In the Rain

I made love to my girlfriend in the pouring rain during a thunderstorm.

It was a terribly rainy storm and she wanted to pull over.  I knew she had something in mind, and I was game.  We pulled into a school parking lot, now abandoned in the deluge and in the middle of the night.  She asked if I'd like to make out outside, in the rain.  I said "Sure, why not?"  The catch was, she wanted us to be naked.  After a slight hesitation, I agreed.

We removed our clothes and stepped outside.  I began to kiss her, and the next thing I know, I had pushed her back towards the car, and we were on the hood, then on the roof, and then...well I am not going to go into further detail.  This isn't one of those groups.  Needless to say, the thundering and the excitement spurred on by the streaking lightning in the storm made it one of the best intimate experiences I have ever had.

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Reading this and Bountyhunter91's response brought tears to my eyes. I'm married, and i've always lived for love, but the passion is gone, and we haven't even been married that long, and i have this aching in my soul and longing in my veins for something powerful, you are so lucky to have experienced that, to be able to feel love on that level, to feel passion, cherish it and never let it go

Sorry that you haven't felt this or got to experience it at least once never leaves if the person your with is a romantic too.....

The only downfall is that I let her go to go back to a dead marriage and I'm haunted by her and the memory of the things we shared it this story .....good luck and may you find your time in the rain .....

I can almost guarantee that if you are feeling this strongly about her, she must be feeling it too, for we are all connected on some level

Thank you for your thoughts nin yes we talk from time to time and I am getting a divorce now which I should have done from the beginning now if she will do the same my dream will be real !!!!!

<p>I agree I was lucky enough to experience making love in a Thunderstorm with a beautiful lady once and God It was so beautiful and it still takes my breath away thinking about it, i will never do this with another she was the first and the last some things are just sacred to me I made a mistake and let her go and I still love her to this very day, I'm married now and so is she but if ever getting to have a second chance I would never let her go, I know she still remembers the rainy night and the kissing in the snow God she was so beautiful that night I still see the look she had in her eyes it haunts me....2 years later and when it rains I go to our favorite place where it all took place and I can close my eyes and almost feel her there but then the tears and loneliness and missing her hits.

Sounds beautiful.

I'm from New York State originally and now living in Oregon. Since being out here in Oregon I can not remember ANY thunderstorm as BAD as those back in the Eastern states. <br />
<br />
I wish I could remember making Passionate Love during a storm but the closest I can get would being a Snowstorm. <br />
<br />
Am only 71 so maybe I have time yet with a Chosen Young Lady. Afterall I do have a +++++++++ to keep me stiff.

Great, great story!

Great, great story!

MMMM Very sexy. I'm jealous. I'll have to try it sometime:o)

sounds hot... :)

Sex during thunderstorms is one of the greatest experiences ive had... now when i see/hear one i get really excited, also doing on a hood of a car that is still warm from the engine is a major plus!!!

having sex in a thunderstorm... Wow!<br />
I do like rain/ thunderstorms, but not for the same reasons.

Try it most breath taking thing you will ever experience.

That's an invitation I don't imagine I'll ignore...

Yes. I've done it in the snow b4. I was on a ski trip with my boyfriend and his parents and couldn't find anywhere else to do it. We could never find any privacy and we walked off and did it in the middle of the night while they were sleeping. Could have just did it in bed, but we were sharing the same cabin and afraid of being too noisy. It's okay though because it was a fun experience I will NEVER forget, even if I did freeze my a** off. That's just the beginning...Lots of other unusual places I've done it too and even weirder. Let's chat sometime.

Oh. That would be fun, but sorta cold without any clothes on.

That's pretty hot actually...I think I'd like to do it in front of a fireplace where it's really cold and snowy outside, like in the mountains somewhere. Anybody ever actually do it IN the snow, though? THAT would be interesting...

I have too. I also love making love in the winter. It is so cold and your hot naked bodies rubbing up against each other is enough to heat up the place without a fire or a heater. It just feels right. Hey you can't hardly do any other activities when it's that cold so I figure mightaswell. I have got stuck in the snow with my boyfriend on Christmas eve and we made passionate love in the backseat of his car. Felt good too because the heat in his car wasn't working to well. Great way to spice things up especially during the holidays. What better way to say " Merry Christmas"?