Romancing The Storms

I see the clouds rolling in the sky                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Lightning flashes
The sky becomes dark all of a sudden
The thunder cracks
With such power
The wind blows so very hard
And the storm begins...................................................................


I love the smell of the air,I love the sound of thunder......I love the sound of rains hitting the ground. I turn off all the lights and sit in dark watching this audio visual sensation of the nature ..........till it lasts.

Aliva Aliva
36-40, F
6 Responses Feb 8, 2010

Oh how my husband and I love thunderstorms, so glad we are not alone! We hurry up with the chores, run up to the grocery store and stock up on food; The thunderstorm could turn violent! We make sure the cats are in the house and we anxiously monitor the local weather radar, watching the storm as it edges closer and closer....who will be the first to shout "I see lightening!" or "I heard thunder!" We are so thankful that the vicious drought is over here in central Texas!

Yeah,so true...Now, I know that you were on duty at that time.So you did the right thing by playing safe in the rains:)

I guess I wasn't very playful that day. The guys that I was working with may have thought I had lost my mind if I went spinning and twirling and laughing in the rain. =)

Wow..that is really something......but don't you think it could have been more fun if you got wet in the rains?

I know what you mean. I enjoy this very much too. In the Desert the temperature can suddenly drop 20-30 degrees, which is so refreshing. And the wind blows the rain sideways. I have remember standing outside in the rain and staying dry, because I was in the shadow of a forklift, the rain blowing sideways.

Hi 123Lakers, I like it more if it is in the night.<br />
<br />
I still remember my childhood memories of thunder storms during the hot,humid summer evenings.I would actually stand in the balcony for hours and watch the gradual development of the sky.....the sounds of thunders,the flashes of lightning...the crazy winds. Temperature used to drop refreshingly after the rains.