My Tickle Slave, Part 1

She is on hands and knees, waiting for me to enter the room. She is nervous in anticipation. She hears approaching footsteps. The door opens, and she keeps her gaze downward at the floor as I enter the room.

I address her firmly.

"Eyes closed, slave. Stand."

She obeys. I take her by the hand, and lead her to the table.

"Lie down. Arms overhead."

She obeys. I put padded leather cuffs on her wrists and attach them to rings at one end of table, above her head. She tries to sneak a peek.

"I told you to keep your eyes closed! Now I'll have to blindfold you. And that adds extra tickling to your punishment, later."

I apply a blindfold, strapping it around her head. I put a small pillow under her head, and begin tying a rope around her left arm, just below the elbow. The rope is tied off to a ring on the side of the table. Her right arm gets the same treatment.

I poke my fingers into her armpits for just a few seconds, and she shrieks in surprise. She knows that usually I wait until she is completely bound before any tickling.

"Just wanted to make sure you don't fall asleep, slave."

I move to the foot of the table and fasten thick leather cuffs, padded with fur, around her ankles. The cuffs are, one at a time, pulled outward, stretching her legs wide apart, and they are attached to rings at the bottom corners of the table. Ropes now go around each of her legs, just above the knees, and are tied off to rings on the sided of the table.

"Feeling helpless yet?"

"Yes, Master, very helpless. As I should be."

But I am not done immobilizing her yet. She feel twine being tied around each of her big toes, and the twine is tied to D-rings in the ankle cuffs. More twine is wrapped around the other toes, and they, too, are bent back and tied to the ankle cuffs. I begin with a soft brush, intended to be used for basting.

I strokes her arches with the brush, and this is enough to make her squirm, but not laugh out loud. I switch to one of my secret toys (message me if you want to know) , and now she begin to giggle. I drop the toy, she can hear it hit the floor, as I now dig my fingernails into the balls of her feet. This makes her laugh and laugh. She can't control her squirming, but the bonds are strong, and her movement is just enough to amuse me; not enough to get her feet away from me.

I keep up the light, teasing strokes with my nails, and it is driving her crazy. I know the best spot, the most sensitive spot on her feet, is towards the top of the ball, near the base of the middle toes. One hand holds her foot steady as the other lightly teases and tickles (the lighter strokes tickle the most), and just when one foot is getting accustomed to the sensation, I switch to the other foot.

After about five minutes of this, she is gasping for air, and gurgling…..

[Let me know if you’d like to hear what happened next.]
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I'd have tickled her until she pes all over my face! A laughing girl,breasts wobbling and a bald ***** splattering sweet golden pee over me.....that's how it should end!....well,maybe not the end....more like the beginning of the end part!

Fascinating post. I prefer to be the tickler myself. I'm uber ticklish!

Would love to hear what happens next, nothing better then some good tickle torture!

I want to hear more...

WoW! that was some extreme tickling LoL!! quite an exciting story, and well written to! i hv learned that men hv real particular fantasys, hv u ever been able to do yours in real life like other men hv with there fantasys? what your into is pretty elaborate, hopefully your wife of GF can help u out with this {: what else is there to this? there must be more...where are YOU ticklish LoL!! how wuld u like all that to happen to u?? kinda a role reversal thing (:

I would love 2 hear more :D

Glad you liked it, Melidha! I'll add more when I get a chance. In the mean time, feel free to add me as a friend if you'd like to chat.

Glad you liked it, Melidha! I'll add more when I get a chance. In the mean time, feel free to add me as a friend if you'd like to chat.

Enjoyable! I really love tickling myself, and it seems you two really know how to live! <br />
<br />
*dreamful sigh* <br />
<br />
Along with the two above me, I'd love to hear more of your tickling experiences!

Wow! Your story is fascinating! I would like you to describe the way you tickle her armpits in very light strokes for minutes! I would like you to tickle me with your fingertips all over my soles and my upper body. I would ask you for more and more!

Misterioasa, sorry for the delayed response, but if you add me I'll be happy to share more with you.... and tell you in detail how I would tickle you.