Like A Rollercoaster

I like playing with big sensations, big emotions and new things.

Playing ethically, not just in words but following the idea of doing good for me and everyone else, is very important to me - as is acknowledging the transformation power of evil fantasies lurking in the shadows.

In some wonderful places, everything comes together.

Some people are scared to death of rollercoasters - and still want to try and ride, to see where it takes them past their fears and defences. They know the anxiety and avoidance of the start - and the secret temptation. They have an inkling of how outside of the mundane they might be led. Some get in, shaking, pull down the bar and lock themselves in and ride.

Some people never get tickled. Perhaps they had bad experiences as a child with it. Perhaps they just have unusually big reactions to that sort of touch. Perhaps even seeing the words in a dictionary or hearing of people playfully and socially tickling make them squirm away. Perhaps their nightmares involve not being able to stop someone in time, not being able to fight someone off, not being able to do anything but laugh and roll in a ball once it starts - and they get tickled. Perhaps they use their worst threats to try to get over to people how really bad it would be to do something others see as fun.

And perhaps they also get hard / wet when they think of it, particularly when it is consciously and carefully intended as torture.  Perhaps they know that to choose to be tickled would be an act of great bravery for them, transforming in their life. Perhaps they will get taken beyond wanting to fight or wanting to die or wanting anything, anything to make it stop. Perhaps that radical vulnerability seems beyond reach, but the biggest goal they could imagine also.

So, they take a deep breath, and choose to look for an ethical, caring, supportive, and utterly sadistic tickler. Someone who is empathic and uses that empathy to know just where to touch for the maximum possible reaction. Someone who exudes love and knows what the person is really after and so through that real friendship they will ignore every sign of distress save dangerous ones and ignore their own fantasy conclusions and take someone and tie them tight and safe and secure and somewhere where noone will come to aid..

and tickle them into a new world.

That tickler could be me.

If every part of you screams NO but a deep core really wants to go through that NO and choose tickle torture - then that wonderful suffering could be yours personally.


BlueDreamUK BlueDreamUK
41-45, M
Feb 21, 2010