The Four Feathers: My Tickling At College Prep School (part One)

I remember my first experience with real tickle-torture happened when I was 16 and attending college-prep school. My mom attended the same private school and I followed her footsteps by attending as well. Due to my legacy status, I also pledged for a secret society that only few even know about and I cannot divulge its name for understandable reasons. Our society has contributed to the growth and maturity of many girls and/or young women for many years and I’m honored to be an alumni member along with my mother. Of course, all secret societies have rituals, rites and initiations that might seem bizarre and strange to many and our society is no different. The following true story is as accurate I can recall without mentioning names, places and important details in order to protect the tickler, tickled and ticklish!
Like my mother, I was subjected to a special initiation that placed me and my life-long friend, Chantel in a very ticklish situation! Our society always initiates two girls each time in order for the other to witness the experience. Both of us, like our mothers, pledged to honor the initiation memory without disclosing too many details to outsiders. My mother never mentioned her experience until I became of age to enter the academy and the society. If I did not want to share my experience with anyone who reads this, I would have refrained from doing so. But, this experience has been a life-changing event and I need to share my thoughts. My friend Chantel feels the same way, but she is not the writer I am and she agreed for me to divulge what I can in this story.
The day before Chantel and I left for the academy, my mother took both of us for pedicures as was expected by the society. Chantel appreciated my mother ever since her mother died a many years ago. Like my mother, Chantel’s mother attended the academy with my mom and experienced the same society initiation. My mother has been very close to Chantel, especially after her mother’s untimely death. My mother took us to her favorite pedicurist and our feet were treated to a wonderful pedicure! Our feet were so soft after the pampering and then mother told us to enjoy the experience to come the following evening after we arrived at the academy. She could not tell us our ticklish fate, but Chantel and I loved how wonderful our feet felt after the pedicure. My toes were painted pink and Chantel wanted red and mother had a French pedicure. We all laughed during our respective pampering and my mother seemed very ticklish that day.
In retrospect, it must have been very difficult for her not to tell us what to expect the
following night at the secret society, but a pledge is a pledge. She knew how ticklish we were, but she also knew we would respond with delight to the sensation of tickle. We remember her telling us to not panic and enjoy the experience as best we could. While her advice seemed an ominous to me, I trusted her and believed everything would be fine. We are equally ticklish, but Chantel and I did not have any idea of what was awaiting us the next evening. The important thing is we knew the event would be very important to our respective futures. Nevertheless, mother told Chantel and me that once we arrived to the society house, the current mistress of the proceedings would state the name of the event within her opening remarks. Mother said that once we heard this, we might detect a clue to our fate that evening. When I looked bewildered and a little apprehensive, she told us not to worry.
The day we left for the airport, Chantel and I were encouraged to wear comfy clothes and to go barefoot inside our shoes due to the airport security measures. Without our knowledge, the society wanted our bare feet to be inside soft, fur-lined booties while traveling to our destination. Likewise, the society did not want us attending the festivities with socks or stockings which would become apparent once we arrived to the academy. My mother knew this of course, so she made sure that we would go barefoot inside our booties, which kept our tootsies warm, soft and supple. Since the weather was mild and it was cooler where we were going, Chantel and I wore similar outfits. I wore black dress leggings with stirrups, a soft, black pullover top and soft, black suede boots over my bare feet. Chantel wore the same outfit but her leggings were green and her top was cream colored. Her booties were green suede and they were her favorite pair. Our boots were zipped on the side and were really easy to come off, which was always a problem for us wanting to go barefoot all of the time. This is especially true of Chantel and me due to the fact we rubbed Shea Butter on our feet in the morning before we placed our boots on for the airport. My mother took us to the airport where we met a representative from the academy. My mother told both of us to do what was asked of us, especially at the society initiation event. I wondered why my mother and the woman representing the academy smiled at each other kind of weird, but I did not give it another thought. I remember being a little embarrassed when she reminded us to keep our boots on during the flight, but it became clear to us why she wanted us to keep our tootsies covered later that evening. So Chantel and I were on our way!
We arrived at the airport and our academy escort drove us to the school where our accommodations were presented to us. Once we arrived to our dorm, a representative of the society met both of us and seemed very pleasant. After exchanging discussion about our trip and the exciting things to come, she presented us new outfits and shoes to wear at the festivities that evening. Chantel and I were thrilled, but we wondered how they knew the correct size? The society representative told us that my mother bought the backless pumps and our society outfits were made for us based upon the sizes provided by my mother. Our society outfits consisted of black dress leggings with stirrups, a black satin blouse and black, backless pumps. We were encouraged to relax and clean ourselves before the big night. Of course, neither of us knew how the evening to come, but we were excited nevertheless to be accepted into the society. Before hand, we ate dinner at the academy cafeteria where all of the new students celebrated the upcoming semester. After dinner, we arrived at the dorm and prepared for our society event.
The time came for Chantel and I to attend the festivities and we were apprehensive and excited at the same time. We discussed what might be in store for us, but I mentioned to Chantel that it was pointless to even dwell on it before attending. Once dressed, we awaited our fate and soon one of our future sisters arrived to escort us to the secret house of our society. The society sister arrived and she blindfolded us and she drove us to an undisclosed location. Chantel and I were understandably apprehensive, but the sister sitting near comforted us and alleviated the anxiety we nevertheless felt. It was then disclosed to us that we would be the highlight of the night’s festivities, which was not a surprise. We believed our initiation in the society was to be somewhat of celebration, not knowing the ordeal to come. Once we arrived and walked inside the old house, we stood and heard a woman’s voice state, “welcome young ladies and honored student-members of the society. Tonight, we will celebrate our annual Gathering of the Four Feathers to initiate Chantel and Christina into our sacred society.”
I then wondered what feathers had to do with this, and my mind began to anticipate what would happen next. Chantel also wondered how feathers would be involved in our festivities. In a flash, we simultaneously realized what might be happening, and then suddenly, the mistress stated, “Escort the young ladies to the basement to experience their ordeal.” My heart skipped a beat immediately and began to tingle all over anticipating what was to come. I knew Chantel was apprehensive as well, but we entered the room with our blindfolds still on. We were then escorted to what I believe were stocks and left blindfolded. Our arms were raised above our heads and our legs were placed in restraints. I could hear Chantel slapping her heels against the inside of her backless pumps in nervousness. I did the same due to the fact I love to work my toes as well as it always relaxes me.
Suddenly, the same voice we heard of the mistress entered the room and stated, “Chantel, Christina, welcome to our Gathering of the Four Feathers. You will experience a life-changing event tonight that you will never forget. Tonight your soft soles and ticklish toes will experience the Gathering of the Four Feathers. Each feather will be gently and methodically exploring every inch of your ticklish tootsies, experiencing a delicious sensation of tickle, until you are accepted in the society.” As my heart beat faster, I could only assume Chantel felt the same, we heard foot-steps toward our feet. The voice then ordered, “Make Chantel and Christina ready, remove the pumps from their pretty feet, and gently tie the toes back in order for the feathers to titillate the tootsies properly.”
Once our feet were bare, the ankles were tied together inside the stocks ad it almost tickled me when one of the sisters accidently grazed my sole. Our toes were then snugly restrained with flexible and soft ties, making it impossible to flex the toes. This also made our feet almost impossible to twitch or move. My heart beat faster and faster not being able to move, knowing the ticklish situation we were in. Yet, I loved the sensation of thin stirrups surrounding my bare arches wondering how the tickling would be with them caressing my delicate skin. My mind raced not knowing how long this ordeal would last and/or how I would react. Since Chantel and I were prohibited from talking to each other, we could nevertheless feel each other’s apprehension. With that, the mistress then asked, which is customary before every one of these events, “Ladies, are you prepared to experience the Gathering of the Four Feathers on your soft soles and ticklish toes?”
We both stated in unison that we were prepared for the experience while hoping to endure the feathering in a proper way. While I sensed Chantel’s apprehension in her voice, I intended to make her feel better after the mistress asked, “Do either of you have any questions before we begin?”
Remembering mother telling me to be excited and enjoy the experience, I wanted to appear strong and confident for Chantel and responded to the mistress and all who could hear, “Is this going to tickle?”
I could hear the mistress almost chuckle and then she said, “Christina, this is going to be a stimulating evening for all of us and yes, it will surely tickle those adorable tootsies of yours…Shall we begin?”
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Your mom should pay for that ;)

Nice one! Love the teasing.

great feet are sooo ticklish too! People always tickle me there!!!! so much fun though!!!!! hehehehehehe

Oh my....very exciting start to this story. How I'd love to have those soft, smooth, silky soles and toes of yours locked up in stocks, toe tied and at my feathering mercy!<br />
<br />
So mom is as ticklish as you? My goodness! <br />
<br />
And I noticed your disclaimer too so similar to one in a story that I posted - "The following true story is as accurate I can recall without mentioning names, places and important details in order to protect the tickler, tickled and ticklish!" :-)

Yes, my mother has VERY ticklish feet too! I guess that is where I get my ticklishness Marco!

I would love to tickle your feet!!

Now I have visions of seeing the two of you barefoot and tempting me to tickle you! Thank your mom ticklishness is a wonderful thing to inherit!

I will! *grin*

Is your mom a tickler? I'm curious to know if she tickled you when you were growing up or if you just maybe saw her being tickled on occasion which was the spark that arroused your curiosity about being tickled.

Marco, my dad is the tickler and my mom was tickled by him all the time. *grin* I am not sure how you interpret this, but she told me many years ago that she was "tickled" to have me! Considering what tickling does to me, I wonder if it does the same to her as well? Being "tickled " to have me might indicate my dad tickled her before I was conceived. I have never asked her to elaborate with me, but I have always thought it was weird how she told me that.

If your dad was a tickler and you were witness to this maybe that's what got you into it. Did dad ever tickle you when you were growing up?

Your mom very well may have been tickled before you were conceived maybe even during that magic moment of conception!

Yes, my dad loved to tickle me when I went barefoot. If I was conceived while my mother was being tickled, that might explain my situation. Its exciting thinking that I might have been conceived while my mom's feet were being tickled! Marco, thank you for talking-tickle with me!

It's always a delight discussing tickling with you. I can only imagine how delicious a tickle play date would be with you because your passion for being tickled is as deep as mine for feet &amp; tickling!

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Great story, hope it continues :)