My College Prep School Tickling: The Four Feathers Part Two

My heart beat faster as I anticipated the titillation to come. Along with my delicate, restrained toes, I began to tingle and twitch as my elder sister blew soft air on my feet. I could hear Chantel almost giggle from the same stimuli, which I assumed she experienced as well. The mistress then explained to us that our sensitive tootsies would now begin the feel the sensation of tickle at the hands of our elder sisters. Apparently, we had one sister tickling our feet at a time and my elder sister, who would be my counselor in the society, tickled me that fateful night. For the purpose of this story, my elder sister’s name is Jordan and she was an exquisite tickler. I can still hear her voice, talking to me and my ticklish toes as she glided and manipulated the feathers all over my tootsies that night. As for Chantel, Celeste was her elder sister of the future and her tickler that evening. Both Jordan and Celeste were in their third year at our school and greatly enjoyed the mentoring they provided us for our first two years.
Even though we were blindfolded and did not see the sisters at our feet, both Jordan and Celeste sat on a velvet bench directly facing our soles. They sat on the knees with the legs tucked under exposing their pretty feet. Once they were in position, the mistress ordered two second-year sisters to come behind our elder sisters and gently remove their pumps to expose their feet. Jordan and Celeste wore the same outfits as we did, except they wore red with stirrups across their feet. It was required in the society that foot-ticklers must go barefoot while conducting the festivities within the Gathering of the Four Feathers. It was explained to us later that having the elder sisters barefoot while tickling, enhances the sensation of tickle for all parties involved. If you looked at a picture of the event from the front, you would see Chantel and I with our feet facing you and just below, our sisters sitting with their legs tucked. You would also see their pretty soles and toes exposed as they feathered our sensitive tootsies.
I will always remember just before the first feather-stroke, Jordan began to talk-tickle to my toes. She then began to gently feather my insteps and arches and I immediately giggled intensely. I can almost feel the feather gliding along my soft, sensitive soles as I recount this paramount event in my life. Simultaneously, Chantel laughed hysterically as she yelled out “NOT THE TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTOES!” And her delicious laughter made me tingle all over. I knew how ticklish Chantel was even before we began this experience together. Listening to her giggle with uncontrolled laughter reminded me of the times I tickled her feet during the summer months we were together. We loved going barefoot at my home year round, but especially in the warmer months. My mom would often tickle us while we lying on the couch or the carpet, and it even tickled when we anticipated the tickling to come. Our laughter was uncontrollable! My mother has always loved her feet and going barefoot, so it was inevitable that Chantel and I would follow suit.
Jordan’s initial feathering of my insteps and arches elicited an incredible sensation of tickle and I laughed, laughed and laughed. I remember not being able to wiggle my toes as Jordan talked-tickle with them. As Jordan feathered my ticklish insteps I remember her saying, “Now why are you wiggling and trying to get away sweet little toes of mine?” With that, I remember laughing hysterically as my sweet little feet were being tantalized with a devilish, pheasant feather. This feather works best with long steady drags and a patient, loving tickler. Jordan initially loved this feather the most because I seemed to respond so well to it. Of course, when the toes are tied back, a pheasant feather can be a dangerous instrument in the hands of such a patient tickler like Jordan. In the meantime, Celeste tickled Chantel’s toes with a turkey feather which immediately had an impact on her. Her laughter was even more pronounced than mine as the feather tantalized her delicate long toes. I remember hearing Celeste say, “Coochie, Coochie, coo” as the feather evidently travelled all around and inside Chantel’s gorgeous toes. Our laughter together was quite exciting as the feathers tickled our soft, bare tootsies.
Jordan teased me more by reminding me how ticklish Chantel must be. “MMMMMMMMMM…Celeste is having a wonderful time tickling Chantel’s pretty toes!” And then she began to flutter the feather on my toes. “Let’s see what trouble we can get into here!” The initial feathering of my toes and toe-stems made me explode in laughter!
The tickling of my delicate toes with the pheasant feather drove me crazy with ticklish laughter and I laughed hysterically while Jordan was patient and relentless while feathering my pretty toes. I remember her eliciting more tickle-talk as my toes were feathered by her. She said, “Tickle, tickle, tickle, these sweet little toes!” With that, I exploded in laughter as I now realized Jordan learned that my ticklish toes will always betray me and the feather will continue driving me wild with laughter.
Simultaneously, Chantel is laughing hysterically as Celeste continued working on the toes and toe-stems until I could hear her laughter at a higher-pitch. This is when I knew the feather was really getting to her due to past experiences. From what Chantel told me afterwards, this was about the time Celeste began sawing the turkey feather in between her toes. Chantel confided in me the very tip of the turkey feather tickled her toes like crazy and she will never forget it. For me, the very point of the pheasant feather drives me wild. In the hands of an experienced tickler, such a feather will make me crazy, especially when my toes are tied back! As both sets of our toes were being tickled simultaneously our laughter filled the room!
Amazingly, Chantel and I both screamed at the same time;
We were now approaching the end of our first 30 minutes of the foot- feathering. Celeste began with the turkey feather on Chantel and mine began with the pheasant feather. Both of these feathers tickled us greatly and we could only imagine was to come. The Four Feathers consisted of the Pheasant, Turkey, Owl and Duck Pointer. Each feather must be used during our two hour initiation, but all of them can and would be used on our precious, pretty feet before the evening ended. During our first break, Jordan and Celeste rubbed our feet with baby oil or some Shea Butter keeping our feet nice and soft. It felt wonderful! I remember Jordan’s hands feeling really soft as she gently rubbed my tootsies. I remember her saying, “Let’s get these toes soft and sensitive, shall we?” With that I smiled, but I also said, “Jordan, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ticklish! I am not sure I can handle much more!” Of course, I remember thinking right after that admission it is impossible for me to avoid what was to come by playing it that way. Jordan immediately responded by saying;
“Christina, you are doing wonderful, but don’t you dare play that game with me! You and I both know what is going to happen here. You will endure the remainder of your initiation and be better for it. Yes, your adorable, ticklish tootsies will be feather-tickled until we are satisfied you are worthy of the society. You will do this by exposing your ticklishness to all of your sisters and showing your vulnerability. Christina, you have beautiful feet and tickling them is such a pleasure due to their exquisite sensitivity. This sensitivity will be your undoing tonight, but it will also propel you as well. Be strong and vulnerable for us tonight sweetness. It is truly an honor to tickle your tootsies tonight, so bare those toes with ticklish pride and be ready to laugh with pleasure! Since this event will last no more than two hours, we have some more time remaining to expose your pretty toes to the sensation of tickle.”
My heart beat faster and faster after Jordan’s loving-lecture to me. My toes are so ticklish!

Meanwhile, Celeste gave Chantel a similar pep-talk and I could hear her coo from the gentle foot-rub she was receiving. Apparently, Celeste had very soft hands as well and I could tell Chantel loved it when her toes were stimulated. I remember hearing Celeste and Jordan talking about how soft our feet were and the ticklishness was adorable. Since Chantel and I were prohibited from talking to each other during our ticklish adventure, we only assumed what was to come. The mistress now spoke and complimented us on our display of ticklishness thus far, but reminded everyone the tickling would continue with a change in feathers. I assumed the turkey feather was now intended for me while the pheasant feather would be for Chantel. The mistress then ordered, “Let Christina and Chantel experience the sensation of tickle as they continue to present their pretty bare soles to the society!” She then in a haunting voice said, “tickle, tickle, tickle!”
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Do u take one shoe off to drive or both? Do u drive a standard or automatic? Also have u ever got your vehicle stuck while driving barefoot? And do you take flipflops and sandals off to drive as well or is it just high heels?

What a GREAT story. I would have LOVED to have participated in that ritual. I could have come to your rescue and tickled the feet of the older sisters to make them stop tickling you. Or maybe tickled all4 of you at the same time. Have you had any chances to bd tickled since then. I miss college. ☺️

I loved reading about your experience. I've ALWAYS wished that I could have a chance to tickle soft feet like that. I particularly am find of slow ta'i chi finger tickling of female feet. I find that manicured nails are just as effective as feathers, although feathers are extremely fun to use. They would have probably had fun with a little toe nibbling to! Most ticklish girls go CRAZY when their toes a gently kissed and nibbled. Oh how I WISH I had a chance to tickle the way these two got to tickle you.

Yes, toe-nibbling makes me crazy!

You girls had your feet tickled 30 minutes and you didn't ******?
That's different from all the ticklish young girls I've known, (but
they have to be exquisitely ticklish).
Most times my female friends will ****** in at least 10 minutes,
maybe 15. 30 minutes is a LONG time to be tickled- I can relate!

It is all true, but I do admit that I am an imaginative writer! I cannot remember all of the conversations that took place, but it is true. If you choose to believe otherwise, it will not bother me in the least bit.Without experiencing it yourself, you cannot possibly share my perspective. I have never shared this on any forum or chat board other than this one. I like the Experience Project due to the passion of the people I have chatted with thus far. I hope you have enjoyed my recollection of events thus far. Thank you for contacting me.<br />
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