My First Time

I was 19 and on R&R in Japan, I went to a TEA house, and was approached by a beautiful little

Japaneese girl, we talked, I bought her dinner, she told me she was on her period, so could

only do oral on me, I said ok, we went to her place, she removed her top and had perfect but

small pert breasts, then she bathed me from head to toe, and dried me off, I laid on her matt,

she started tongue tickling my ear lobes, then worked her way down to my nipples, slowly

barely tickling with the tip of her tongue.  Now she worked her way down to my belly button,

and I found this area very sensetive, now down to my inner thies, then down to my ankles,

here it started getting very ticklish, and at first was uncomfortable, now to my toes, W-O-W!!

Very sensitive here, now the palms of my feet, again it took a minute or so, but soon started

to feel like I was going to explode, there seemed to be a nerve going from my soles directly

to my ****** button, she spent probably 5 minutes on my feet, then she worked her way up

to behind my knees, here it didn't have much effect on me, she worked her way up to my

butt, remember, (she had bathed me very thouroughly) and she tongue tickled my rectum

AGAIN WOW!!!!  unbelievable sensation, then she came around to the front and well I need

not explain further, AGHH, I slept like I hadn't slept in years.....Now back to hell in NAM.

loveticklingfeet loveticklingfeet
41-45, M
Feb 15, 2010