Tickling Ticklishbitch

She wakes up and goes to rub her eyes. But finds her arms tied above her head. She then goes to move her feet but find out they are locked in a pair of stocks. She noticed she was still in her clothes a t-shirt that stops halfway long black trousers and black flats. (Barefoot) Then she hears a sound coming closer the then realized that she was in a strange room. The sound is getting closer and louder it sounded like someone wearing flip flops. Hello anyone there? A voice says ah finally awake are we? Ok why am I tied up like this? She asks. Well I seen you wearing the kind of cloths you have on now all summer. And she says. I seen how soft your belly looks and your feet look perfect in summer shoes like flip flops or flats. Er ok thanks I guess but what do you want with me? You will find out. Said the voice and they flicked on a light. And she saw a young man 18 years of age about 6"3 with black short hair glasses wearing a button up chequered shirt and track suit trousers that where a little bit to long and flip flops. Hmm Now I have you what to do with you oh I know he walked up towards her and stands next to her looking her up and down. Why are you looking at me like that? She asked. Well he said I just had a great idea of what to do with you. He then goes towards her feet and bends down and rummages through a box on the floor. And then brings small table and a chair over. Picks up a few things from the box and puts them on the small table. He then says tell me do you like to laugh? She answers yes I love laughing. Well have I got a treat for you. Oh what is it? She asks wait and see or should I say wait and feel. She didn't know what he meant by that but he then walked up to her and pulled up her t-shirt revealing her small smooth belly. What are you doing? She asks in worry she was a little scared of what was going to happen next. He didn't answer her he slowly moved his hand towards her belly his fingers moving in a spider motion his fingers finally touched her belly and it was so soft just as he thought. She started to giggle a little. Hay that tickles oh really? Yes it does. Well what about this he said and moved his tickly fingers to her sides she laughs a little more. Oh that tickles too he then starts to dig his fingers in her sides hard she squeals. Ah I think I got myself a good one here and he stops. Oh I'm going to have lots of fun with you. He then begins ticking again in his spider motion and she starts laughing again. He moves his hands up towards her armpits and puts one finger on each pit and slowly moves up and down there is a little wiggle on her mouth. Come on let it out it tickles a little faster and she crack and squeals and laughs. Oh I think I found a spot. He then moved towards her feet hmm lets see what we have under these shoes and slowly takes off a shoe and reveals a small foot. Oh what little foot and runs a finger down her sole her foot shakes and she giggles. Hmm lets see if it's little friend is ticklish too and slowly removes the shoe and runs a finger down the other sole again her foot shakes and another giggle. Then he runs both hands down her feet and gets another good reaction he then digs his fingers under her toes and she screams with laughter. He tickles her feet faster and faster. She is laughing and screaming. He stops and picks up two feathers but she doesn't know what he picked up. He then runs the feathers down her soles and she squeals hard. He slowly runs the feathers on her soles then walks towards her feathers in hand. She sees the feathers oh no not the feather. Why not? And slowly runs one feather down a armpit. She squeaks it tickles that's why. Come on he says I know you like this. No I don't I hate it secretly she is wanting more. Well he says I'm going to have to make you admit you love it. And he runs one feather on her armpit and the other around her belly button. She shreks and bucks around. Admit it you love getting tickled. Never it will take more than this to make me tell she says. He replies fine and stops gets a attachment for the table and puts the feathers on it and lowers it to her belly button. He walks to her feet. And picks up a remote and presses the number 1 the Machine started to move in a circle on her belly and belly button. She began to laugh is that all you got she said laughing. Oh no he replies and starts tickling her feet too he dug his fingers under her toes she screamed with laughter. Ok ok I like getting tickled. He stops the machine. I knew it I just knew it he then took the attachment off the table and was just about to put it away. Keep that thing out she says. You like this on your belly do you? No I don't like it on my belly I love it. I want it on my belly button I love my belly button tickled. Ah I knew I would get it out of you and she woke up back in her room and thought none of that happend but there was a note on the bedside table. It said thanks for being a good sport I know you loved it :-p
For ticklishbitch :-D hope you like it ;-)

boyracer19941 boyracer19941
22-25, M
Oct 10, 2013