Ticklish Girl

Hi my name is Emily I live with my family but i'm only 13 when my boyfriend comes round I always wear sleveless tops,he knows I'm ticklish, he would take off my socks and tie my bear feet to one side of the bed and tie my arms above my head,when I were sleveless tops and tickle me to death.I carnt stop laughing.Also when I play topple when i lift my arm he would tickle it and the tower would topple.At high school,girls can wear tank tops and me and my friend Nicole take turns at trying to make each other laugh one at a time first on to laugh is out ,you have to put you hand above you head if you tring to not make some one laugh.In my tank top I put my hands above my head and Nickole just tickles me.

pe0ipyoe2w pe0ipyoe2w 13-15 3 Responses Jun 8, 2010

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I gotta tell you I loved your story more than anyone else's here. They were all about feet. I really don't like tickling feet unless they're extremely soft. I don't have a foot fetish like most of the people here. I love tickling armpits!!! I love girls in sleeveless clothing. Even though you're young keep writing. At least you know you gotta friend who enjoys hearing about armpit tickling!!

ik how u feel i get tickled all the time from my friends expecially the females

Haha, sounds fun. I used to get in tickle fights all the time when I was a kid.