Watching The Shoe Salesman Tickle My Wife's Sexy Latin Perfect Feet

This amazing adventure occurred this past weekend. All true by the way. My girlfriend, (let's call her Tori) agreed to try on shoes with me looming in the background and try to get the salesman to tickle her feet. Tori has a beautiful big smile and wonderful laugh. She's latin, 5'3", size 5.5 feet, very high arches and beautiful toes. Very ticklish. They were painted burgandy on this day b/c she knows I like dark polish on her. So...I'm watching from the men's department as she paces around looking for shoes and looking for a good prospect. (Incidentally, she does this b/c she loves to drive me absolutely crazy and this did). A young guy approaches her (let's call him Chad) with a French accent and off she goes. She plops down in a chair and I sit down in another section of chairs about 10 feet away so that I can hear and see what happens. Tori says she's not sure about the size so they'll need to measure. And, she tells him she's just had her fingernails done and doesn't want to mess them up. Chad says, "don't worry. I'll help you." He helps her off with boots and socks and begins to measure her foot. By the way, my heart is racing, and my mouth is as dry as a cotton ball. He says, you are right between a 5.5 and 6. She's being very friendly and a little flirty with the guy. What she did was absolutely magical and I'm not sure I can explain the following events. The first pair is this black glittery pair and he has to work the top strap over her high instep. Remember, he has to help her b/c of the wet nails which, aren't wet at all; it's just part the scheme. She leans down slightly and says, "please be careful while you're doing that b/c I'm extremely ticklish." Chad then proceeds to tickle her arch a little. She giggles, smiles (man is she sexy) and says stoppppp. Not that the story is about me but I was quite concerned about heart failure at this stage. She then tries and walks around in and asks his opinion about several pairs of shoes. He tells her, "you have beautiful feet." [think he is one of us?] Chad then brings out about 7 boxes of shoes all stacked up. Several pairs of shoes later...he puts a pair of wrap around straps on her ankle and then with both hands tickles her again!! Wow. And, wow! She smiles and laughs and says stopppppp it. That're going to be sorry when I kick you." I'm thinking he has be done but not so. Her phone rings while he putting another pair on her gorgeous feet. No straps this time so I'm thinking no tickling. Wrong. This time it's a longer tickle, both hands, one on her beautifully high arch. Much louder laughing and giggling. She tells the caller, "oh, I'm trying on shoes and getting tickled."

Needless to say, I let her have her pick of shoes. Cost me $250, but I'd have paid more. Well worth the money. Feed back requested and welcomed. This do anything for anybody else but me?
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6 Responses Jan 19, 2011

WOW! I'd be VERY jeolous, but nice story, anyway! :-)

Great story! I would have caaled her cell and talked dirty to her while she was being tickled. Mmmm, delicious!

didn't have cell phones then. YA DEVIL!!!! even when i was a lil' cougar, huh? hahaha

Glad we've had an update since May. :-)

happened to me when i was a girl with a very flirty shoe salesman! REALLY got tickled!

please tell us about it

would make a cute story!

WISH I had BEEN there! Wow! Mine, now! :-)

Im hard just reading about this great episode.. Please arrange more and keep us posted...

You and the shoe salesman are both very lucky, he got to tickle the soles of a sexy latina that are EXTREMELY ticklish and you have totally access to them :)

Have I told you about my shoe shop????