My Favorite Tickling Scenes

I've seen a lot of great tickling scenes on TV. One of my absolute favorites is from a program called "French in Action" where a beautiful woman was lying on a couch, trying to read. Her little sister kept tickling her feet with a feather. Another one of my favorites is from an old magic show where Brett Daniels tickled his assistant's feet while doing the "Saw a person in half" trick. Also, there was a really cute scene from a German film called "Die Zwillinge vom Immenhof" where a pair of teenage twin sisters get their feet tickled by their mom while in bed. An old "Aveeno" commercial where a woman was rubbing the lotion on different members of her family while they were asleep. When she rubbed it on a pair of bare feet, the feet wiggle nicely. That's all I can think of right now.
RedDragon85 RedDragon85
1 Response Mar 29, 2011

Good post. I"ll have to check them out. TY!