The Mile High Tickle Club


Tom lifted his luggage from the storage rack and carefully negotiated his way down the steps of the parking lot shuttle van. Traffic from his home to the airport had been horrendous. From the looks of things as he walked across the street into the terminal it was no better here.

Even the premier class lines at the check in counters were long this morning not a good omen considering he was up at the crack of dawn and well over two hours early for his flight.

Tom stood there in a fog trying to clear the cobwebs from his head. The only thoughts on his mind now were the grueling fourteen hours and multiple time zones he’d need to travel to get to his destination and where he could get his hands on the nearest cup of coffee!

Finally receiving his boarding pass after what seemed like hours Tom headed over to the security checkpoint area. The long cues snaked lengthily around the bend yet another discouraging sight and as he turned the corner the sea of bodies became one huge blur.

It was just going to be one of those days.

Getting into what he thought was the fastest moving line he began daydreaming as he shuffled forward slowly.

How does one keep occupied for such a long period of time in such a confined space on a plane? It was one question he was asked constantly by family, by friends and by office colleagues who knew the amount of business traveling Tom did over the course of the year.

He pondered the many answers he’d given in the past to this question as the security lines including his, moved at a snail’s pace despite the fact that there were five scanning stations open.

Much of the congestion this morning it seemed was caused by inexperienced travelers and it was easy for Tom to single out the seasoned fliers from the first timers.

As he inched his way closer to the x-ray machine his bleary eyes scanned the throngs of passengers. Half way down the next row and almost exactly across from him he suddenly did a double take.

A ray of brightness on an otherwise gloomy morning!

Their eyes met and she smiled. Her demeanor and the look on her pretty face revealed that she was another travel veteran who immediately was able to sympathize with Tom.

They kept steeling glimpses of each other as they moved closer to the scanners. Something seemed to click between them.

While he was initially drawn to her pretty smile and Eurasian features, Tom showed a particular interest in her attractive legs and feet and she was well aware of his gazing at them.

That they happened to be clad in shiny, silky nylons was something that made his being subtle about staring less than easy. In fact, she seemed to sense after a few fleeting glances, that he was a leg and foot lover. She began to tease him mercilessly by sliding her pretty feet in and out of her heels and by rising up on her toes which accentuated the powerful calf muscles in her stocking clad legs.

At one point she even leaned down, slipped off one of her shoes and adjusted the toe reinforcements of her hose. Her brightly painted pink nails glistened through the sheer shiny stockings and Tom was now unable to turn away.

She was a stocky built woman and looked exceptionally strong for her size and height, that if he accounted for out of those sexy heels would have been about 5’5”. Tom guessed she weighed in the neighborhood of 135 pounds.

She was extremely sexy yet not overly feminine.

Tom always had a weakness for a woman’s pretty legs and feet and this woman’s, aside from being extremely shapely, were quite muscular fitting her solid, athletic shaped body to a tee.

While she assumed that she was mesmerizing Tom with her leg and foot show she had no idea that this man she was teasing in the opposite row had such an unbridled passion for tickling. They continued their teasing cat and mouse game which added a bit of excitment to an otherwise frustrating morning.

The older gentleman in front of her on line, despite pulling off his belt, his shoes and emptying his pockets one at a time, continued to set off the metal detector and she looked back over at Tom with another smile that seemed to light up the large room. Shaking her head Tom snickered and shrugged his shoulders pointing to the woman in front of him who seemed to be doing the same thing in his line.

As they both finally reached the x-ray machines in their respective rows, they began glancing at each other even more frequently almost knowing that soon the game would soon be over and they’d be heading to their respective destinations.

Tom blushed as she turned and again caught him staring lustily at her feet as she removed her mules and placed them into a plastic bin on the conveyor belt for inspection.

“Such beautiful legs and feet damn I’d love to find out how ticklish they are!” he fantasized as he placed his laptop, carry on bag, shoes and jacket onto the conveyor.

He stood there frozen for a second drinking in the loveliness of this woman until the person behind him gave him a friendly poke to speed him through the scanner.

She must be heading to a business meeting somewhere close to here. It’s certainly not the way someone traveling long distance would dress he assumed disappointingly as he looked over at his sexy friend while he waited for his belongings.

“Oh well.” He thought.

“I don’t even know this lovely woman’s name let alone her ultimate destination.”

He watched intently as she slid those gorgeous feet back into her shoes. Then he turned back to the conveyor to collect his goods.

He placed the lap top back into his bag, and while putting on his shoes was asked a question by one of the security guards. Prolonging Tom’s agony the guard decided that he needed him to elaborate on his answer. As they chatted, passengers annoyingly squeezed by the two of them. Finally Tom out of frustration advised the probing officer that he had a flight to catch.

Whirling around after what seemed like hours, he noticed his attractive friend had vanished.

“Just my luck!”

“What the hell else can happen this morning?” He questioned himself with a sigh as he headed for the food court to get that coffee he desperately needed to snap some life into his overtired body.

Again long lines and pushy people seemed to be everywhere. Finally finding the concession booth he was looking for he carefully dodged the many bodies and bags separating him from that cup of java his body desperately craved.

As he approached the back of the line a long shapely leg and foot with a familiar mule dangling from the toes popped out into the aisle almost tripping him.

“Oh excuse me.” She cooed.

“I didn’t see you coming by me!”

He bumped into her foot and the mule dropped to the floor exposing those luscious nylon encased toes of hers. This time he was only a few feet away from them.

“Oh that’s quite alright.” He exclaimed trying his best not to stare at the shiny stocking foot before him that was almost begging to be tickled.

“Sorry I seem to have knocked your shoe off!”

“I’m a bit out of it this morning.” Tom said nervously as he bent over her extended leg.

“It’s alright. It was my fault for sticking my leg in the aisle.”

“Here let me get that for you.”

“Oh thank you very much.” She said in the sweetest of voices.

Raising her foot higher and spreading and wiggling her toes to attract his attention further she watched Tom as he crouched in front of her reached out and held her ankle with one hand and slowly slipped the shoe back onto her foot with the other

He looked up at her and caught her grinning.

Tom made sure that his index finger slid lightly along her soft sole as he placed the shoe over her toes. Her leg shivered slightly from his touch but she did not pull away.

Those cute toes wiggled deliciously and he swiftly slid his finger across her smooth heel unable to resist touching her silky nylon clad sole one more time before getting up.


“What’s wrong?” Tom asked winking at her as he stood in front of her. He brushed the knee of his pant leg and placed his bags on the seat opposite her.

“Oh nothing!” She said but he could see she was blushing.

“I didn’t mean to tickle you.” He lied seeing the nervous look on her face as he mentioned the magic ‘T’ word.

“It-t-t-t-t’s alright.” she whispered in a sultry but somewhat frazzled voice.

“Ahhhh so you are ticklish then?” He prodded her teasingly.

Before she could reply he cut her off.

“May I get you something?”

“What?” She asked him distracted momentarily by his touch, that awful yet delicious word he mentioned and perhaps a bit by his assertiveness that turned her on slightly. As strong as she was tickling was a major weakness that she had no defense for.

“I asked if you’d like something.” He said pointing to the coffee stand.

“Oh sorry!”

“I’m a little bit distracted myself this morning.” She confessed.

“If this man really knew how much being tickled effects me!” Heather thought smiling at the polite stranger.
But seeing the look on his face she soon realized he had more than an inkling about her ticklishness.

“By the way my name is Tom.”

“I’m Heather.” She stammered still caught up in the realization that this man most likely had had discovered her greatest weakness in a matter of seconds even though she had teased him relentlessly in the security check in line.

“Pleased to meet you.”

“Same here Heather.”

She stretched out her smooth caramel colored arm and as Tom went to shake her hand she caught him staring up into her smooth armpit another spot Tom absolutely loved tickling.

Heather’s were soft and incredibly smooth looking.

His touch as their hands clasped together sent a chill through her body, one he felt as well.

Tom’s other hand reached out and caressed the back of her hand lightly.

“How about a bottle of water or a cup of coffee Heather?” he asked trying to take his mind away from the ticklish thoughts that were now flooding it.

“I’m ok thanks.” Heather retorted.

“But you better hurry before that group gets over here!”

“You’ll be on another very long line and I’m sure you, like me, have had enough of that this morning!”

“Tell me about it!”

“The airport is absolutely crazy today!”

“Indeed it is.” She exclaimed in a giggly voice.

“What a cute laugh.” He thought as he walked over to the line.

As he stood there, placed his order, paid for his coffee and finally began walking back to the table the only thing on Tom’s mind now was thinking of ways to tickle Heather before she had to leave for her flight.

Heather sat there tingling from head to toe. Insanely ticklish since she was a small child Heather was a closet ticklee who fantasized often about finding someone to tickle her relentlessly.

She’d had been tickled plenty by people over the years but usually it was nothing more than playful pokes. She always played down her ticklishness never revealing to anyone how excited being tickled made her however frequent torrid dreams of intense and often erotic tickle abandon had her increasingly more curious to know what a tickling experience at the hands of a true tickle master would be like.

Heather had always been a bit tomboyish growing up and was still able to handle herself quite well. Despite her beauty, her size and rough edged persona often worked well to hide her ticklish desires from potential suitors that discovered the sensitive nature of her body.

The minute Tom touched her sole however she felt something very different than she was used to feeling from past playful ticklers. Even the way he shook her hand had her flustered.

“Was this man a foot fetishist or was he a tickler or both?”

Heather, seeing Tom walking back to the table, decided for once that she would be bold! Besides, she tried to convince herself, Tom and I will never see each other again anyway.

“I might as well take the plunge!”

She slipped her right foot from her shoe and crossed her legs. Her pink toes peaked out invitingly from beneath the table.


“What luck it was for me to literally stumble onto Heather in the food court.”

He immediately saw the nylon-clad foot which Heather began wiggling back and forth as ticklish bait. This was one tickler she was sure to catch.

Pulling out the chair, Tom sat down and as he scooted in under the table his calf intentionally brushed against Heather’s foot.

“Oh sorry about that Heather!”

“Didn’t see your foot there!”

“Don’t worry about it Tom.”

“No damage done.” She giggled.

They both assumed they were in control of the situation and for the next five minutes or so as they politely chatted with each other they excitedly teased the other under the table.

Heather’s toes found the cuff of Tom’s trouser leg and moved slowly across the bottom of it lightly brushing against his socked ankle a few times. The material of his pant leg deliciously tickled the tips of her toes.

Tom moved his chair in a bit more and reached down to pretend to scratch his leg finding the tops of Heather’s toes instead which he innocently tickled.

Heather jumped in her seat and giggled not expecting to be tickled like that. Tom felt her toes curl reflexively as his nails slid over the silky nylon material covering them.


“So sorry Heather!”

“My goodness you are a ticklish one aren’t you?” he probed, closely watching for her reaction to his comment.

Blushing deeply, Heather replied shyly “Guilty as charged.”

Leaning over the table Tom whispered “Do you enjoy being tickled Heather?”

She began to squirm in her seat nervously as Tom continued asking her questions about her ticklishness.

He then reached under the table and slid his five fingers down the center of her sole. She lost it completely, tightly gripping the edge of the table, biting her lip and then to Tom’s pleasure lifting her leg so she could rest her pretty foot onto the edge of his chair. Tom proceeded without being asked to slide his nails lightly over the top of her foot, along the slippery sides, up and down the silky soles and across her soft toe pad.

Heather looked around the food court embarrassingly while giggling and telling Tom that it tickled t-o-o-o much for her to take.

No one in the food court paid any attention to them as Tom’s fingers explored every inch of Heather’s foot under that table. She loved this man’s touch.

Not expecting what came next, Tom’s fingers spider tickled their way up Heather’s calf. Her legs were one of her most ticklish areas and she tried desperately to hold in a squeal as Tom’s fingers magically worked up and down her nylon covered leg.

Tom scrambled his fingers up as close to her knee as he could and saw how it effected Heather.

“Like that?” He teased her.

Heather reached under the table to try to push his hand away knowing that it was getting dangerously close to one of her weakest areas.

His nails slid slowly over the silky nylon and he could feel her strong calf muscle tense up as his fingertips wiggled over it.

Tom stopped his tickling, took a sip of his coffee and asked what time her flight was departing.

“Soon I’m afraid.”

“I’m a flight attendant and was using one of my perks to get a free seat to go visit my family. I’m on stand by so I’ll need to get down to the gate now I’m afraid.

“How about you?” She asked.

“I’m leaving in about 35 minutes for a ten day business trip.” Tom answered sadly.

“Do you live here Heather?”

“Yes I do my crew is based out the area.”


“Yes actually only about twenty miles form the airport.”

They looked into each other’s eyes deeply both knowing that this was something that needed to be continued.

“I know we’ve only just met but I’d love to see you again.” Tom said sincerely.

“I have a feeling that could be dangerous Tom!” teased Heather as she gathered her things.

“Tell you what I’ll give you my business card.”

“This way you don’t have to give a stranger your number.”

“If you feel comfortable calling me when you’re back I greatly look forward to buying you dinner.”

“And tickling me some more?” She asked teasingly.

“Well if you insist Heather!” He exclaimed.

He looked down to see her slip that ticklish foot back into her shoe.

“You’ve made an otherwise ugly morning so much more enjoyable Heather. Thanks very much!”

“Thanks to you too Tom. Airports can be such dull places.”

They got up from the table and shook hands.

Heather really did love this man’s touch.

As she turned to walk away Tom lightly squeezed her hips.


“Mmmm ticklish there too are we?”

“Now that wasn’t very nice Tom!”

“And who said I was a nice guy Heather?” He said winking at her.

“Travel safe!”

“You too!”

“I hope to hear from you!” He yelled out over the noise in the court and she turned, gave him one of those traffic-stopping smiles of hers and mouthed the words “see you real soon!”

It was amazing how much even a brief interlude could change a person’s entire outlook on things.

Tom’s batteries were certainly recharged.

Feeling more than alive after his encounter with Heather and after gulping down the better part of a large container of coffee Tom walked swiftly over to the boarding area where the attendants were just beginning to make their pre-boarding announcements.

Finally his timing was on the money.

The muffled announcement vibrated through the airport speakers calling for first class passengers.

Only a handful of people scurried in front of Tom to board the flight. He moved slowly knowing he’d be on this flight long enough without rushing to the front of the line to add even more minutes to the already intense travel time he’s need to endure.

Guess I’ll have plenty of space to stretch out he said to himself turning to look over his shoulder at the final five first class passengers as he walked down the jet-way.

An older very attractive flight attendant in a tight uniform with beautiful sheer navy blue nylon clad legs greeted him at the door and directed him to his seat.

Hope she’s serving first class Tom thought as he thanked her and walked to his row at the front of the cabin.

The main cabin looked like it would be filling up but fortunately first class seemed to have a few open seats. Tom had no one sitting next to him yet.

He opened his bag, pulled out his music & headphones, a novel and large bottle of water then zipped it closed. Along with his other items he placed them in the overhead compartment then climbed into the window seat, kicked off his shoes and waited for take off.

A bubbly young flight attendant in high heels walked over greeting him and handing him a complimentary travel bag and a blanket and asked if he’d like a drink.

“No thank you miss.”

“I’m Pam.”

“Oh no thanks Pam”.

“My name is Tom.”

“Thanks for flying with us today!”

“The pleasure is mine.” He said flirting a bit with her.

“Can you tell me is first class full today Pam?”

“I think there are just two empty seats up here including the one next to you but let me check on that.”

“It’s actually a pretty full flight!”

“I know it seems everyone has picked today to travel regardless of the destination!” He exclaimed.

“The airport is a real mess!”

She nodded her head in agreement and teetered away on her high heels to check on the seating list for Tom.

Tom pulled the in flight magazine from the pocket on the side of his seat and checked the entertainment section to see what movies he’d have an opportunity to see. On a flight this long he could easily view three movies.

As he scanned the pages he thought he heard familiar giggling coming from the workstation behind the first class cabin.

Turning his head and listening intently it mysteriously stopped.

“Now I know I’m losing it!” he said to himself and went back to previewing the movie list.

Again a squeal followed by machine gun like giggling could be heard over the noise of the boarding passengers.

Tom put his shoes back on and walked to the drawn curtains opposite the bathrooms. Looking under the curtains his heart began to pound and his mouth went dry.

“I can’t believe this!”

The odds of someone having the same shoes(and same pretty feet) as Heather seemed quite astronomical to him but there they were right next to the heels of the flight attendant that he was just speaking to.

Then that voice.

“Stop tickling me-e-e-e!”

“Well then get out of here and let me do my job!”

“Looks like there are two open seats for you in first class so you’re in luck. You won’t need to be squashed in coach for this long ungodly flight.”

“Which reminds me I need to go advise one of the passengers about the seating. He asked if we were flying full today.”

Pulling back the curtain the flight attendant almost walked into Tom who was eavesdropping on their conversation.


“Excuse me!”

“Quite alright!” Tom blurted out.

A delightful chill ran down Heather’s spine as she whirled around to see Tom standing in the doorway.

“Fancy meeting you hear Heather!”

“Oh my God!”

“We never did tell each other where we were traveling earlier did we? She said smiling and giggling at the wonderful coincidence.

“No I guess we were a bit pre-occupied with other things weren’t we!” He said smiling back at her.

“So you two know each other?”

“ Pam this is Tom, Tom I’d like to introduce you to Pam!”

“We just met a minute ago Heather.”

“The pleasure’s all mine Pam.”

“Guess since you’re old friends you’ll want to sit next to each other?” said Pam.

“Oh no we only met this morning!” Heather said in a giggly voice.

“Well I need to get ready or we’re never going to get this bird off the ground.

“You two better take your seats.”

“By the way Tom there were only two open seats in first class.

“Thanks Pam!”

“See ya’ later!” exclaimed Heather as she grabbed her carry on bag and walked up to the first row in front of Tom.

“Going to sit next to me Heather?”

“Unless you have an objection.” She exclaimed sarcastically.

“Now that wasn’t very nice young lady!”

She reached up to open the overhead compartment and quickly felt ten fingers wiggle their way up and down her sides.



“Now stop-p-p-p-p-p that!” She cried out defensively pulling her hands down to her sides.

“I can see this is going to be a long flight!”

“It just may go buy a lot faster than you think Heather if you decide to take that seat next to me!” Advised Tom with a smirk on his face.

“Don’t tickle me…yet!”

“Yet?” He questioned.

“Mmmmmm does that mean it’ll be open season on tickling Heather once we take off?”

“Go sit down. I don’t trust you standing behind me!”

“Here let me put this bag in the overhead for you.”

“Very kind of you!”

“Oh I’ll be wanting something in return Heather.” He chuckled as he lifted her bag and placed it next to his items in the compartment over their seats.

“Oh will you now! She replied in a smart-*** tone.

Ignoring her comment he asked “Window or aisle Heather?”

His fingers squeezed her hips and she jumped and squirmed away from him giggling like a schoolgirl.

“Window please-e-e-e-e-e-h-e-h-e-h-e-h-e-e!”

Guess I’ll need to move all of my things then!” Tom said winking at Heather as he walked around her to gather his belongings.

“That’ll cost you!”

“I see you’re keeping a score card!” She said again in that annoyed voice.

“Just remember I’m no push over mister!”

“I might decide to fight back!”

“Ooh I just love a challenge Heather!” He teased her reaching out to poke her sides again.

‘A-H-H-H-H-H-H!” She squealed falling down into her seat.

“Please secure your seat belt miss we’ll be departing soon.” He said mockingly tickling her sides again.

As she squirmed away from him, Heather reached up and scrambled her nails across Tom’s belly.

Caught off guard he laughed as she dug her nails into his sides and tickled him until he crumbled to his knees.

Tom retaliated working his way up into her underarms and wiggling his fingertips there forced Heather to stop her tickling and try to protect her tender exposed skin that now was covered in goose bumps.

An announcement from the purser advised all passengers to take their seats and as Tom got up from the floor he noticed the passengers in the row across from them looking over at them.

“Sorry folks!”

“Don’t worry we promise not to bother you once the flight takes off.

Sitting down and putting on his seat belt he turned back to Heather and whispered in her ear “Troublemaker!”

“Me!” She exclaimed.

“Yes you!” “

You’re quite a lively one aren’t you?”

“I absolutely hate being tickled…but I love it.” She confessed blushing and turning away which gave Tom another opportunity to reach across and tickle her near her underarm.


Heather shivered and clamped her arm to her side trapping Tom’s fingers that continued wiggling over the soft bare skin causing her to giggle and twitch in her seat.

“S-t-o-p-p-p-p-p-p-p!” She tried to say in a low controlled voice but already just the playful tickles that Tom had bestowed upon her had her body ultra sensitized.

“Nice of you to wear a sleeveless top Heather!”

“And I love the outfit too. Never met a woman who was planning to go on a fourteen hour trip dressed so lovely!”

His fingers continued probing her left armpit as she reached across her chest with her other arm trying to push away Tom’s torturing fingers.


“We-e-e-e-e have to-o-o-o-o-o dress-s-s-s up-p-p-!” She sputtered.

“Why is that Heather?”

“Not that I’m complaining of course!”

Taking a deep breath and finally mustering the strength to push Tom’s hand away she advised him that it was airline policy that any employees looking to utilize the travel free privileges must be appropriately dressed. For the men that meant suits or sport’s jackets for the ladies dresses or skirts.

“I’d be in my sneakers and jeans if I had my way!” She said.

“Not particularly fond of dressing up?”

“I don’t mind it but I’m more of a shorts, tee shirt and flip flop kind of gal.

“I see!”

“Well I must say you do look lovely though not that you wouldn’t look just as good when you’re dressed down!”

“Think flattery will help you?” she asked him.

“Can’t hurt, can it?”

Pam walked over asked if they needed anything before take off and handed a blanket and travel kit to Heather.

“No I’m good Pam thanks.”

“Thanks for the blanket.”

“I’m fine and ready to go-o-o-o-h-o-h-o-h-o!” blurted out Heather again feeling Tom’s wiggling fingers dancing up her left side.

Pam shook her head and smiled.

“Geez, does everyone on the planet know how ticklish you are Heather?” Pam asked winking at me and then walking to the other side of the cabin to make sure all the passengers were secure and ready for departure.

“Guess you have a reputation for being ticklish?” Tom whispered.

Just the sound of the word made Heather nervously excited.

“Well it’s a good thing then that you’ve chosen to sit next to an insatiable tickler wouldn’t you say?”

“Fourteen hours of this could be way more than I bargained for!” Heather thought to herself realizing her fantasy was about to come true but not in a place she’d ever expected it to occur.

“Mmmm fourteen hours of tickling how could I be so lucky!” Tom said to himself blissfully as he sat back comfortably waiting for them to get airborne.

The cabin lights dimmed as the aircraft lurched slowly from the gate.

Heather threw the blanket over her legs and feet knowing that this was probably the calm before the ticklish storm. She looked out the window sliding her sensitive feet in and out of her shoes reflecting on the activities that took place on this long but most interesting of mornings.

Anxiously anticipating what her new tickling friend Tom might have in store for her sent a shiver down her spine.

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