Fantasy Afterhours Tickling Job Interview

Fantasy Afterhours Job Interview

You walk into the office just as my last employee is departing. I say goodnight to him without introducing you and lock the door once he walks out.

I see you're in a business suit, stylish jacket, silk blouse, very sexy skirt with sheer jet black nylons and black pumps with open toes. Your hot pink toe nail polish catches my eye and as I look at your sexy nylon clad legs and feet you rise up on your toes as you hand me a resume. Your sheer nylon heels pop out of the pumps and I glance down at them to see how smooth the backs of your feet look. The muscles in your calves and thighs glisten and are accentuated through the glittery gossomer fabric.

"Please come in and make yourself comfortable Miss Jones".

In my mind I can already see my fingers dancing over your beautiful legs, lightly gliding behind those ticklish knees, languidly lingering around your curvaceous calves then slithering down around your ankles and over those silky smooth heels where my nails would start to slide & scratch, first slowly then faster to the point where you can no longer stand still. As you wriggle and squirm I slide off each shoe...working my fingertips along the entire base of each warm, slightly damp foot. The feel of the warm nylon the sizzling of my nails over it's sheer surface and your delicious reaction as your toes point and curl reflexively is getting me very hot.

I get up from your feet, ask you to go into the conference room and I hand you your pumps. I hear your thighs rub together, that delicious hissing of nylons on skin calling to me like a siren to a sailor, beconning me to tickle your insanely ticklish feet mercilessly.

I reach into my desk drawer, pull out a pen, a small vibrator, a roll of duct tape and some rope.

My objective is to bind you securely, face up, to my conference table, legs spread apart, stocking feet precariously perched on the edge of the table & toes pointing deliciously skyward as you await the commencement of my 'job interview'!

After tying you firmly to the table I admire my handiwork. You turn your head slightly but with difficultly because I have you strapped down so tightly. I stand at the bottom of the table staring at your shiny stocking foot bottoms lustily and slowly walk up to them. I begin to ask you questions about your job experience as my nails slither lightly down your soles and over your high arches.They glide like a sled on snow! You buck and twist not expecting me to tickle you yet and as my nails scurry and scramble over your soles you try to listen to and answer all of my question as professionally as possibles. Half giggling half screaching you can not concentrate on my business questions. I tickle the tops of your feet, the tips of your toes that now widen and point insanely. I scratch the sides of each foot and the insteps, a particularly sensitive spot, until you're a blubbering mess. I draw circles in the balls of your feet then slide my nails over the entire lenght of each pretty tiny trapped ticklish nylon foot still conducting my interview.

As my fingers fly effortlessly over every inch of your ticklish stocking feet your reaction to the tickle torture excites me as much as it does you. I remove a pen from my pocket and begin dragging it up and down your soles. Holding back one set of toes I drag the tip of the pen across your tender toe pads directly at the spot where those cute little toes connect to your foot. Repeating this process over and over and over again sends a series of delectable chills through your feet, up your gorgeous legs and directly to your now throbing sex.

Alternating tickling your trapped ticklish feet with my pen & my fingernails, the different sensations have you tingling heplessly from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

After what seems like hours of my deliciously ticklish exploring of your sexy, silky, sensitive, stocking feet I take the tickling up another notch.

There will be a lot of overtime should I select you for the position I exclaim as I now combine the pen and fingernails in an all out ticklish assault on your left foot, then your right.

The sheer stockings make your tickle torture unbearable especially when you realize that you are completely helpless and see I am a most experienced and incredibly insatiable lover of tickle torture, nylons & feet.

"We're quite a team already" I say as my nails tease those sexy soles &  insteps, sliding deftly over the smooth, sheer stocking surface. Back and forth, up and down sending wave after elecrtically charged sensations through your body.

The bullet vibrator comes out next and as I set it on low and run it over your hot pink, nylon encased toenailsand the fronts and undersides of your ticklish toes the vibrations send shivers to your very core. After playing with your toes I then work the tip and sides of the vibrator over every inch of each foot before turning up the speed and nestling it up between each set of your now spreading, curling, frantically wriggling toes. Trapped somewhat in the nylons with no escape and pinned down securely the sensations have you reeling out of control. With my other hand I slide all five fingers up and down your soles. Again it's a combination of feelings that have you ready to lose your mind. You wildly wiggle and curl and spread those toes then point them so hard that it appears they will burst through the stockings.

Dazed, in a wild haze of ticklish torment, you go even crazier when my fingers begin tickling your legs, drizzling my nails over your calves, to your knees to your lower thighs. I lighty squeeze just above those knees then when you feel you can't take any more switch to long zig zagging fingernail strokes up the fronts and along your inner thigh area working my way closer to that wet sheer nylon crotch. Tickling along the area where legs meet torso has you pulling insanely at the restraints. The back of my hand brushes over your sheer nylon covered crotch. Removing the vibrator from between those wiggling toes of yours and rubbing it up and down your legs while the fingers of my other hand continue to tickle your feet has you about ready to lose your mind. It feels soooo good but it is driving you crazy! The bullet vibrator inches its way further up your legs until it finds your clitoris and i roll it over the tip, the hood, the underside and then up and down your parting lips, repeating this action over and over again, your shortness of breath, your giggles turned to moaning, the thrusting of your hips let me know how close you are to ecstacy. the feeling of the vibrator tickling you through the nylon creates an insane sensation and I feel your body shiver and shake and then explode. I keep the vibrator on your clitoris and my fingers continue teasing and tickling your now over-sensitized body. The ticking takes on an even more erotic yet torturesome edge in this post orgasmic state and every stroke, finger wiggle, squeeze or pinch feels as if you've been struck by lightning bolts.

After a string of multilpe ******* that you never dreamed could be induced through tickling and the following slow sensual tickle torture that I continue to bestow on you as you squirm desparately and deliciously trying to move from my touch I begin to ask you more questions about your work history. Your entire body trembles uncontrollably as you try to catch your breath and regainsome semblance of composure.

After what seems like an eternity I untie you while giving you the good news that you're hired. I advise you that the office doesn't open up until 8:30 am but I hope that you're ready to start immediately. Without having time to answer you break into a wild fit of hysterical laughter as my fingers now dance up and down your sides..

"What about the rest of that ticklish body I ask? Guess there will be plenty of time to find out won't there?"

The giddy giggles of this lovely woman begin to fade and my fantasy disolves into reality when she breaks the brief silence and asks "where should I sit?"

"Oh forgive me Miss Jones. Please take a seat in that chair."

"I see that you come highly reccomended".

"Tell me a little bit about what you did at your last company and how you feel you can assiist our firm"

As she begins to speak she crosses her long nylon clad legs, pops her heel from her pump and begins to dangle it from those pretty pedicured toes. My mind starts to wander once again...

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wow wish it was me but I'd need more personal touch

hmmm Bill I'd need some extra details