Tickling At My Part Time Job

When I was 15 years old I had a part time job after high school in a gift, furniture & appliance store. I was primarily a stock boy but helped with sales on occasion if the store was crowded.

The owner who did some sales work too was a kind, elderly man slightly past retirement years whose attractive daughter Gail looked after things for him & was one of the saleswomen. She had a 'girl next door' kind of look, was married with a couple of small children and in her mid 30's. The other saleswoman, the top producer and a bit of a primadonna was a very pretty, stocky Italian woman named Vera. Both Vera and Gail wore nylons almost every day to work but Gail was always in pants and conservatively dressed while Vera who was in her early 40's sashayed around the store in dresses, skirts & sexy heels. She was always complaining about how standing most of the day in heel's hurt her feet (which by the way were gorgeous & perfectly pedicured). This woman drove me crazy whenever I was at work. For quite a few weeks I had fantasized about giving Vera a serious tickling and even embarrasingly offered to massage her feet for her once or twice. Unfortunately while I think she found it cute she always turned down my offers. I'm convinced she knew I had a thing for women's feet but probably had no idea that tickling was an all-encompassing thought of mine whenever I was around women, especially women like Vera who flaunted herself and flirted teasingly all the time.

One Friday night (we stayed open late on Friday's) the boss, his wife & their daughter had to leave early to attend a family function. That left me and Vera in the store. It was unusually slow and Vera was in the back room sitting in a recliner with her shoes off rubbing her sore nylon clad toes. I saw this as a great opportunity to issue that tickle I'd dreamed about giving Vera from my first day on the job.

As I mentioned she was a real foot tease but even more so that night and whether she realized what she was doing to me or not (as I mentioned above I think she did) I was at the breaking point.

I again nervously offered to give her a foot rub. This time, maybe because we were alone in the store, she agreed. I pulled a chair over to the bottom of the recliner, removed her remaining heel and thought I had died and gone to heave when my fingers touched & began kneading and rubbing the smoothest silkiest, softest feet I'd ever felt. Her feet were lightly perfumed too and the smell which mingled with the leather of her heels and her natural scent was amazing. As I fondled each foot I marveled at how incredibly soft & sensitive to the touch Vera was. In between my light massaging I'd let my fingernails ocasionally slide up and down her slippery,sensitive stocking soles or I'd slither them along the sides of her feet or over the tender tops. Every time I did this her toes would curl or wiggle or point stiffly straining against the reinforced toes of her nylons and I'd feel a shiver run up her legs. Of course the sensations that I happened to be feeling were also getting harder to conceal.

She was truly enjoying my foot massage and in a soft voice Vera began coaching me, telling me to rub them here, or keep rolling your fingers like that over my toes. Exclaiming how nice it felt. She sunk into that recliner and was now at her most vulnerable.

After a few more minutes of fondling this woman's beautiful feet & seeing that she was in a very relaxed state I could no longer control myself. The massage began to swiftly change to tickles. First light and itchy but then mixed with longer and faster strokes. Vera let out a mild gasp before she began giggling crazily and squirming in the chair. I leaned down on heer calves to prevent her from being able to move and asked her if she was ticklish. Rather than responding with a yes or no she began laughing uncontrollably because while I was asking the question I started swiftly sliding my nails across her toe pads up near the base of her toes and over her arche, These were a couple of the spots I noticed were most sensitive while i was politely massaging her earlier.

That sound from her lips was wonderful and she wriggled in the recliner, bucked violently trying desparately to move her pinned legs and trapped feet away from my scurrying fingertips The hissing sound of her nylon legs rubbing together and sliding against the material of the recliner along with the sound from the friction of my nails gliding over those nylon clad feet, mixed with her laughter and now breathy pleas for me to stop had started exciting me tremendously. I'd fantasized about tickling Vera for months and here I was going literally to town on her beautiful and ultra ticklish feet. Nowhere near ready to let her off the hook yet, I got up, turned my back to her and then straddled her calves while I tickled her nice high arches and wiggling toes. That spot along the base of her toes really did made her crazy and she began screaming at me to stop when my fingers went back to that torturesome area. I slithered my fingernails up and down her entire foot bottoms, along the sides, across the toes, over the tops and around her ankles. I was intoxicated by her laughter and by the response I was getting to my tickling. In control of this older woman, doing what I loved and finding her responsive to everything I did!

Unfortunately for me I didn't lock the front door before we started our 'massage' and a customer came into the store...the buzzer ringing as they passed the sensor on the floor near the entrance.

I got in a few more quickies before having to stop. The look on her face was magical. She was flushed and breathing heavily. Her clothing was desheveled, blouse partially unbuttoned and pulled out of her hiked up and wrinkled skirt, hair meesedd up but with a naughty grin on her face.
Still squirming in the recliner she began rubbing her foot bottoms on the chair's foot rest to try to relieve them of that itchy tingly sensation.

Vera said that she was in no condition to wait on customers now and that I needed to get out there fast.

After somewhat composing myself I went up to wait on the client so shecould freshen herself up a bit.

Once I finished up with the customer and i walked to the back of the store i knew the party was over. Vera smirked at at me and told me never to say anything about this incident to anyone. She was trying to appear a bit cross but we both knew that for a moment we had a seriously exciting connection. Our relationship was never the same after that night.

We had our little secret and as long as it wasn't obvious to Gail, my boss or clients I was always allowed to sneek in a few tickles. It would have been impossible for me not to after that Friday night!

I had more than a few good opportunities to tickle Vera over the next few months that I worked there.

One time she was ringing up a customer and I was behind the counter down on my knees pretending to get something from the shelf under the register. Reaching down I lifted her foot at the ankle, slowly pulled off her pump and scrambled my nails up and down her ticklish nylon clad foot.

Another time I got her in the basement stock room which was very dark & dingy before I fixed it up for my boss - no one ever wanted to go down there until I cleaned it up. Vera had come down looking for me to ask me to pick up a few small household appliances she just sold. I advised her I'd bring them right up and as she started walking back up the steps I tickled her sides from the rear. She crouched down and spun around defensively to protect her hips. Her twisting around forced her to sit on the step to regain her balance. I reached down and pulled off one of her heels, she whispered nervously for me to stop. "You monster, don't tickle my feet!" she pleaded with me in a low voice. I cradled her foot under my arm and tickled that stocking sole of hers for about 30 seconds before letting her go so she could finish up with the customer. It was great seeing her try to hold in her laughter, squirming on the step trying to pull away as my fingers danced over her nylon foot.

Ahhhhhh such fond memories of wonderful women and experiences that helped shape my fetishes!

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Nice story =)

Vera was the one who flirted with me! I was just a young innocent boy being teased by an older woman. Not that I minded but she certainly got more than she bargained for especially after that one Friday night when I got to tickle her good!

loved it always huh? hahahaha

...and i still do!

MMMMarco, you flirt!!!!!! hehehehehehe Have a great weekend.