Mary's Ticklish Dilema

Mary’s Ticklish Dilemma

Mary couldn’t remember the last time she had a vacation. Work had been getting increasingly more demanding and she found herself spending more and more time at the office. It seemed her boss had an unhealthy obsession with overtime that seemed to be putting a considerable strain on Mary’s social life not to mention her poor feet that she was on a good portion of the day, usually in high heels. Of course wearing the heels was Mary’s choice, being what she liked to think of herself as, a “terrible foot tease”. She seemed to thrive from the attention that men lavished on her pretty feet and toes.

Mary always wore dresses, skirts or slacks that allowed viewers a clear unobstructed look at her feet. Her shoes revealed as much of her soft, smooth and extremely sexy feet and toes as possible. The heels of her shoes were just the right height to accent her long shapely legs and the nails of her toes were always painted to perfection in bright colors, like delicious little candies longing to be tasted.

Mary also pushed the envelope as far as her other accessories were concerned. Her feet if not bare, were clad in the silkiest and sheerest of nylons, often sporting heel, toe or foot reinforcements, back seams or very alluring, flattering patterns. Ankle bracelets and the occasional toe ring in gold or silver were also adorned to show off her finely pedicured feet and further attract men to her meticulously painted toes. No accessory was too outlandish as long as it drew the mesmerized looks of men with a thing for feet.

How it thrilled her to know that she had such control over men. What excited her even more however were the few men who not only loved her feet but discovered that they were insanely ticklish and that once tickled, she, this pillar of strength crumbled helplessly and submissively like a sand castle at the beach washed over by an immense tidal wave.

Of course, it wasn’t the silly, casual tickling that takes place amongst friends that she had such a craving for but a passionate, intense, focussed tickling that could only be administered by a true tickler.

Mary’s ticklishness was something she kept a secret, only sharing this with the few men in her life who were perceptive enough to discover the devastatingly sensual and exciting effect that having her feet tickled instilled in her. Even with these men only one, Greg, a full body tickler with a special love of pretty and very ticklish feet had the magic touch that brought out the best in Mary. He knew exactly what she loved, what she craved and what she needed, as did she of him. They were true “solemates” as she liked to aptly put it and it was devastating when their relationship had to end quite abruptly after just a few short months of ecstatic tickling fun due to his job relocation to a foreign country. Mary nonetheless soldiered on, finding a couple of ticklers over the next few years but unfortunately none had the spark she found with Greg. Still searching discretely, she has been unable to find that dream foot and tickle fetishist after being so incredibly spoiled and satiated by this wonderful man.

Finally finished with the filing of the last of paperwork left on her desk, Mary shut the lights, grabbed her jacket, locked the doors and headed out to the parking lot. It was a routine she was beginning to loathe. Everyone else was long gone and the heavy evening air had an almost eerie feel to it.

Fishing in her purse for the car keys she couldn’t believe another night was wasted. Dusk was fast giving way to night as she clicked the remote that opened the driver side door of her car.

Exhausted, Mary slid into the car, took a deep breath, slipped in the key and started the ignition. The engine sputtered but wouldn’t turn over. Pumping the gas pedal repeatedly and flooding the engine, she now realized that she was stuck.

“Great!” she thought. “Now what the hell am I going to do?”

Pulling out her cellular phone she pressed a few buttons and began scanning the list of stored numbers for her emergency road service. As she reviewed the directory a knock on her window nearly frightened her to death. After the initial shock she was actually a bit relieved to see it was Marco, a friend of an acquaintance named Sally. She had met Marco at a barbecue a couple weeks back; rather she teased Marco mercilessly at a barbecue a couple weeks back. Sitting there remembering how attracted to her feet he was and how easily she distracted him most of the afternoon sent a wonderful warm glow throughout her body.

She then recalled what he did to her later in the day when she sat in the chaise lounge. After reclining the chair as low as it would go, Mary had slipped off her sandals and laid down on her tummy with her ticklish soft soles turned up and the undersides of her cute toes dangling off the end of the chair.

Marco walked over and asked if she’d like her drink refreshed. She said yes, too relaxed to move and thought nothing of it at first other than the fact that Marco was a very considerate person. When he returned with the drink he sat on the bottom end of her chair after placing the drink on a small table to her left. Mary suspected that this man might have ulterior motives because of where he had positioned himself and especially because of the way he appeared to be riveted to any movement she made earlier with her feet.

They began to chat, Mary still face down on the extended lounge chair, and thoughts about this man tickling her ran through her head. Their conversation moved along quite smoothly. It was then that she began to feel itchy sensations on her arches and soles. Marco had been lightly tickling her smooth foot bottoms with a sip straw that he retrieved from the bar along with Mary’s drink. His touch was so subtle that Mary had no clue that it was he creating those ticklish sensations. He carried on speaking to her as if nothing was happening and Mary began to assume she was just imagining that her feet were being tickled. She rubbed her toes quickly across the sole of her other foot trying to soothe the maddening ticklish sensations that now ran from the tips of her toes all the way up through the backs of her legs.

Hitting a spot just below the base of her toes Marco giggled at Mary’s knee jerk reaction. Her leg began to spasm and her toes curled deliciously as he now began to slide the thin pointed plastic tip of the sip straw back and forth across her toe pads over the spot that had Mary beginning to giggle and squirm rigorously.

He directed the tip of the sip straw over her arches and along her soft wrinkly foot bottom where he then began to draw a series of figure 8’s over her silky soles. First the left one then the right one as Mary began to tingle excitedly from the effect.

“Looks like you’ve got something on the bottoms of your feet Mary” Marco teased as his nails now replaced the sip straw and slid down the center of her soles in a sweeping motion as if he was brushing something off of her highly sensitized feet.

“AHHHHHH! Noooooooo Marcooooooo! That ticklesssssss!” Mary chuckled.

“Does it now?” he asked her, laughing as his fingertips moved down her foot and scratched her soft tender heels.

She had gotten a pedicure only the day before the barbecue and her feet were ultra ticklish to the touch.

Marco had never felt feet so smooth especially those heels of Mary’s which his nails were now scratching and scraping vigorously as Mary began flopping around in the chair laughing wildly. She was giddy, getting light headed and she also realized increasingly more excited by Marco’s touch.

Marco had now lifted his leg over the chair and sat on the back of her calves. Mary was pinned quite effectively and unable to escape from Marco’s spider-like slithering nails which danced over her feet as if they were in very familiar territory.

Up and down her smooth, silky foot bottoms his fingers delivered that magic touch that sent shivers through her entire body. As she finally let out a howling plea for him to stop ticking her she began to realize that they had become the center of attention in the yard.

Marco too realized that they were creating a bit of a scene. After one final tickle of Mary’s silky soles (once he touched them it was so hard to resist tickling them) he stood up and apologized loud enough for everyone to hear.

“I had no idea that your feet were so “TICKLISH” Mary. All I was trying to do was brush some dried grass and leaves from your soles.”

He knew that Mary wasn’t buying that story but he wondered, as did Mary, whether the other guests and their most gracious party host thought they were both crazy or just having a bit of innocent fun.

Mary’s body was quivering from a mere minute or two of Marco’s foot tickling. Now she was conjuring up visions of him having his way with her extremely ticklish feet in a private place where they could explore her ticklishness undisturbed. Those thoughts remained with her for the next two weeks.

Unfortunately Marco had to prematurely leave the afternoon gathering due to an emergency. They had no time to really get to know each other better nor were they able to exchange numbers. Yet they both felt that special spark during their brief playful encounter in the yard that was so hard to explain to anyone that didn’t understand how much tickling could push one’s buttons so effectively, so satisfactorily.

Mary asked her friend Sally about him and discovered that he was unattached. Sally mentioned that he was a very nice man but bit of an “oddball”. “He is really into women’s feet which I think is kind of creepy!” Mary’s heart raced as Sally advised her of Marco’s alleged shortcomings.

Sally also advised Mary that Marco had inquired about her as well and that she gave him her telephone number. She had been hoping he would call. There was definitely common ground between them and Mary assumed Marco felt the same way. They truly connected while conversing and joking around over the course of the day but it was especially when he began tickling her feet so masterfully at the barbecue that Mary knew she wanted to know this person more intimately.

This was a man who understood her secret desires.

Marco’s thoughts indeed mirrored Mary’s however he was biding his time, teasing her in his own way, despite his constant thoughts about her and his incessant longing to tickle this woman, to have her tender feet at his total mercy, ever since they met that afternoon.

“And now as fate would have it, here he is tapping on my window offering assistance!” thought Mary as visions of being tickled ran through her head.

What she didn’t realize was that this chance meeting in the parking lot was a bit of a set up. Marco had loosened a few wires under the hood of Mary’s vehicle and sat in his car just outside the lot anxiously waiting for her to leave the office. While he sat there, excited and nervously impatient he thought about the background research he had been doing on this extremely ticklish woman for the past week or so.

It was a stroke of luck that he ran into Sally again who that day passed on the name and employer of one of Mary’s ex boyfriends. Calling the firm and meeting with him one evening at the local watering hole, and after a few libations, Scott, her ex, whom it turned out was a friend of one of Marco’s buddy’s, began to reveal subtle hints about Mary’s weakness for and strong desire to be tickled. He also let it slip quite by accident, that she was quite fond, as he put it, “of having her toesies nibbled and sucked on.” The more Marco found out about her the more the desire to tickle her stirred inside him.

Being an insatiable foot fetishist as well as a major tickler he now sat in his car stirring anxiously as the cover of night slowly draped her veil of darkness over the only remaining automobile in the parking lot, Mary’s.

He wondered what her toes would taste like, would they wiggle deliciously, would they spread wide for his darting tongue and tickling fingertips? Was she in nylons? How would she react to his tickling? Would it be as wonderful as it was at the barbecue?

Recalling her giddy laughter, he fantasized about taking Mary to places she’d never before been with his tickling.

Now staring into her window he could see the tops of her feet in a pair of extremely sexy and revealing sandals. “Look’s like she’s in nylons too!” He said to himself excitedly.

Mary turned the key in the opposite direction and checked the power window switch. The driver’s side window smoothly retracted into the door as Mary thought, “At least the battery isn’t dead.”

“Hi Marco!” She called out, trying not to appear as excited as she was. Butterflies fluttered in her tummy as Marco leaned down and placed his head in the window frame.

“Hello Mary!”

“What a coincidence seeing you again.” she bubbled.

I’m so happy that you remembered me.” He stated in a soft voice.

“I was afraid that being alone in the lot here, you would have gotten a bit frightened by a strange man approaching your car, but I noticed that you appeared to be having engine problems and I wanted to see if I could lend a hand.”

As he said these words Mary’s thoughts again wandered back to the afternoon of the barbecue.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, yes Marco, you can certainly lend a hand or two for that matter on me!” she fantasized to herself.

I must apologize because I’ve been meaning to call you but the job has been occupying almost all of my time for the past couple of weeks.”

“I got your number from Sally but just haven’t had a free moment.”

“I know what you mean.” Mary sighed, telling Marco about the long string of overtime days she’s had to work while the rest of the office left at five-o-clock sharp every evening.

Mary felt like a teenager with a schoolgirl crush as she sat there speaking to this man that she had visions of being with for the past couple of weeks. How little she realized that Marco was harboring the same feelings towards her. Her heart pounded. They made small talk and as they chatted politely, Mary began to slide her feet in and out of her sandals. From the corner of her eye she began to see Marco’s reaction as he nonchalantly tried to catch glimpses of her pretty feet. This delighted and excited her tremendously.

As Mary teased Marco with her feet, rubbing them over each other, shifting in her seat, revealing more of her long nylon clad legs, he was tempted to open the door, get down on his knees and cradle her sexy feet under his arm for a tickling she’d never forget.

Marco decided he’d better distract himself before he did something too bold, which just might scare off this woman.

“Mary, why don’t you pop the hood and let me take a look at your engine to see if I can get your car to start?”

As he walked away from her door he breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh my God!” He stammered to himself “this woman has such beautiful, and as I can recall, insanely ticklish feet.”

Mary too breathed a deep sigh of relief, her palms were sweating and goose bumps had begun to form on her arms and legs as she watched Marco walk to the front of the car.

Lifting the hood he manipulated a few of the wires so it looked like he knew what he was doing and yelled out for Mary to turn the key. Just thinking about her stocking clad foot depressing the accelerator excited him.

“OK hold it up a sec!”

He fiddled with a few more wires.

“Now try it again Mary!”

She turned the key and pressed down on the accelerator with her stocking sole. She had removed both of her heels and placed them on the passenger side floor.

“Wait a second Mary!” “Let me try this out.” He fidgeted with the carburetor.

“OK give it the gas!”

The engine continued to sputter as Mary’s stocking toes wrapped around the accelerator pedal.

“Hold it up!”

“I think I need to check something in the car” Marco shouted out from under the hood.
As he walked over, opened the door and looked into the car he noticed that she had removed her shoes.

Crouching down under the steering wheel, pretending to look at the wiring, his presence forced Mary to slide her upper body across the bench seat to the passenger side of the vehicle leaving her dangling feet and legs very vulnerable and very accessible to this insatiable tickler.

His hair brushed against her nylon-clad calves and ankles quite on purpose.

Excited as she was by the scenario, the light ticklish sensation of Marco’s hair sent a shiver through Mary’s legs and up through her groin. She let out a tiny chuckle and Marco at once turned to face her.

Looking up from the floorboard, her pretty feet only inches from his face he smiled at her and asked, “What’s so funny Mary?”

“No-no-nothing Marco!” she quickly blurted out embarrassed by her inability to control herself and by the fact that she was afraid he’d notice that she was growing increasingly more excited by the minute. Marco was so close to her ticklish feet that he could smell that sweet fragrance of her feet combined with shoe leather, nylon and a slight hint of perfume.

“Something smells wonderful down here Mary.” He complimented her as his nostrils took in the delicious scent. His nose now rubbed against the tips of her toes as he asked her “Do you always put perfume on your legs and feet Mary”.

The combination of his breath, his nose and lips brushing lightly over her thinly veiled stocking toes and along the side of her foot was too much for her to take and she half moaned and half giggled from the sensations.

“Oh Marco, pleeeese don’t do that!”

“Do what Mary? He asked innocently.

“What’s that fabulous fragrance your wearing?” he asked sniffing and deliberately rubbing his nose and lips all over her now itchy, tingly feet. His hands now reached up around her ankles to steady her trembling legs as his tongue darted out across the bottoms of her wiggling toes and snaked in between them as far as the nylons would allow.

Mary’s body tensed up as that prickly, tingly sensation now began to overtake her body.

Turning himself around, he lifted her stocking-clad feet under one arm and began to lightly tickle her soles and heels and arches, his nails swirling smoothly over the slippery nylons that contained her soft, sexy feet.
His tongue continued to explore the recesses between her toes and as it snaked over the soft silky spaces usually untouched and untickled; it was as if Marco was hitting every possible pleasure button to gloriously transform her entire body into a trembling mess of sensitize nerve endings.

“What’s wrong Mary?”

“Ticklish are we?” he teased her.

As his nails found her arches and swiftly moved back and forth between this ticklishly sensitive spot and the even more insanely ticklish area at the base of her toes she felt the warmth, moisture and suction of his lips as they nestled down over her big toe. Squirming wildly in her seat giggling, moaning and pleading with him to stop but to never stop!

“What is this man doing to me?” she thought, her mind racing in a thousand directions!

The multiple sensations that this man was creating on her body were literally driving her insane. His fingers tickled her feet gleefully, scratching the heels, teasing the sides, the insteps, the arches, her poor ticklish toe pads! Mary could feel his touch everywhere. She could not believe the speed and agility of this man’s fingers. Nor could she handle much more of this combination that had her now clawing at the door handle, pounding on the car seat and wriggling crazily trying to avoid Marco’s ticklish torment.

All the while he tickled her legs and feet he was sucking her toes, swirling his tongue around them, licking and gently nibbling and biting her feet. Mary was about to explode!

A myriad of thoughts ran through her head. “How did I ever get myself into this situation?” “How much more of this tickling can I take?” “Will this man ever stop tickling me?” To the last question she raised as she squirmed around wildly in her car she hoped the answer was “NEVER”!

Marco began teasing Mary as he continued mercilessly tickling her smooth silky nylon feet. “Shall we play a little game Mary?” “How about ‘This Little Piggy’?”


“Marco pleeeeeeeeeeeeeese not that!” Not my toessssssssheeheehee! “No gamessssssssssssssssshahahahahahaahaha!” No ‘thisssssssss little piggieeeeheeheehee!’

“No more tickling….Ahhaahaahaahaaa!”

“That’s just not fair!” No moreeeeheehee!” “You’re driving meeeeeeeeheehee crazeeeeeeeeeeeeheeheeheeheehee!”

“It ticklesssssssssssss tooooohoohoohoo much Marcooooohohohohohohoho! EEEEheeheeheeheee!”

“Not my toes, no more sucking! Don’t lick themmmmmmmm! Ahahahaahahaha!”

“EEEEheeheeheeheee! “Stoppppppppppppppppppplease!”

“ Noooo!”

“Don’t stopppppppppp!”

“Nooooo stoppppppppp!”

“Can’t take muchhhhh more of thissssssssss!” “I don’t even know what I’m saying right nowwwwooowww how-ow-ow-owww!”

As Marco mentioned each little piggy his lips wrapped around them sending shock waves through Mary’s now ultra sensitized body! At the same time his fingertips glided up and down her legs. Tickling her inner thighs, around her kneecaps, over the backs of her calves and behind her knees which when combined with his verbal teasing and toe sucking pushed Mary to places she’d never before been. The more excited she got the more intense and focussed Marco’s tickling appeared to get. It was as if he was reading her body, feeling exactly what she felt, knowing just what needed to be done to drive her to the brink of ticklish insanity.

When she least expected it his hands would reach up to tickle her hips, her underarms, the back of her neck. Her bottom also insanely ticklish in the nylons allowed his nails to lightly scrape and scratch her cheeks at warp speed and then without warning sensuously and slowly zigzag his fingertips up and down her crack. This took her to levels that were way beyond poor Mary’s scale of ticklishness.

Mixing up his tickles he’d go back to her tender soles, deliciously scratching and sliding his nails over every inch of her soft foot bottoms. Loving the way they felt and responded to his touch.

His lips and tongue continued snacking on her fiercely wriggling toes, which were now saturated in their nylon encasements. Nibbling a hole in the tip of her left nylon, her big toe now became exposed to the cool night air. Almost immediately however Mary felt Marco’s warm, wet lips cover her toe. They bobbed up and down in rhythm with his finger tickles. Again this combination drove shock waves through Mary’s entire body! She felt dizzy with delight as Marco tickled her in ways she had never dreamed possible.

Tearing open the hole in her left stocking and peeling it back over her toes, he now licked his way across the base of her exposed toes while tickling her right stocking-clad foot slowly but steadily with his fingernails. Mary could not believe what this was doing to her as his tongue darted wildly between her toes, tickling her to her core.

Sweating profusely, hoarse from her constant laughter and pleading incessantly, Mary was now begging Marco for relief.

Knowing she was at the point of no return he tickled her even faster, sucking on all five toes on her left foot at the same time. He knew how this delicious and extremely sensual combination effected Mary and now tickled her with a passion that only Mary and he could understand.

Not even a minute later Mary’s body began heaving and convulsing violently. She cried out “Oh Yesssssssssssssssssssssss!” “Yesssssssssssssss!!!” “Heeheeheeheee! Marcoooooooo!” “Oh my Goddddddddddddddddddd!” “AHHHHha-ha-ha-haa-haa!

Marco felt the electric chills running through her body and began to delicately swirl his fingernails over Mary’s legs and feet intensifying the sensations that now flowed through her veins like hot magma exploding from a volcano cap.

Slowing down his tickles to a maddening tease, his nails sent numerous aftershocks through Mary’s body as she lay there panting, moaning and shivering.

“So deliciously ticklish Mary!” he whispered.

His fingers continuing to explore her ticklishness and she begged him for more even though deep down inside she felt she doubted she could take another round at this time.

“This man is addicting!” Mary glowingly thought to herself. She did not want Marco to ever take his hands off her quivering, ticklish body.

She was on ticklish overload and anything Marco said or did sent those magical chills through her body. He did not disappoint her continuing to tease and tickle her from head to toe.

He tickled her bare foot with one hand and her nylon foot with the other to see which appeared more ticklish.

His fingers walked slowly up the backs of her legs and again swirled over her tingling bottom. She began giggling again out of control as this man taught her things about her body she never before known.

His nails circled the small of her back and fanned out to her sides and up over her hips. This caused her to clinch her arms tightly to her sides and plead again for a break from this maddening tickle. Instead Marco just switched to a new location and tickled her at a different speed with an entirely new technique.

Mary felt his index finger slither up and down her spine and across her shoulder blades, tracing a line around the hyper-ticklish edges.

He squeezed the back of her neck and chills shot through her as she began helplessly giggling and squirming.

Every time she felt her gas tank was close to empty Marco found more ways to pump new life into her insanely ticklish body. She had never been tickled like this before and was thinking as she lay there giggling and writhing helplessly that no other tickler would ever be able to bring her to heights such as these.

Marco finally sat up, resting Mary’s feet on his lap. He shut the driver’s side door and turned the key in the ignition with one hand while his fingertips lightly tickled Mary’s feet and legs with the other hand.

He sent chills through her body for the upteenth time. Mary had lost track, so enraptured with this man’s tickling style.

“Let’s see if I really do have the magic touch Mary!” Marco exclaimed.

The car started immediately, the engine purring as gently as her owner who now sat there in her employer’s parking lot dazed and still not fully comprehending what she just experienced.

“And he fixed my car too!” She snickered to herself still basking in ticklish afterglow.

Marco’s light teasing tickles on her nylon legs sent lightning bolts of ticklish sensations through her yet again and she giggled, trying to cover her bare foot with the stocking-clad one as Marco’s fingers expertly began their tickle teasing once more.

“Heeheeheehee! Marco please let me rest a second” she pleaded!

“Only if you let me take you to dinner Mary!”

“Oh Marco, I think I owe you dinner for coming to my rescue tonight not to mention for this delicious tickling!”

“Where on earth did you ever learn to tickle a woman like that?”

“Well my dear, before we do anything I have a bit of a confession to make.”

“What might that be Marco?”

“Hmmmm where do I start?” “Ever since we met at that barbecue a couple of weeks back I’ve done little else other than fantasize about tickling you.”

“About driving you wild with my tickles!”

“I saw the way you teased me the entire day and I’m sure that you knew it excited me tremendously. I could tell that you were shall we say a bit obsessed with going out of your way to place those feet of yours in my face. Especially when you laid down on the chaise lounge in the yard. It was as if you had a sign on your upturned soles that said ‘tickle me’!”

“And I wanted to more than you could imagine Mary!”

“And believe me Marco I wanted you to!”

“When I actually felt how soft and silky your feet were it almost put me over the edge!” I knew I had to tickle you!” “Really tickle you!” “I also knew you wanted to be tickled with the same passion that I had!”

“So I decided to check up on you a little bit.”

“Hope you don’t mind but I spoke to a few friends of yours and the more I found out about you Mary, the more you intrigued me and heightened my desire to tickle you!”

“It was then that I devised this little plan to make sure that I happened to be in the right place at the right time.”

“But how could you know about the overtime, my car breaking down?”

The overtime is easy; we talked about that at the barbecue. I knew you worked late and that everyone else bolted at five on the button.”

“No Mary, that was the easy part”, Marco chuckled. “The hard part was getting under your car hood to unplug your distributor cap without anyone seeing me!”

“You didn’t!”

“I don’t believe you Marco!”

“But I did Mary. Hope you’re not too upset with me but I thought it would create the perfect scenario for us to ahhhhhh get to know each other a bit better.”

Mary laughed, a combination of Marco’s nails scratching her foot bottoms and the thought of this man painstakingly organizing such a wild set up just so he could tickle her.

“My God Marco you’re as obsessed with tickling as I am!”

“Guilty as charged my dear!” He exclaimed as his fingertips caressed the tops of her feet and slowly ran down the soft sides of each foot causing her legs to jerk and twitch involuntarily.

“What are you hungry for Mary?”

“How about some more of that wonderful tickling Marco!”

“You’re in luck, I only live two blocks from here and am considered quite a gourmet.”

“Gourmet tickler that is!”

“I’m sure I can whip up something to “tickle your fancy Mary!”

“Oh I’m sure you can my insatiable tickler, I’m sure you can!”

Pulling out of the parking lot, all that could be heard in the otherwise silent night was Mary’s giggling as Marco continued to play with her ticklish legs and tingling feet. They wiggled wildly on his lap and as he pulled onto the street they looked at each other and smiled anxiously anticipating their next ticklish adventure.

The main course of their evening meal was only a few moments away.
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