Nicole's New Job Description


Nicole sat in the spacious lobby of Intimate Apparels Limited (IAL) waiting for her security key card to be programmed.

Only hired yesterday afternoon as executive secretary to the president she was a bit nervous, worried about the heavy responsibility the position brought with it but at the same time extremely excited about the challenges she would face being with this progressive, fast track organization.

In business for just four years, IAL had already set the industry bar for the highest quality and cutting edge designed merchandise, using top of the line fabrics and materials.

The fact that they targeted only those clients seriously looking for the sexiest and most unique lingerie and foot ware helped their image tremendously. As did the in house public relations division which established campaign after campaign of award winning sensual and sophisticated advertising programs. Advertising that was aimed specifically at the rich, the famous, the fetishistic and select individuals who weren’t worried about spending a few dollars more for products this special and one of a kind.

As Nicole looked around she couldn’t believe how tight security was in the building. It was like Fort Knox.

“I never realized that lingerie was such a secretive and guarded industry,” she thought as she began to fidget in her seat, crossing and uncrossing her shapely nylon legs. Legs in fact sheathed in IAL’s top of the line thigh hi silk stockings.

Seeing her reflection in the large floor to ceiling mirror occupying the wall opposite where she was sitting she had to admire her choice of clothing for the first day on the job.
A long stylish yet sexy skirt with slits on each side that ran the length of her pretty nylon clad legs and gave viewers just enough of a peak to further attract their interest.

The bottom of the skirt, which fanned out slightly at the ends, covered the tops and part of the sides of her sexy shoes and feet. With each step she took a glimpse of her cute toes and the soft shiny sides of her stocking feet flashed viewers voyeuristically.

Nicole’s blouse was a beautiful silk material that had a shine similar to that of her hosiery. The design was Oriental and the pattern subdued yet tasteful. The top was sleeveless with lovely embroidery sewn around the neck, underarms and down the front around the button holes. She carried a jacket that was a slight shade darker than her skirt.

“What a tease I am.” She thought to herself giggling as she posed her legs in the mirror crossing them slowly which caused to slit in the skirt to part slightly revealing a shimmering, stocking thigh, knee, calf and foot.

Nicole delicately dangled one of her sexy heels off the edge of her fire engine red painted toenails in the hopes of catching the glimpse of an interested man so she could tease him a bit while she waited for her key. She moved her foot up and down slowly, the sole of the shoe lightly slapping her foot bottom, just loud enough to draw attention to it. Nicole’s sensitive feet responded to the friction of the inner sole of her shoe rubbing against her nylon foot and as she picked up speed it made her foot tingle deliciously.

Nicole was a very ticklish woman, sensitive from head to toe. She had always been fascinated by the subject of tickling and was quite cunning in her methods to get unsuspecting men to tease and tickle her.

Sometimes the tables would turn on her and she'd lure a gentleman who was as passionate, if not more so than she was, about tickling. Those times were few and far between however and she sat there daydreaming about the possibility of being involved in a situation where her helpless and hopelessly ticklish body was being teased and tickle tortured relentlessly.

She wiggled her ankle around and flopped her shoe even faster against her increasingly more sensitized sole imagining now that it was a man tickling her in these super silky stockings that adorned her pretty legs and feet. She wondered if she could handle the wiggling fingers of a sadistic tickler if they attempted to explore her soft, smooth legs and feet as intensely as her vivid imagination now had them doing.

Nicole’s eyes briefly shifted away from her own image in the large lobby mirror. Her fantasy was distracted by a sound that immediately got her heart racing and palms sweating.

It was at the reception desk where she saw a delivery person flirting openly with the receptionist who was giggling loudly.

Turning quickly in her seat to get a better look upon hearing laughter which always seemed to get her motor running, Nicole tried not to stare but was extremely excited by what she heard and then saw. It was hard to believe that this man had actually walked behind the receptionist’s chair and began tickling her sides from behind. She squirmed and wriggled in her seat.

Nicole had a lump in her throat and began to tremble watching this woman giggle and squirm right there in front of her. She immediately put herself into the ticklee’s position.

Nicole thought, “If that was me I’d lose it for sure!”

The sound of this woman’s laughter and the vision of her wriggling wildly to avoid the relentless tickler’s fingers shot a jolt of adrenaline through Nicole who was also squirming in her seat totally mesmerized by the scene she was witnessing. Insanely ticklish herself, Nicole could actually feel the tingly sensations that were running through the body of that receptionist. The more the woman giggled and begged the deliveryman to stop tickling the more aroused Nicole became.

Nicole’s first real encounters with tickling came at the hands of an older brother of the girl in her old neighborhood that she would baby-sit for regularly. As she soaked in this delicious situation unfolding before her eyes in the reception area of her new employer, her thoughts raced back to her first real tickling experience.

Little Tina had just been put to bed and Nicole was stretched out on the couch watching a movie when Johnny her brother came rumbling in the front door from a long night out with his friends. Asking him to keep it down, Johnny who was going to go up to his room instead walked into the living room and loudly asked, “whatcha watching Nicole?”

As she tried to quiet him down fearing he’d awaken Tina, he walked over to her and tried to squeeze his way onto the couch. Nicole, feeling comfortable, refused to move. Repeatedly Johnny kept telling her to make room for him and Nicole’s response back was a resounding “no.” Finally Johnny jumped on Nicole, pinned her to the couch and began tickling her sides exclaiming “if you’re not going to move I guess I’ll have to make you move!”

She was no match for this boy who was at least twice her size and weight. A strange yet wonderful feeling overtook her body as Johnny’s fingers squeezed and wiggled their way up and down her sides. Trapped and at his complete mercy it felt as if his fingers had dug into her very soul. Johnny tickled Nicole for what seemed like hours first working on her sides, tummy and rib cage. When he moved to the bottom of the couch, sat on the backs of her legs and began drawing his nails first slowly up and down her soft wrinkly bare soles then faster, with a speed that had poor Nicole screaming insanely for him to stop, she went into orbit.

Nicole couldn’t explain the intensity of the sensations that she experienced but from that moment on being tickled seemed to consume her thoughts. She looked for ways to get boys to tickle her; she began to read about tickling and ticklers. She constantly tried to find any excuse to place herself into ticklish situations.

She especially looked forward to baby sitting little Tina in the hopes that Johnny would be there to tickle her. She was afraid to tell him how his tickling excited her yet deep down inside she had a feeling that this ruthless tickler knew exactly what he was doing to her.

Still staring at the ticklish receptionist, Nicole’s fingertips began lightly running up and down her silky stocking thighs, it was then she realized embarrassingly that a young man was standing next to her trying to hand her the security key.

Dave, the vice president of marketing, who she met briefly during her final interview yesterday, was there to take her to her desk.

“Oh, h-h-h-hello there.” Nicole stammered.

“A bit nervous about your first day on the job Nicole?” he asked.

“Or maybe something else has you a bit jumpy?”

“S-s-s-s-s-sorry about that,” She apologized.

“I guess you noticed that Susie our receptionist is a bit “ticklish-h-h-h?”

A shiver ran down Nicole’s spine as Dave continued.

“It’s so hard to resist tickling her knowing that the least little touch gets her going so wildly. Seems as if everyone wants to tease the poor dear mercilessly.”

“I’ve never met anyone as ticklish as that woman!” he exclaimed.

“I actually think she enjoys the attention and I definitely think she enjoys being tickled!”

“What do you think?”

Nicole shivered at the question, knowing how hopelessly ticklish she was.

“Ah but you’re new here, we’ll need to give you a little time to ‘feel’ your way around the place so to speak.”

He giggled as he bent down took her hand and helped her from her seat.

As Nicole looked up she noticed that Dave was staring at her feet. Nicole’s perfectly pedicured feet and toes always seemed to draw attention to them.

“I see you’re wearing a pair of our top of the line nylons Nicole.”

“Pantyhose, thigh hi’s or stockings?” “If you don’t mind my asking?”

“Along with those sexy heels you have on they certainly compliment your pretty legs and feet.”

“Bonus points for the new girl” he said.

“Thank you Dave” replied Nicole shyly, another shiver running down her spine as she stood next to him.

“They are thigh hi’s” she blurted out embarrassingly.

“Very nice Nicole.”

“Please follow me.”

Nicole’s head was swimming. The thought of what she had just seen and heard in the lobby had her tingling all over. Now thoughts of being tickled consumed her and she tried desperately to be more business-like and professional as she walked through the offices on the first floor on her way to the rear elevator that led to the executive wing.

Looking around at the employees and overall atmosphere of the place one of the things Nicole liked was their policy on dress codes. Every office employee right down to people in the mailroom dressed smartly. Men were in business suits or shirts and ties and women in skirts and dresses.

She just loved the way it felt to get dressed in something nice. Certain articles of hers made her feel extremely sexy and she often went to great lengths to not only please herself but to make sure that what she wore was provocative enough to tease the many men who had such a hard time keeping their eyes from her anyway.

Also with her skin being as sensitive as it was certain fabrics felt extremely ticklish to her especially when she walked and they brushed against extra sensitive parts of her body. It never failed to amaze her that just slipping into a silky pair of hosiery or sliding her arms into the soft sleeves of a blouse set off every nerve ending in her.

Another thing Nicole loved was the fact that as an employee, and one that was so close to the top of the chain of command, she was given a tremendous discount on IAL merchandise.

Nicole was a bit of a nylon, lingerie and shoe fanatic. Her collection was extremely extensive, most eclectic, stimulatingly alluring and super sensual. She’d no doubt be adding substantially to it during her stay at IAL.

“How interesting that Dave picked up on my legs and feet, the hosiery and my shoes” she thought to herself.

“Was he staring yesterday in our interview?”

“Was Mr. Roberto my new boss, or Claire the vice president of Operations?”

“She tried to dismiss any thoughts that they, especially Dave after his comments in the lobby, might be ticklers.

“After all” she reasoned, “They are in the lingerie business!”

“They should be able to recognize fine quality hosiery and foot wear.”

“It was probably just a coincidence that the receptionist is as ticklish as me.”

“But it does have me a bit flustered!” she muttered quietly under her breath.

“Get it together!” she told herself as they got to the end of the corridor.

Pressing the elevator button Nicole stood there with Dave. This was the first day of her new job yet her mind was a thousand miles away and fixated on a topic that intrigued, fascinated and excited her to no end.

The doors opened and Nicole still in a trance-like state did not move, that is until Dave squeezed her sides just above her hips. She let out a semi-stifled giggle but almost came out of her shoes as his touch sent a thunderbolt through her.

“My goodness, are we a bit ticklish Nicole?”

“Sorry I didn’t mean to make you jump like that but you seemed to be daydreaming again.”

“I-I-I-I- I’m very sorry Dave.”

“ I have no idea why I’m so darn distracted today.”

“Oh that’s alright Nicole, I’m sure you have a lot on your mind. Besides I believe I’ve found a very effective way to re-focus your attention on the matters at hand!”

As he said this, and they stepped into the open elevator, Dave’s fingertips wiggled in front of Nicole whose shoulders defensively shrugged as her arms went to her sides in a protective posture.

“Don’t you dare tickle me Dave!” she said nervously.

“I am way too ticklish and can’t stand being tickled.”

“It’s such terrible torture to me!”

The more she talked the more she realized that she was revealing way too much to this man whom she’d only know a couple of days.

Dave was listening with keen intent and seeing his response to her nervous chatter sent those magical chills down her spine for the fourth or fifth time already today.

She’d not even gotten to her desk yet on this the first day of her employment and it seems as if one of her deepest secrets was out of the bag already.

“What have I gotten myself into here she thought, as she watched the elevator floor light illuminate brightly at the number three.

“This is us Nicole!”

Dave advised and gave her a friendly poke in the side as they stepped out of the elevator. She let out a tiny squeal much to Dave’s delight.

Nicole cautiously walked at Dave’s side keeping an eye on his roaming fingers as they passed by some of the offices of the senior management team.

Dave reeled off names of employees as they strolled by but the only thing Nicole could focus on at this time was the tickling.

Finally they reached their destination.

Nicole was amazed that Mr. Roberto’s office was so far away from the other executives. He seemed to have an entire wing to himself.

“Have a seat for a second Nicole and please make yourself comfortable.”

“I’m going to call Claire over so we can sit with Mr. Roberto to go over main office procedures and protocol with you.”

As Dave walked down the long corridor Nicole sat down at her new desk kicked off her heels and immediately began rearranging some of the files and office equipment. Once this was to her liking she got up and walked over to a large filing cabinet just outside of Mr. Roberto’s office to get better acquainted with where things were and the method in which his former administrative assistant had set things up.

Her stocking feet sank into the deliciously thick carpeting and she wiggled her toes into the fabric as she explored each row of shelves starting at the bottom and working her way towards the top. At just a little over five feet tall, Nicole couldn’t reach the top two rows of shelving and needed to pull over a chair to investigate these further.

Peering into the uppermost row of shelves, Nicole was perched dangerously on the armrest of the chair on the tip of her toes. She was stretched as far as she could go and still could barely make out the labels on the files and packages that were neatly arranged and color-coded there for easy reference.

Concentrating as intensely as she was, Nicole didn’t feel the light tickling sensation centered in the balls of her feet at first. Thinking her foot was just itchy, she stood carefully against the cabinet, balancing on the itchiest foot while using the nylon clad toes of her other foot to scratch the annoying itch.

The minute the itch seemed to stop she felt the same sensation in the ball of her other foot. This happened a couple of times over the course of the next minute or so and she hopped back and forth nervously trying to stop that tingly feeling. It was as if she had thousands of tiny ants crawling slowly over her soles.

All the while she scratched at her stocking clad soles with her toes she thought it was nothing to worry about and continued carefully reviewing the files until the feeling finally began to increase in intensity.

The bottoms of both of her highly sensitive feet felt extremely prickly. Nicole began to giggle and squirm. It felt like someone was tickling her feet with feathers and she knew the sensation well, enduring many a night being tickle tortured by boyfriends who would trap her feet in numerous positions before bearing down to tickle her mercilessly.

It was those light feathery tickles that drove Nicole crazy. They sent wave upon wave of tremors throughout her body and now that feeling was overtaking her again.

She was in a bit of a precarious position, perched on the edge of the arm of her chair. She turned, now giggling loudly, shocked to find her new boss kneeling on the seat of the chair playfully flicking the tips of two feathers across her weak and very ticklish soles and arches.

“Koochie Koochie Koo!” he exclaimed as the feathers lightly dusted her stocking soles.

“Very nice of you to wear our nylons to work Nicole!”

Her laughter started out softly but as Mister Roberto began tickling her slippery, silky stocking feet faster poor Nicole began to squeal louder.


“Mister Robertooooohohoho!”










“Such ticklish feet too!” he exclaimed as the feathers masterfully moved over Nicole’s ticklish feet.

“Heeheeheehee!! Mr. Robertoooooooohohoohohoho! Stopppppppppppppp tickling meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheeheeheehee!”

“Pleeeeeeseeeheeheehee!” she pleaded.

The feather tickling and Mr. Roberto’s teasing was driving Nicole crazy.


“Pleeeeeeese Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrr RobertoHoHoHohohohohohoho!”

“Nooooooo more!”

“Not my feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheeheeheeeet-t-t-t-t!”

I’m way too ticklissssssssssssshhaaaaaaahaahaahaa!”


“Sorry my dear!” he exclaimed. “I was advised by Dave that you were a little bit ticklish and I thought I’d have a bit of fun with you being this is your first day on the job!”

As the feathers brushed lightly now over the tips of her toes Nicole was giggling harder.

“Not the toesssssssss MisterrrrrrrRobertoooooooohohoho!!”

“Not there pleeeeeese!”

“I Can’t-t-t-t-take the toessss nooooohoohoohohohohohohohoho!”


Nicole turned beat red and was trying to catch her breath.

Mr. Roberto’s tickling had her heart and mind racing. She still could not believe this was happening. Her first day at work was turning into a surreal experience. It was almost as if everyone in this company knew she was ticklish, that it was her weakness, that it drove her over the edge.

“Was it on my resume?” she thought.

“Am I dreaming?”

“That’s it!””

“It’s just a dream and soon I’ll wake up, get dressed and head to the office to start my new position at Intimate Apparel Limited…”



A fast feather flurry across the undersides of her toes one of her weakest and most ticklish spots had Nicole close to hysteria and it was just at that point when Mr. Roberto stopped tickling her and helped her down from the chair.

She breathed a sigh of relief, wiggling her toes and rubbing her foot bottoms into the thick pile carpeting.

“What a way to greet your new assistant.” She said giddily.

She barely had time to compose herself when Claire and Dave walked up. They both noticed she was in her stocking feet.

Dave re-introduced Claire to Nicole and slightly out of breath Nicole replied “Pleased to see you again Claire. I’m looking forward to working with you.”

“Oh I am looking forward to working with you too Nicole” Claire snickered.

Mr. Roberto then called Dave and Claire into his office and asked Nicole to join them in a few minutes. She was grateful for the chance to relax and after slipping her now tingling feet back into her shoes, she sat at her desk panting. In those few seconds of solitude, Nicole was still unsure that this was really happening to her.

“It must be a dream?”

“Or is it a nightmare?”

“How could they know I was so ticklish? That I hated it and loved it?” “This is all too weird.”

Once she was somewhat under control, Nicole walked over to Mr. Roberto’s office. After taking a deep breath she knocked on the door and stuck her head into the cavernous yet extremely well appointed office and saw the three of them sitting comfortably in a large lounge area arranged off to the side. It sounded as though they were talking about sales forecasts.

“I-I-I’m not interrupting anything am I?” she asked tentatively.

“Not at all my dear, please come right in Nicole!”

“Have a seat.”

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“Isn’t that part of my job Mr. Roberto?” Nicole joked getting red in the face again.

“I just love a woman with a great sense of humor and hearty laugh don’t you?” he said to no one in particular.

“I didn’t hire you for that reason Nicole.” “You are a very intelligent woman with skills desperately needed by this firm to move our business to the next level.”

“In fact, after reviewing your resume and speaking with you in the four interviews we had, I’ve been thinking about changing your job description to give you even more decision-making authority. “

“Of course if Dave, Claire and I decide that you are qualified to handle this added responsibility, a handsome bonus and salary increase will accompany the position Nicole.”

“Not to mention a substantial amount of fringe benefits!” tossed in Dave.

The comments made Nicole glow and she graciously thanked Mr. Roberto for the vote of confidence. For a brief moment she forgot all about the recent tickling that had occurred near her desk.

Blushing she asked inquisitively “What did you have in mind Mr. Roberto?”

“I, actually we, (he pointed to Claire and Dave) need you to drive one of the new products we are looking to introduce later this year.

“We are planning on expanding our business substantially and one area we see a bright future is in the video industry.”

Our lingerie business on the web is beginning to catch up quickly to the volumes now amassed by our domestic and international boutiques and the various carefully selected business partners who sell a small range of our goods in their specialty stores.

“How can I help?” Nicole naively asked.

“Well aside from trying to keep me organized and focused on the lingerie and shoe businesses,” Mr. Roberto continued “I need someone to spearhead the new video division.”

“Someone not afraid to get directly involved, a person who can roll up their sleeves and build this from the ground up.”

“We need an ‘on-hands’ person Nicole!”

Dave and Claire have found two very good writers who have already provided us with a number of story lines that will cater to some of our largest clients desires and at the same time help us to ‘subliminally’ and above board sell our lingerie and foot wear.

A friend of mine has given me the name of a very well known director, currently making award winning music videos and indie films. We have just about come to an agreement on terms for his employment.

“We are hoping that whomever we choose for the position will not only keep things organized and have us profitable in a short time but can also assist in production and the casting of the movies.”

“Claire has a list of Screen Guild registered actors.”

“I have another list that may better suit our needs.” Advised Dave.

“Please come over and have a seat Nicole.”

“Let’s have a look at this list shall we?”

“Sure!” Exclaimed Nicole. She couldn’t believe her luck.

Now she was hoping that the three executives found her worthy of this new position.

As she sat on the couch next to Claire, anxious to show them she had what it takes to tackle this position Mr. Roberto moved over and sat on the armrest of the couch.

Nicole sat with Claire and scanned the list.

She asked Claire what sort of movies they would be filming. Obviously she would need to know this for casting purposes.

“The type of actresses or better yet models we are hoping to bring into assist us in the shooting of our first series of movies need to have some very specific traits Nicole.”

“I don’t quite understand?” Nicole said.

“Well let me elaborate Nicole,” jumped in Mr. Roberto.

“As you know we sell a fine line of very provocative lingerie and sexy foot wear. Many of our clients use our products to fulfill fantasies, fetishes or wear them to feel sexier.”

Nicole thought to herself “Oh yes Mr. Roberto you’ve hit the nail on the head there!” She got a tingly feeling and crossed her legs, the sizzling of nylon brushing nylon briefly interrupting Mr. Roberto’s speech.

“What we want to do is give clients additional reasons to buy our merchandise by staging little vignettes of 30 minutes or so that perhaps might fuel the imaginations of our shopper’s and bring in a large number of new ones as well.

“We feel that through a series of videos centering around fetishes including corsets, bras, garter belts, panties, sleepwear, hosiery, shoes, perhaps light bondage, legs, feet and TICKLING of course, we can draw the attention of more, how shall I put it, diverse customers to our stores.

In the process sell them the videos at a special reduced price as well as lingerie and foot ware.

“And we’ll also get to advertise on the tapes and DVDs as well!” added Dave.

Nicole shivered hearing the T word! Mr. Roberto’s emphatic pronunciation caused her now business-focused mind to begin wandering aimlessly again. Back to the receptionist, Dave tickling her hips, Mr. Roberto feathering her insanely ticklish feet! “He did say” ‘And tickling of course’. She wondered nervously where this was leading!

“Oh my God,” she thought.

“This is crazy!”

Unable to concentrate she now saw Mr. Roberto’s lips moving but was in a world of her own. Claire leaned in and asked her if she knew of anyone that might like to audition for a few parts in the first series of movies that would involve tickling.

Again Nicole shivered.

Snapping out of it, she sat up straight and asked Dave if she could see the other list of names. He handed her the list but the damage was done and as Nicole stared blankly at the sheets of paper shivering she vaguely heard Claire say something to her.

“W-w-w-what was that Claire?” she asked.

“Oh it was nothing Nicole, I was admiring your outfit. Where did you purchase this cute blouse?”

“I love the detailing” she complimented, as her long nailed fingertips reached out to caress the piping under Nicole’s left arm.

On purpose one of Claire’s blood red fingernail tip’s slithered softly over Nicole’s creamy white skin just an inch from her armpit.

“IIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Nicole squealed and wriggled away from Claire’s fingers.

“What’s wrong Nicole?”


“My yes!” Mr. Roberto exclaimed.

“We seem to have quite a ticklish one on our hands here Claire!”

“Perhaps you’d like to be the featured artist in our first video Nicole?”

“You have the makings of quite the ticklish star my dear!”

Claire began tickling Nicole’s sides slithering her nails lightly over the smooth silky material of her blouse, which seemed to greatly multiply the ticklish sensations!

As she squirmed and inched her way toward the end of the couch Mr. Roberto moved from the armrest to the thickly padded cushion, impeding any further movement for Nicole.

As Claire’s long red fingernails scratched their way up her sides, Nicole’s head began to swim. When those wild, tickling claws reached her bare underarms Nicole nearly went through the ceiling. Now howling from these long and skillful ticklish intruders that invaded her armpits Nicole squirmed wildly on the couch leaning into Claire to try to get her to stop her attack.

Mr. Roberto lifted Nicole’s stocking feet at the ankles and placed them up on the arm of the couch so the hung precariously from the edge. He slowly and teasingly removed each shoe one at a time.

Nicole’s toes curled and uncurled furiously knowing what they were being positioned for.

Mr. Roberto seeing the effect that just restraining poor Nicole was having on her became very excited.

“Oh yes Nicole, I have a feeling that you’ll be quite a hit in out first video “Professional Office Tickles.”

“Like the title?” he teased.

“Perhaps we can call it Nicole’s First Day on the Job?”

“It’s about a woman who is unaware that the entire senior staff in her company is aware of her deep seeded weakness, fear and love of being tickle tortured!”

“This new ticklish executive woman seems to rub people the wrong way and to get revenge some of the other senior managers decide to teach her a very important lesson by tying her up and tickle torturing her from head to toe. Or possibly toe to head” Mr. Roberto said chuckling as he ran his index finger slowly down the center of Nicole’s stocking sole.



“I don’t wannnnnnt to be a starrrrrrrrrharharharrrrraaarrr!”

“ Eheeheeheee!!

While Mr. Roberto lightly danced his nails over Nicole’s hyper ticklish soles, Dave
took the confused yet very excited woman by the wrists and began pulling her slowly down the length of the couch stretching her body length wise.

Claire had slipped off her shoes, and sat behind Nicole on the couch, wrapping her pantyhose clad legs tightly around her waist.

Dave now held Nicole’s arms, standing at the top end of the couch while Claire, with her muscular legs had the new employee pinned in a wrestler’s like hold that Nicole was unable to break free from.

Mr. Roberto, to Nicole’s relief, stopped his tickling for a second. As she sat there trapped on the couch a myriad of sensations flooded her mind!

“Be right back my dear,” he exclaimed as he walked over to his desk, retrieved something that Nicole was unable to make out, then shut the office door before returning to the end of the couch where Nicole’s pretty and very ticklish feet wiggled helplessly awaiting their fate!

He leaned down and began coiling a length of rope around her ankles.

“No please, why are you doing this to me?” Nicole pleaded.

“I-I-I’m not even that ticklishhhh!” she stammered nervously still struggling to free herself from Dave and Claire’s vice-like hold on her upper body.

“Let’s pretend we’re in production, shall we Nicole?”


“Mister-r-r-r-r-r-r Roberto-o-o-o-o PLEESEEEEEEE No Tickling!”

“I’m begging you!”

“I’ll do anything you want! Just please don’t tickle me!”

“Please not there Mr. Roberto!”

“Not my on my feeeeeeeeet!”

“Don’t do thaaaaaaaaaahaahaahaat!”

“Not the archessssssssssssheeeeheeheehee!”


Before Nicole could finish pleading her case Mr. Roberto’s fingers began to deftly slither and slide snake-like over the shimmering silky nylons covering Nicole’s ticklish feet!

The tickling was absolute torture in its purist and most sadistic yet sensuous form! Nicole had never experiencing a pair of hands as adept at finding every single ticklish spot on her heels, soles and arches as Mr. Roberto’s!

One minute he moved his nails slowly and methodically over her tender feet then and fast and furiously over them in the next! Working those fingertips along the soft sensitive sides of her feet then back over her soles before she had time to brace herself for the next wave of ticklish strokes was driving Nicole crazy.

Sputtering and pleading between gales of wild high-pitched cackling, Nicole was losing control of her senses! She still could not believe what was happening to her. If this was a dream it seemed so real, so frighteningly vivid!

Mr. Roberto began lightly tickling the undersides of Nicole’s toes. Truly one of her weakest spots! As his fingers wiggled across the smooth base of her toes and skittered across the silky toe pads he began to taunt her!

“How’s our ticklish video star?”

“Think you might be interested in the lead role of a sequel too my dear?”

Claire and Dave giggled along with Mr. Roberto, making sure the entire time that Nicole was unable to move an inch. This intensified the ticklish sensations that now surged through Nicole’s incredibly sensitized body!

Seeing this beautiful woman tickle tortured so intricately, with such precision and skill had the two of them as excited as Mr. Roberto.

Claire sat there wondering if she’d ever be able to withstand such an intense tickle. Just the thought frightened her yet it was such an exciting thing to witness. There was a tension in the air previously unknown to her.

An aura of utter excitability and yet horrific fear and nervousness ran through her. The more Nicole struggled and laughed and begged the more thrilling it seemed to Claire.

Nicole, whose body quivered and shook with each ticklish stroke of Mr. Roberto’s fingertips over her foot bottoms began to feel that magical sensation that she was afraid would soon accompany a ticking of this nature.

She began bucking and twisting as Mr. Roberto “koochie koochie koo’d” his way across her wriggling, ticklish toes.

Just as she was ready to scream out in ecstasy, his tickles lightened up, relieving the surge inside her briefly and literally teasing her out of her mind.

As she sat there, frantic, frazzled and breathless, Mr. Roberto’s tickles now turned into a massage-like stroking that made Nicole moan softly. He kneaded her toes at the tips. Worked his thumbs down her soles and squeezed her heels, lightly scratched the balls of her feet.

Thinking her tickle torment was coming to an end she relaxed ever so slightly only to feel Claire’s long red nails creeping slowly toward her armpits.

Teasingly she walked her fingertips up towards Nicole’s underarms leaning forward and whispering in her ear “tickle, tickle, tickle Nicole!”

The threat of having her armpits tickled by this maniac who teased her with deliberate tiny, tingly pinches while Mr. Roberto continued lightly tickling her feet was bringing poor Nicole to slow simmer again.

The combinations of sensations had her head swimming and as Mr. Roberto’s fingertips began to lightly tickle their way up the fronts of Nicole’s legs she began to squirm even more intensely.

Mr. Roberto moved his nails slowly and surely over Nicole’s feet, the tops, the sides, the bottoms, across her dangerously ticklish toes then down the center of her soles and along her heels. His fingers swirled around her ankles.

Meanwhile Claire’s ticklish stroking of Nicole’s sides was taking its toll on her as well. Each time those long nails would get close to her underarms Claire would pull back, retreating down her sides only to repeat the process over and over and over again which drove Nicole over the edge!

Almost getting use to the sensuous yet torture some teasing and tickling that these two talented ticklers were administering to her body which was now craving more and more of the tingly sensations, Nicole’s body was trembling all over.

Another wave of chills coursed through her as Claire’s fingertips again teased her around the edges of her underarms. This time however Claire did not pull back.

Mr. Roberto held onto Nicole’s ankles as Claire’s fingers shot into Nicole’s arm pits and wiggled wildly!

Squealing helplessly, unable to move because Dave had her arms held out over her head
and Claire had her legs wrapped tightly around her tummy, the nail tickling was way too intense for her to handle. Nicole screamed, begged and pleaded for her to stop.

All the while Mr. Roberto holding her legs down with one hand, was tickling her stocking soles with the other. Leaning down he began licking Nicole’s toes through her nylons.

Dave began running his long fingernails along the soft goose-pimply insides of Nicole’s trapped arms.

The room began to spin and Nicole now totally out of control was about to go insane from this horrific yet incredible tickling.

Claire whispering teasingly in Nicole’s ears, her fingers wiggling wildly in her underarms.

Mr. Roberto nibbled on the tips of her sensitized toes while his fingernails tortured the shiny stocking soles of her bound feet with tiny, tingly circles and scratches. Dave’s long languid strokes up and down the insides of her tender arms, an area that few men ever tickled added to the madness!

After what seemed like hours, the relentless ticklers finally gave her a break. Nicole in a sweat fell back into Claire.

Dave let go of her arms and Mr. Roberto slowly untied the rope that held her ticklish feet together during this ordeal.

“I think we have a hit on our hands don’t you Nicole?”

“Looks like we found our lead actress for the tickle video series Mr. Roberto!” exclaimed Dave.

“Yes she’s quite talented!” added Claire who unraveled herself from around Nicole’s midsection and let the ticklish and extremely tired woman lay back on the long couch.

“We may have found the majority of the cast if you ask me” giggled Mr. Roberto as he skittered his index fingers one more time down the center of Nicole’s soles.

As she let out a token scream, she immediately jumped up from the couch as if she was hit with a surge of electricity.

Mr. Roberto thought “a pair of soles I am determined to get to know even better!”

“W-w-w-w-will that be all for now Mr. Roberto?” poor Nicole stammered as she leaned down to pick up her heels.

“Why don’t you take an early lunch today Nicole. You’ve certainly put in a long morning of work.”

“Before you leave can you call the deli next door and order us some sandwiches please?”

“The menu is in the top left hand drawer of your desk.”

“Thank you Nicole!”

“We’re going to have to work on that first tickling script a bit more. I can see some definite changes that we’ll need to incorporate with you specifically in mind.”
By the way Mr. Roberto exclaimed, “We also have a new nylon that we’re testing. It’s our first “every day’ brand of stocking and we will need to check it for comfort, strength and durability.”

“We aren’t sure that this is an area we want to venture into so you’re ahem a-a-assistance will be greatly appreciated. I believe you’re a size A/B correct?”

“We’ll have a pair or two waiting for you upon your return from lunch.”

“Oh Nicole?”

“Yes Mr. Roberto?”

I’m extremely tickled that you’ve decided to become part of our growing family!”

“Welcome aboard!”

Nicole was barely able to speak as she slowly staggered out of Mr. Roberto’s office.

Walking back to her desk, in another world, she heard Claire’s laughter loudly coming from the office, which immediately sent her body into a series of shivering spasms.

“Oh my God! Were they tickling her now?”

“This is only a dream! Only a dream!” she kept repeating to herself as she headed dizzily down the long corridor to the ladies room.

Or was it?
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I saw the video to this...well something exactly like it. From tickling paradise, featuring their star renee. I believe its called office tickle.

I love this story =)

Thanks so much 2softsoles...Bet you wouldn't have minded being in Nicole's position! I know I'd have loved to play the part of Mr. Roberto!

Marco, this was such an erotic story! I loved it!