The Unexpected Office Guest - Part 1

The Unexpected Office Guest - Part One

As she slipped on her shoes, straightened her skirt and made sure that the thigh hi stockings she’d received as a gift yesterday afternoon were pulled taut over her long and very athletic legs, Betty took a quick second to admire her figure. Not one to normally wear nylons, she actually felt sort of sexy in these silky, slippery hose. She loved the way they felt on her, how they hugged her legs, accentuating the muscles in her calves especially in the sexy high heel sandals she’d chosen to wear to work today.

“Ummmmm just like a second skin.” she thought as the tips of her fingernails slid over her taupe shaded shapely and slippery nylon clad thighs.

“Oh my!” she caught herself saying as a chill swiftly ran down her spine.

Just touching her legs in these stockings sent a tingly electric-like current through her body!

“Better not touch my feet!” she thought, shivering at how ticklish her already super sensitive feet would most likely feel were she or anyone else try to touch her in nylons this smooth.

“I can’t believe that these hose even tickle my feet just when I’m sliding them around inside my sandals!”

Yes Betty was incredibly ticklish on her feet possibly a bit obsessed over their care however she’d never met a man who was quite as into her feet the way Marco was. This seemed to tweak her curiosity about him when they first met but even more so after they finally had a chance to talk a bit more in depth.

Marco had started working for her company a few months ago. Initially the two of them had limited contact.

Betty for the most part was cloistered away in the rear office. As secretary for the district manager, whom Marco now reported to, she had more than a few opportunities to chat casually with him. These mere snippets of chatter only made Betty more and more curious about this man and what made him tick. Or was it tickle?

There was just something about Marco that Betty couldn’t quite get a handle on. She found that she was magnetically drawn to him but could not understand why. Seeing the way he glanced at her, especially her feet, sent chills through her, chills similar to those she’d given herself when running her nails down her nylon clad thighs that morning before work on the day she was to receive a special surprise.

Marco’s look was not menacing, nor harassing. In fact he wasn’t even her type physically. Somehow it was almost as if he had he the power to step into her mind, to uncover deep secrets that have laid dormant in her for way too long. Hidden fantasies that she actually longed to share with someone, bring to life with someone but was way too shy to do so.

Marco on more than one occasion complimented her on her outfits and was always sure to mention how lovely her shoes were and that she had very pretty feet. This he did in a casual, non-threatening yet to Betty an extremely exciting fashion.

They flirted but not really in a sexual way. It was something beyond that.
Hard for her to explain, that is if she ever needed to explain it to anyone, but being the private type of person that she was it was highly unlikely that Betty would be talking about feet or tickling with any of her casual acquaintances or even her close friends.

Marco would drop subtle hints about things that Betty would instantly pick up on. She did the same with him and they slowly pieced together parts of each other’s mysterious puzzles as the days went by.

Tickling was a topic that never quite surfaced however bubbled excitedly beneath it like molten lava ready to erupt at any moment from a long dormant volcano.

In this age of sex discrimination these little chats would normally skirt the border of what was and was not allowable in an office however Betty didn’t think twice about it and actually enjoyed the attention she was receiving. It was rare, even in an office of mostly men that she received any compliments or thanks for brightening up the office with her presence, style or fashion sense.

She found herself dressing even nicer as the days moved forward showing off her pretty feet whenever possible.

On a not so very busy afternoon as Marco sat on the corner of Betty’s desk with some signed contracts that she needed to file away, their conversations moved to another level.

Marco had asked Betty why she never wore nylons. He told her that her pretty legs and feet would look utterly fantastic in a silky pair of slippery, shiny hosiery. The perfect compliment to her stylish outfits, a fantastic way to accent her long legs and her pretty feet he advised her.

It was as if he were talking about the weather outside as he spoke but Betty, a closet ticklee for much of her life, tingled inside knowing that one of the reasons she didn’t wear nylons was that they actually made her already insanely ticklish feet even more sensitized.

Despite his casual tone something clicked between them during this exchange. The discussion had Betty excited and again she began fantasizing about her love of being tickled. She also now suspected that Marco aside from harboring an intense foot and nylon fetish had a very strong desire to cradle those feet of hers in his lap and give them the sort of tickling she’d been dreaming about receiving since meeting him on his first day at work and seeing how his eyes locked on her pretty feet.

Relaxed and at the same time churning with a built up anxiety unlike any Betty had felt before, she let down her guard.

Feeling strangely comfortable with this man after the numerous conversations they’d had over the past few months she leaned over and quietly began to tell him just how sensitive her feet were. A subject they both loved intensely yet skirted around for months. She told him that pedicures were unbearable, trips to the shoe store almost as bad.

As she mentioned this and also let Marco know that she loved having her feet touched even though it was sheer torture for her, she rubbed her bare feet together under her desk lightly scratching the underside of her left sole with the toenails of her right foot.

Her confession of sorts and the self inflicted foot tickles combined with the excited look on Marco’s face almost had her thinking that this might have been a mistake. She was about to retract part of her statement, try to better explain things to him when her boss yelled out for her to bring some data into his office.

Flushed and red faced, poor Betty fumbled nervously around her desk for the paperwork her boss requested. Marco smiled at her and repeated the words that made her tingle.

“Ah so your feet are ‘sensitive’ Betty?”

“Do you mean ‘ticklish’ by any chance?” he teased her as she stammered “I-I-I’ll be right in with those papers!” to her boss.

“Do you like to be tickled Betty?”

“Holding out on me are you?” he joked with her.

“Somehow I think you love being tickled as much as I love tickling!”

“That’s right Betty, I love tickling!” he whispered to her.

“I love tickling ticklish feet especially feet as well cared for as yours Betty!”

Betty was stunned. It was what she was hoping to hear but the words still paralyzed her.

“I think you know how much I’d love to tickle your feet too don’t you?”

“I-I-I’ve got to deliver these papers Marco, she blurted out.

Hearing the word ‘tickle’ repeatedly by Marco sent her into a spin and conjured up the deep seeded feelings that she’d suppressed now for well over a year, the last time she was with a man who had discovered her love of being tickled.

Her boss’s second request for the papers that he needed shook her abruptly from this ticklish trance.

“C-C-C-Coming boss!”

She fumbled under the desk for her heels.

“We’ll need to continue this conversation soon won’t we Betty?”

“Won’t we ticklish Betty?”

“Yes-s-s-s-s-s!” she replied nervously turning her eyes to the floor.

As Marco walked away from the back office, and she went about her business, Betty had immediate flashbacks of tickling experiences of hers.

One was of a high school boyfriend Johnny who tickled her feet mercilessly whenever they were together. Just thinking about it made her soles itchy!

Her mind then drifted over to thoughts of her college roommate Samantha who would tickle torture her feet for hours and hours with her long talon-like fingernails driving poor Betty insane with laughter. This vision had poor Betty literally trembling. Just remembering how Sam would sit on the backs of her calves and slowly, teasingly drag her nails up and down her soft smooth foot bottoms relentlessly for hours made Betty cringe. How she’d force Betty to do various tasks around the dorm room or homework of hers unless she wanted to suffer the consequences of merciless tickle torture. Protests were always met with even more intense tickles from this sadistic woman.

Slumber parties with girlfriends as a child turned into tickling marathons where Betty was always the ticklish victim. Held down, rolled in a blanket, sometimes even tied down while her friends danced their fingers over her ticklish body.

Her older brother who would hold her down and tickle torture her relentlessly stirred up some of the wildest thoughts for her as it was he who introduced her to the wonderful world of tickling.

On that walk to her boss’s office almost every meaningful tickling experience she’d had seemed to flood her mind and along with it the desire to be tickled by Marco fought its way to the very front of the list!

While she was ticklish virtually everywhere her feet were off the scales as far as being ticklish was concerned and Betty normally did everything in her power to avoid being tickled there or revealing this ticklish fact to anyone. With Marco however she didn’t hold back.

“Why?” she thought to herself “did I have to tell him this!”

She knew exactly why!

Betty had rarely fraternized with people in her office however when Marco walked into the otherwise vacant kitchen to eat lunch, despite the bone chilling discovery she allowed him to make the previous afternoon about her ticklishness, she invited him to join her.

Sitting opposite Betty at the small table he’d immediately noticed that she had her shoes off and her bare feet resting on the chair directly next to him.

Marco’s heart pounded at the sight of her pretty wiggling toes. He desperately fought the urge to reach over and tickle them however he was unable to keep from steeling glances over at them as he and Betty made small talk in the kitchen. She noticed his uneasiness and felt that magical energy immediately. It stirred up feelings in her that she loved yet feared.

Her toes began to wiggle frantically.

Tickling was a walk along that fine line between intense torture and ultimate pleasure. Betty wondered which side she’d be falling into as she took a bite of her sandwich.

As Marco opened his lunch bag, which Betty thought was unusually large, he reached in, pulled out a package and slid it across the table to her.

“A little present from me to you Betty.” he whispered to her.

As she began to open the bag he watched her smile then blush as the Victoria Secret jet-black thigh hi package then the Victoria Secret taupe thigh hi package top slowly emerged from the plain brown shopping bag.

“Hope they’re your size!”

“A/B right?”

“Sorry I didn’t have time to wrap them for you Betty,”

“These look so sheer Marco. You didn’t need to spend money on me!”

“Let’s consider it an investment Betty.” He snickered.

“Investment?” she questioned.

“Whatever do you mean by that Marco?”

“Yes…well anyway!”

Changing tact slightly he smoothly said to her “Actually it would be much more fun to see you unwrap them and slip them on right here!”

“I-I-I couldn’t do that here Marco” she nervously giggled as she quickly slid the packages back in the bag and fidgeted with the napkin on her lap.

“What’s wrong are you afraid I might try to tickle you in them, like this?” he exclaimed as his fingertips slithered down the soles of Betty’s pretty feet.


His tickles caught her completely off guard and as she tried to pull her feet off the chair Marco’s hand tightly held onto her crossed ankles while with the other he slid his wiggling fingers up and down the soft soles of her feet.

“I know how ticklish you are Betty!” he teased and his words along with those fingers that seemed to be finding all of her ticklish hot spots had Betty squirming wildly in her seat.

“Such ticklish little feet you have Betty!” he continued as she sat there laughing and wriggling around, stunned that this was happening to her.

Marco’s fingertips moved over her foot bottoms as if possessed. Lightly raking his nails over her arches, along the sides of her feet, across her tender toe pads.

“Please don’t do this-s-s-s-s-s-s to me-e-e-e-heeheeheehee!”


Her feet were incredibly smooth and her laugh wonderfully giddy. After a few more scattered tickles that included a wild barrage of scratches over her very smooth heels, despite his desire to tickle her more, he stopped to prevent the office workers from hearing anything that might raise their curiosity too much.

“Oh thank God!” she exclaimed letting out a deep sigh of relief.

“Please don’t ever tickle me like that Marco!”

“Like what Betty?”

“Is there another way you’d prefer that I tickle your feet?”

“I’m all ears!”

“No-o-o-o-o! That’s not what I meant!” she protested.

“Well tell you what Betty, I won’t tickle them anymore…for now but only if you promise that you’ll wear a pair of those nylons for me tomorrow!”

She stared across the table at him glazed, mouth dry and palms sweaty. Tickling had such a powerful effect on her.

“I’d also like to take you out to lunch if that’s OK with you?”

Barely hearing what he said she pulled her feet down off the chair, fidgeted nervously and placed the rest of her sandwich in the napkin. She folded it up and turned in her seat to toss it into the wastebasket no longer hungry.

“Well not hungry for lunch anymore anyway” she said to herself as she slipped her tingling feet back into her shoes and slowly got up from the table.

“I’d like to have lunch with you Marco but no tickling okay?”

“Now that’s not fair Betty!”

“Is this perhaps a negotiable term?” he teased her as she walked out of the kitchen.

“We’ll see you sneak! We’ll see!”

“But you did like it didn’t you Betty?”


“You can tell Marco!”

“You’re ticklish little secret is safe with me!”

Flustered now, she couldn’t answer his questions. Her look told Marco all he needed to know.

Betty opted to walk away with a big grin on her face in as composed a manner as she could possibly muster under the present circumstances.

The rest of the day all Betty could think about was Marco and how he teased her and tickled her feet in the office kitchen. She found it very difficult to focus on her work especially the few times that Marco came back to talk to her boss and looked over at her mouthing the words tickle, tickle, tickle each time he strolled by her desk.

A wave of excitement would also flood through her every time she looked down at the brown paper bag that contained the two pairs of nylons that Marco had purchased for her.

She wondered if it was a good idea to wear a pair of these tomorrow but deep down inside she was excited fantasizing about what might happen. She wondered how she’d feel the minute Marco saw her in these sleek, silky stockings. How would she ever be able to deal with his tickling her feet in anything this smooth and sheer?

Would she be able to withstand the touch of his fingers on her ultra ticklish nylon clad feet?

The anxiety, nervousness, excitement was already driving her wild.

“Anticipation is sometimes more torture some than tickling itself!” she thought to herself. This was something she knew but it had been so long since she’d had a man interested in tickling her, really tickling her. Even her last experience with a tickler was mostly forced. He knew she was ticklish but did not have the passion she desired in a tickler. After a few minutes of intense wild tickles, nowhere near what she needed to satisfy her ticklish desires, he’d be finished and ready to move on to other things. Always disappointed and yet too shy to ask for more she meandered through that relationship fantasizing about how it could have been should have been.

Whether she liked it or not, in Marco there was that passion. It actually frightened her a bit yet tremendously excited her. He was a tickler!

Betty’s night’s of scanning various tickle sites and forums on the web or chatting with strangers about tickling never felt quite like this! And the way they casually built their relationship to this point was something that completely threw her off. Rarely was she privileged to share this kind of subtlety, honesty and passion with someone about a subject that thrilled her to this level. The entire situation seemed to sneak up on her, catch her off guard.

It was as if they were destined to be friends and even more importantly tickle partners!

As Betty locked the front door of her apartment and walked to her car the next morning she kept thinking over and over again in her mind about what the day might bring. Her imagination was quite vivid and she used it often in her fantasy world of tickling that was rarely shared with anyone else. The excitement and anticipation of just seeing Marco had her giddy and bubbly. The prospect of his tickling her feet today was turning Betty into a nervous wreck.

When she arrived early she was surprised to see Marco already at his desk working.

“Good Morning!” she cheerily shouted out across the empty office.

“Well good morning Betty!” his voice boomed back in that confident tone she’d come to love.

“My you’re looking exceptionally lovely today!” he exclaimed as his eyes walked their way slowly down to her legs which he noticed were encased in the taupe shaded nylons that he’d given her yesterday.

“What a beautiful outfit!”

He noticed that she’d painted her toenails a bright red and as she thanked him for the compliment and for the nylons which she knew he immediately noticed on her legs and feet she teasingly spun around model-like so he could drink in the look from all angles.

Her legs shimmered in the sheer ultra shiny silky hose and her feet looked beyond inviting in the sexy high heel sandals that virtually exposed them in their entirety for his viewing pleasure.

She could see that he was very pleased with what he saw.

Giggling, enjoying the little show that she had put on for Marco she turned and strutted back to her desk. What she saw was shocking!

Betty’s work station looked as if it was a war torn battleground. Apparently early this morning a truckload of boxes containing promotional goods and presentation material for a large upcoming business conference had been delivered. With no real storage room and some ulterior motives Marco had asked the workers to surround Betty’s desk area with the boxes. Both sides and the wall behind her desk had cartons and packages that when stacked reached a 5 foot height. Betty could barely squeeze by them to get to her seat.

She did notice that the space in front of her large desk was also piled with boxes. These boxes however only went a few inches above the desk top which gave Betty a view of her boss through the large plate glass window that served as the front wall of his office.

Sitting amongst the clutter around her desk and kicking off her sandals Betty’s day seemingly started like any other aside from the terrible clutter she was confronted with. She gathered a stack of reports together and reached for a manila file folder to insert them into.

As she went about her early morning tasks however the thought of Marco tickling her had her literally squirming in her seat.

A note on her desk revealed that her boss would be out most of the morning with clients. In the note was also a request from him that she take a late lunch today. No reason was provided but she thought nothing of this as her boss often made quirky requests to her that appeared to have no reasoning behind them.

As she got up to file the folder she just stuffed her phone began to ring. Picking up the receiver, before she could offer a greeting, she heard Marco’s voice whispering “Ready to have your pretty nylon clad feet tickled Betty?”

“Tickle, tickle, tickle Betty!”

“Ooooh!” she cooed.

“Better not do this with everyone here!”

“But they don’t know I’m talking to you!” he rebutted.

“Please don’t tease me like this Marco!” she halfheartedly scolded him shivering at the sound of his warm delivery.

She pulled the phone away for a second and looked around to make sure no one was listening but when she put the receiver back up to her ear there was nothing but a dial tone.

Slipping on her sandals she hung up the telephone, squeezed her way through the tight opening between her desk and the mountain of boxes and headed to the filing cabinet.

To Be Continued


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