Trapped Under The Bed And Tickled

I had fantasized about this scenario for many years but about 10 years ago finaly got to live it out. I was meeting a very ticklish friend Stephanie for a tickle play date. We were at the hotel, after dining, just getting things organized when my bag of tickle toy's tipped over. A bullet vibrator and one of my electric toothbrushes fell down under the bed onto the floor up near the headboard. Neither of us could reach them from on top or along the sides of the mattress. Stephanie was a tiny girl about 4'11" in her stocking feet and very petite. I asked if she could please crawl under the bed to try to retrieve the toys which she willingly did. Steph was well endowed as far as breast size goes and also had a nice sized bottom so once she shimmied her way under the bed on her tummy she realized that I was probably going to have to lift the box spring and mattress otherwise she was going to be unable to get out. She was able to reach the two toys and pushed them out the other side of the bed. She was stuck pretty good and after I walked around to get the vibrator and toothbrush she began to complain about being claustrophobic. I went to a corner of the bed and began to lift the end so she could back her way out but that evil, devious tickler in me thought the better of it and instead I dropped it back down keeping her trapped there. I took a pillow from the bed, laid it under her upturned soles as I began to verbally tease her about how helpless and vulnerable she was and what ever would she do if i decided to start tickling her ultra ticklish feet and legs with no way for her to stop me. She began nervously pleading with me to not tickle her yet, that she wasn't ready, that this wasn't fair. I pulled the bag of toys over to that side of the bed then sat on her calves. She began to squirm and twist violently because she knew what was coming next. The minute my fingertips began dancing up and down those soft, sensitive soles she began to buck against the box spring and mattress squealing and laughing crazily. I slowly began running my fingertips up and down her recently pedicured feet and toes and it felt remarkable. The combination of my nails gliding over that soft skin plus the ability to feel the shivers and chills it created as they ran though her while I straddled her legs was mind-blowing. Because of her prediciment of being pinned under the bed plus my weight on her legs her feet couldn't move an inch and I proceeded to drive her out of her mind mixing light teasing tickles that intensified to all out tickle torture strokes after about 15 minutes. I tickled those pretty feet of hers until she was almost to the breaking point then I stopped to give her a breather, a very short one. I sneakily reached behind me as she pleaded for me to let her out from under the bed and started to tickle the backs & sides of her legs from her upper inner thighs down to to the backs of her knees squeezing, scratching, squiggling my nails over those tiny but well defined legs and incredibly sexy feet of hers. Again when she was ready to lose it I'd slow down and switch back to her feet. I started with my fingers but before I relented and released her from her tickle torture, I used feathers, my mouth and tongue, a hair brush. the electric toothbrush especially on that tender skin between her toes and over the tops of her toe nails, plactic picnic forks, hair pins, a couple of combs anything I could get my hands on that when flicked, slid, scratched, wiggled, brushed or licked created exciting, torturesome, tickly sensations. Of course we had the entire night to play and after a rest I tied her spread eagle to the the bed and continued pleasuring and torturing her. She was as insatiable as I was...
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I love this

Great story, well detailed and fun to read. Thanks !!!

My goal would be to get you exactly into that position!

Great post! Would be a squirmy ,laughing mess with you tickling me!