The Dental Assistant's Ticklish Troubles

The Dental Assistant’s Ticklish Troubles
Work had been unusually busy the past few weeks. Kate was amazed at the amount of new patients and the flood of referrals they were receiving. She even suggested to her boss that they bring in another person on a part time basis to help handle the load. She had been working a lot of overtime reading and sorting the mail, doing most of the filing and confirming appointments, things that the receptionist normally was able to handle over the course of an eight hour day but now needed assistance with. Her boss, Dr. Roberts also recently asked if she could help with the financials since the doctor and his ex-wife Carmen, who normally kept the books, recently separated under mysterious circumstances.
On top of the massive workload she was now carrying, Kate was finding that she was standing much longer than before with the increase in patient appointments and despite the fact that she wore comfortable shoes the wear and tear on her tired legs and feet was beginning to take its toll.
Dr. Roberts left the office promptly at 5:00 pm sighting a dental conference that he needed to attend cross-town as the reason. The only function that she knew of that the doctor had put on the office calendar wasn’t coming up until next month. He rarely departed this early and looked unusually hurried and nervous as he rushed out the door.
Kate sighed and shrugged her shoulders upon hearing this and decided to soldier on nonetheless to help clear some of the mess that was piling up in the receptionist’s area. She was not paid well but hard work and loyalty were traits she’d inherited from her parents and going the extra mile wasn’t even something she had to think about. It just seemed to come naturally. She had no plans that night anyway.
Grabbing armfuls of paper from the doctor’s office she walked over to her desk where she sat with a stack of manila folders that the documentation needed to be cataloged and filed into.
Reaching down under the desk she loosened the laces in her shoes and slid her sore feet out of the sensible white colored footwear that matched her uniform. Wiggling her toes in the nylons that she wore that day and stretching her legs, just glad to be out of those shoes, she began the daunting task of getting the office paperwork caught up. She organized files for the best part of an hour and then collected the financials from Dr. Roberts’ desk.
As she worked on trying to balance the books the numbers just wouldn’t jive. Maybe she was getting tired? But after checking and rechecking figures she began to detect a pattern. There appeared to be funds that were syphoned into a bank on Grand Cayman on a bi-weekly basis. The amounts were not large enough to arouse suspicion but were fairly substantial nonetheless. The mystery account was listed under the name of a business unknown to Kate. She flipped through a few more folders and found an envelope containing notes and photographs, many of the pictures were of a man listed as John Smith, an officer of the business. “This man looked familiar” she thought and then it clicked. He had been coming into the office once a week for alleged dental work for the past 6 months. She went to the filing cabinet but found no paperwork on a John Smith anywhere. She never assisted Dr. Roberts when Mr. Smith showed up for his appointments. She merely set out the equipment and went back to her desk until they were finished. She was then allowed to go in to clean the room for the next patient which of course needed no straightening up. The doctor’s wife Carmen would also sit in on some of these ‘sessions’. Of course none of this really meant anything to Kate before tonight but now her curiosity was aroused. Some of the pictures in the envelope showed Carmen with this mystery man. It seemed that Carmen was also listed as an officer of this company that was receiving checks and wire transfers into the account from the office of Dr. Roberts. She now wondered if the doctor was involved in something illegal or perhaps was being blackmailed by this John Smith and his soon to be ex-wife.
She went into Dr. Robert’s office looking for anything that might be connected to this movement of funds or for anything that might provide her with a clue to what exactly was going on.
She did find a letter from the Internal Revenue Service stuffed into one of the desk drawers. Pulling out the letter from its crumpled envelope and straightening out the pages she realized that the doctor was in serious trouble as she read about the upcoming audit he was being called in for. Sifting through his desk drawers she found a sheet of paper containing a list of people, no subject, no text, just names, some were very prominent personalities in the community and the state. She scratched her head trying desperately to find answers to the many questions that were now flooding her mind. She also began to worry because she had been working for Dr. Robert for over 5 years and wondered if he was in some sort of illegal operation, bind or worse yet if anyone suspected her of any involvement in the strange goings on that she seemed to uncover.
Folding the IRS letter and placing it back into the envelope Kate placed it on the desk. She left a file folder she’d removed on the corner of the desk and then carefully then folded up the list of peoples’ names and slipped it into her pocket.
She was nervous, confused, frightened.
Walking over to the telephone she sat in the doctor’s chair and dialed his home. No answer. She then tried his mobile number. Nothing! She waited for the bleep so she could leave him a voice mail message but just as she started to speak she heard rustling out in the reception area. Quietly cancelling the call she tip-toed over to her desk. “Fortunately I’m in my stocking feet” she thought as she quietly crouched down to retrieve her shoes and to shut the desk top table lamp. She then swiftly walked over to a utility closet where she decided to hide and hopefully try to find out who had come into the office without being discovered. She knew that she had locked the front door after Dr. Robert left for the day but hearing the distinct loud cackling laugh that she recognized as Carmen’s she fidgeted on the floor in the dark hoping that whatever she’d come for she would find and leave without discovering her. Carmen of course still had keys to the office, but there was a second voice. She couldn’t quite make it out but now began to tremble. “Did I leave any evidence that there was someone still here in the office?” She traced her every step and realized that she’d left the desk drawer open, and a number of files were spread out on the desk along with the IRS letter.
“We need that damn list” she heard Carmen yell out to the man, without it we’ve lost our leverage with my sweet, stupid husband.
“What the hell is this?” Carmen exclaimed.
She and the stranger found the desk drawer ajar, the IRS letter and the numerous scattered files that Kate foolishly forgot to place back into the desk drawers.
“I can’t believe he left all of this information right here in the office!” Carmen yelled out angrily.
Kate heard them rifling through the doctor’s desk but soon the room became silent. They were now speaking very softly or not at all and Kate could actually hear the beating of her heart.
She knew they were aware that someone was in the office. She also realized they were searching for the list that she’d put into her pocket a few minutes earlier. Kate quietly pulled it out and feeling her way around the walls reached for and found a broom that she knew was in the closet. This one happened to have a hollow aluminum handle. She placed a small towel around the base to muffle any noise and began to unscrew it from the broom. Once unscrewed and removed from the base Kate laid it on its side and began to roll up the list. She then slipped it into the hollow shaft and quietly re-screwed it onto the broom. Just as she was standing it back against the closet wall she heard Carmen curse and slam something down on Kate’s desk.
Kate strained to hear their conversation.
“That damned assistant of his!”
“I’m sure she’s in on this!”
“I have a feeling that he’s left the state, possibly the country!”
The stranger chimed in “We better hope that’s not the case Carmen!”
Again the room went quiet.
“Find her!”
“I know she’s somewhere in this office or the building!”
“See what she knows!”
“Use ANY means to extract what we need from the doctor’s young assistant!”
“I need to locate my husband immediately!”
The clicking of heels was soon followed by the sound of the front door slamming shut.
Kate knew that it was only a matter of time before the stranger found her. “What then?” she thought.
She fumbled around in the dark looking for something to use to defend herself with while the man in the office got closer to her location.
Mr. Smith locked the front door and took his time searching the office. He knew that there was no way out for Kate.
“I know a few more things” he thought to himself chuckling in a sinister fashion.
To protect his interest in the operation Mr. Smith did extensive background checks on all of people employed at Dr. Robert’s office that also included regular follow ups.
Alice the receptionist was an elderly lady, a harmless widow who spent all of her free time at church or the volunteer center down town, definitely not someone with whom the doctor would discuss any of his dark secrets. Emily the hygienist worked at a number of dental centers in the area and was only there part time 3 days a week to help the doctor with cleanings. The investigation of these two women nonetheless was intensive. He literally knew everything about them. Phones were tapped, cameras were inserted into their homes and computers were purged for information. Of course that left Kate who Mr. Smith greatly enjoyed ‘spying’ on. Young, vibrant, full of life with a very bubbly upbeat personality she was pretty much an open book to most people however she did harbor some wonderful dark secrets that he could not wait to exploit in his quest for the information he needed to retrieve from her.
Mr. Smith hadn’t been able to tie her in as an ally of the doctor’s yet but because of the dollars at stake in the operation, his paranoia caused him to dig even deeper into her life. He stumbled onto some very interesting information about young Kate including her internet profiles and exchanges on a number of fetish forums that centered on tickling. Just seeing the word stirred up Mr. Smith who was himself addicted to tickle torturing women. Reading Kate’s stories and posts, seeing her pictures, knowing about her cravings and desires to be tickled relentlessly had him hungering to torture her. He often remembered coming in for meetings with Dr. Robert where he’d fantasize wildly about having this ultra-ticklish woman at his mercy and now the opportunity had presented itself.
His techniques of torture were wide ranging. His interrogation skills were unrivaled.
He hoped that it was she in the office and that he stumbled upon her soon. Two more rooms to check. Looking through one of the remaining offices he found no trace of her but did see her jacket hanging from the coat rack as well as her purse.
“I’m getting warmer” he whispered to himself.
“Come out, come out wherever you are!”
As he entered the back room Kate stretched her stiffening legs out and knocked over a stack of small boxes. Before she could even realize the grave severity of that action the closet door was opening and she was being lifted from the floor.
“Well here you are Kate!” he shouted out almost cheerfully.
“Playing hide and seek are we?”
“Guess I’ve found you haven’t I?”
“Hmmmm so what do we do now?”
“Is there a punishment of some kind that perhaps needs to be administered to you for hiding from me or maybe a reward?”
“You appear to have gotten yourself, whether knowingly or unknowingly, into quite a ticklish-h-h-h situation my dear!”
Kate shivered at the mere mention of the “T” word.
“W-h-a-a-a-t do you mean?” she stammered as Mr. Smith walked her over to one of the examination chairs.
“Please have a seat Kate.”
“Make yourself at home why don’t you” he said teasingly.
“Oh it appears you’ve done that.”
“I see you’ve already taken off your shoes” he exclaimed while staring lustily at her shiny nylon covered feet and freshly painted pink toe nails.
His look sent a chill down her spine.
“Who the hell are you and what do you want?” Kate yelled out trying to hide her fear.
“Now, now young lady, you know perfectly well who I am and I’d bet a few dollars that you also know what I want.”
“Of course whether or not you’re willing to cooperate is going to be the deciding factor in how I deal with you.”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about!” Kate shouted.
“Dr. Roberts will be back any minute. He just ran out to pick us up dinner” she advised unconvincingly.
“Oh I don’t think it’s a very good idea to lie to me Kate, not when you’re in such a vulnerable position.”
I’m not lying to you!”
“You’ll see he’s probably on his way back from the deli right now!”
“Kate, Kate, Kate!”
“I’ve not even started to question you yet and I’m already being fibbed to.”
“I didn’t expect to meet with such strong resistance already but that’s alright I do enjoy a woman that has a bit of *****” Mr. Smith said calmly as he bent down, lifted Kate’s feet from the floor and placed them onto the leg rest of the chair.
“Do you ever need to use these wrist straps on patients Kate?”
“I’ve always wondered about that.”
“Can you please place your hands on the arm rests for me?”
Kate still in shock complied with Mr. Smith’s request.
“Thank you Kate.”
“I think you’re making a big mistake!” she shouted out.
“Oh quite the contrary Kate, it’s you who have made the mistake, in fact, quite a few of them.”
“The mistake of involving yourself in something you should have left alone.”
“The mistake of not knowing the ramifications of your snooping about, of showing your loyalty to the doctor, of the seriousness nature of this business that somehow you have become intimately involved.”
“Let’s try these wrist cuffs on for size shall we?”
As Mr. Smith tightened the wrist straps he asked Kate “how do these chairs work?”
“How do I get this to tilt back until you’re in a completely horizontal position?”
“Why do you need to know that?’ she asked nervously.
“My dear Kate I’m supposed to be the one asking the questions” he said as her leaned down and picked up a black gym bag. Unzipping the bag he pulled out a roll of what looked like duct tape.
“Shame these chairs don’t come with ankle restraints too.”
“Wouldn’t you need them for some of your more difficult clients?”
Kate sat silently, nervously twitching as she watched Mr. Smith walk back over to her.
“Let’s secure those lovely long legs of yours to the chair.”
“What are you doing?”
“I just told you dear Kate, aren’t you paying attention” he replied sarcastically as he centered her legs and began to wrap them just above the ankles with the silver tape. He then tightly taped her mid-thigh area to the chair as well.
“Why are you tying me down?”
“Well it’s a lot easier to concentrate on interrogating you if you’re immobile wouldn’t you agree?”
“But I don’t know anything!”
“We’ll soon find that out Kate.”
“Please don’t hurt me I don’t know a thing about what goes on here I only do my job and go home. If there’s something happening I want no part of it.”
“Oh I’m not going to hurt you Kate. There are much more effective ways to draw the information I need from you though you may regret choosing this means of torture over pain once I get started!”
He taped her elbows to the back of the armrests. Then moved to the bottom of the chair.
“Why are you doing this-s-s-s?”
“What means of torture?” she asked nervously.
Before Kate could finish asking the question Mr. Smith ran the nail of his index finger slowly down the center of the silky stocking clad sole of her left foot.
“Oh my goodness is someone a bit ticklish?”
“Of course you are!”
“At least that’s what I read on your web profiles!”
“How did you k-n-o-o-o-o-w about that?” Kate stammered.
His five fingers danced up and down her left sole then slithered across her toe pad, up where her toes connected to her foot.
“No, no, no, no, no tickling p-l-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-s-e!
“Don’t do this-s-s-s-s-s-s-s!”
“Oh my God!”
“But you just told me you’re not ticklish Kate!” Mr. Smith said teasingly as his nails slid over the silky, slippery surface of her trapped soles.
“Not there please, no-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!”
“Not my f-e-e-e-e-e-t!”
“Well your feet are one of your most ticklish spots aren’t they?”
“And they are so much more ticklish in nylons, at least that’s what you claim to everyone you chat with!”
“By the way please call me John. Everyone else does.”
His fingers caressed the tops of her feet lightly and Kate shivered and began to squirm.
“Please don’t tickle my feet!”
Mr. Smith loved her delicious reaction to his foot tickling watching Kate squirm and writhe, seeing her grab the armrests tightly as her eyed bugged out one second and closed tightly shut the next as if she was hoping the sensations ceased if she wasn’t watching this man torture her poor ticklish feet.
He loved her pleading!
Another quick flurry across that wide ticklish sole and a fast scratch of her smooth silky heel and he abruptly stopped.
Kate’s heart was racing, her body tingling, her toes curling and uncurling. Her sole itched terribly and the sensations just from a minute or two of the tickles had her reeling. She tried scraping her heels against the foot rest to stop the tingling.
Tickling drove her insane.
“I’m n-n-n-not really ticklish!” she cried out still panting from Mr. Smith’s short but torture some tickling of her left foot.
“We’ll see about that!”
“I’m not even getting warmed up yet my dear.”
His fingertips began to softly stroke the tops of her super sensitive feet again.
“Before we begin the real TICKLE torture however I must ask if you are willing to cooperate and honestly answer my questions?”
“But you haven’t asked me anything yet!” she replied.
He continued stroking her silky smooth foot tops and toe tips.
“I already told you I have no idea what you’re talking about-t-t-e-e-h-e-h-e-h-e-e!!” Kate said stammering, giggling and squirming from John’s light tickles.
“Dr. Roberts will be here in a few minutes and then this can all be straightened out!”
“I certainly hope we can straighten things out Kate.”
“But in the meantime I’m going to have a little bit of fun!”
The light, languid foot top caresses began to increase in speed and cover the area around Kate’s ankles, heels and the sides and insteps of her feet that were now itchy and tingly from his teasing. She tried in vain to pull away from the restraints but John’s ankle and mid-thigh tape work was very secure and her wrists were cuffed tightly to the armrests. Her body had very little wiggle room and the more Mr. Smith teased her feet the more Kate struggled to try to avert his touch.
She began giggling uncontrollably as his fingernails glided ruthlessly over her trapped soles and toes. He tickled her stocking clad foot bottoms as if possessed tracing his nails over the wrinkles, ridges, curves and contours of those pretty feet for over 15 minutes and about the time when Kate was ready to lose all control he abruptly stopped.
“Let’s get you horizontal Kate to allow me access to your entire ticklish body!”
John pressed a button and the examination chair began to slide back placing Kate into a position where she was almost lying flat in the chair.
“Ah much better don’t you agree Kate?”
His fingers teased her neck and shoulders.
That t-i-c-k-l-e-s-s-s-s-s-s!”
“Please what Kate?” Mr Smith exclaimed as his fingertips began to tickle the nape of her neck.
“Please tickle you more?”
John continued taunting and teasing Kate which was driving her crazy. He was barely touching her yet she was pulling and tugging at the restraints as if he was tickling her the way she fantasized about being tickled.
His fingers slid snake-like down to her hips. Kate tensed up in anticipation of John’s long fingers squeezing yet another ticklish spot. She did not have long to wait. He began to lightly pinch her sides working his fingers from the curve of her hip all the way up to the spot just beneath her underarms.
“Isn’t this fun Kate!”
Tummy pokes, side squeezes finger wiggles had her squirming and writhing as much as the tight bondage would allow. To make matters worse Mr. Smith now straddled Kate’s upper thighs preventing even a little bit of movement as his fingers danced over her torso wildly tickling her rib cage, the sides of her breasts, her neck and shoulders, her hips her tummy, her belly button. He began spidering his fingers across her stomach with one hand while poking her sides with the other then slid both hands up her sides again but he didn’t stop and reverse his strokes instead after teasingly telling her what he planned to do his fingertips continued until they were wiggling in her soft, smooth underarms where they began to lightly scratch and tickle that incredibly sensitive and rarely touched spot. Kate was ready to jump out of her skin. Her laughter now turned to shrieking as Mr. Smith tickle tortured her sensitive armpits with a vibrating fingertip motion that had her pulling desperately at the restraints.
“Tell me Kate how involved with the doctor are you?”
I-I-I-I don’t know what you are t-t-t-talking about-t-t-t-t-t-t!”
“Don’t do this-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s to m-e-e-e-e-e-he-he-h-e-e h-e-e h-e-e-e!”
“Poor, poor, poor helpless and ticklish-h-h-h Kate!” John shouted our over her raucous laughter.
“This can all end if you just tell me where the good doctor really is, what he has planned and how involved you are in this tangled, ticklish web of intrigue!”
“I know nothing!”
“Well I know something!” John exclaimed as his fingers tickled their way down to her hips, across her rib cage and over her tummy emulating that vibrating motion he had used on her underarms.
Unbuttoning her blouse with one hand his other hand tickled her tummy and he felt her stomach muscles twitch with each ticklish stroke he delivered. Pushing her top to the sides his hands began tickling her exposed skin vigorously and slowly began working his way down to that spot where her torso connected to her legs. As John’s fingers crept closer to that insanely ticklish area Kate already anticipating what she’d be feeling began to laugh hysterically. When Mr. Smith’s fingers found her inner thighs and he began to tickle her trapped legs from the insides of her knees to the area near her crotch Kate was on the verge of passing out from the ticklish overload of sensations combined with her inability to move even an inch.
“Tickle, tickle, tickle Kate” John shouted out in a sing-song tone.
“Are you ready to talk for me?”
“Ready to tell me what I need to know or do I continue exploring this wonderful ticklish body of yours?”
All Kate could do was laugh, sputter, twitch & tug at her binds as Mr. Smith worked his long fingers up into that tender space wiggling and sliding his fingers along her upper inner thigh area until she thought she was going to go insane.
“Now Kate I’ve barely begun to tickle you.”
“I would have assumed that you’d have a substantial amount of willpower!”
“You disappoint me my dear!”
“Are you about to give in already?”
“I’m only just beginning to enjoy myself!”
The more he taunted and teased Kate the more it drove her to the brink of madness. Mr. Smith’s fingers feverishly worked her thighs and he could see that while this was torturing poor Kate out of her mind it was evident she still hungered for more. He obliged her unspoken wish first by tickling her hips and tummy, then by moving his fingers back up into her underarms where they scratched and wiggled mercilessly.
“Where is your boss?”
“I don’t k-n-o-o-o-o-o-o-w!”
“Don’t tickle me-e-e-e-h-e-h-e-h-e-h-e!”
“Where is he?” John asked calmly as his assault on poor Kate’s upper body moved to another level.
“I’m wondering what you’re going to do when I decide to move down to tickle those lovely, sensitive stocking feet!”
Just hearing him utter the words tickle and feet made her frantically pull at her restraints and buck and twist crazily! By far her most ticklish spot, Kate has to try to do something to try to distract Mr. Smith from tickling her there.
“Dr. Roberts should be here any minute!” she cried out as she saw and felt Johns fingers working their way down from her armpits to her chest to her tummy to her upper thighs.
Mr Smith began to squeeze Kate’s thighs feeling her body shake with each clench. His nimble fingers tickled the fronts, the sides and the backs of her upper legs mercilessly while Kate squealed for mercy, balled her fists and squirmed as much as the tight bindings would allow. He loved how silky and slippery the nylons felt as his fingers thoroughly explored this deliciously ticklish woman.
“Now where is that employer of yours ticklish Kate?”
“You’re not in cahoots with him are you?”
“Is her still in town?”
“Is he planning to leave the country?”
“What did he take with him when he left the office earlier tonight?”
Even if she knew what this diabolical tickler was looking to find out Kate couldn’t respond to his questions. Her mind was a jumbled mess, her body tingled head to toe, her laughter was now a loud cackling staccato that delighted Mr. Smith and he continued tickling her legs loving the torture he was delivering to this poor woman.
“Where is the paper Kate?”
“We found the IRS letter, the folder, pictures and bank details but there was a piece of paper that contained a list of names. Foolish of Dr. Roberts to leave all of this material out where his young, ticklish assistant could find it don’t you think?”
“Did you happen to come across that list when you were going through the good doctor’s desk before?”
On the verge of hyperventilating Kate was close to blacking out. Changing his tickling technique just when she was about to lose it, Mr. Smith began to teasingly stroke her ankles, her inner legs, that spot where her torso and legs connected delicately tickling along the crease, his fingers gliding over the satin-like material of her pantyhose.
“Where is the list Kate?”
Now circling her knees, lightly wiggling his fingertips behind them, squeezing her legs just above the knee he asked her again.
“Where is the list Kate?”
The lighter tickling allowed her to somewhat catch her breath but it was beginning to have a different effect on her. She was nervously awaiting the next ticklish onslaught but for now was slowly getting worked up by his roaming fingertips. Her body began to involuntarily spasm. As John’s nails inched their way down below her knees, sliding over the slippery, sheer stockings he let her know just where those tickling fingers were heading.
“Such silky stockings do they make your legs more ticklish?”
I’ll bet they are going to have you climbing the walls once I start tickling your feet!”
Mr. Smith’s fingertips were gliding up and down Kate’s calves, tickling her knees, moving up and down her lower legs each time getting closer and closer to Kate’s wiggling toes and trapped soles.
“Where did Dr. Roberts go?”
“If you don’t have the list did you see him take it?”
“Are you planning to meet up with him?”
“Don’t be shy Kate. I know how much you love to be tickled but once I get my hands on those pretty feet of yours you’re going to regret not cooperating with me!”
John’s fingers found her ankles again and slowly began to scratch around them and up the backs of her heels. The sensation created by that scratching was driving Kate insane. Her toes curled and unable to soothe the itch she was about to scream.
An index finger slithered along the sides and insteps of each of her bound feet. The hissing of his nails on the nylon increased as he speeded up his tickles.
“Not going to talk are you?”
“B-u-u-u-u-u-t I d-o-n-t-t’ know anything!”
“Oh I’m not convinced of that!”
“I DON’T-T-T-T-T-T-A-H-A-H-A-H-A-H-A!”
“N0 MORE!”
“No m-o-r-e-e-e-e-e-h-e-h-e-h-e-h-e!”
Not my f-e-e-e-e-e-t!” she now pleaded in a weak and giggly voice.
The tickles were stirring something deep inside Kate. Never was she as helpless, as vulnerable and totally at the mercy of a man who had discovered her weakness. The torture was unbearable yet every stroke of her tormentor’s nails up and down her silken soles, every word from his lips, every tug of the restraints reminded her she was his captive and this excited her to her very core.
Mr Smith’s long fingers sat perched on each of Kate’s meaty toe pads. She began to wimper and plead for him to stop.
Without warning all ten fingernails zigzagged their way down the center of each foot to the edges of her heels then tickled their way back to the base of her toes.
He ran his nails swiftly across those toe pads making sure to get right up under them where her tender toes connected to her feet. The torture was maddening and Kate strained and squealed as John’s fingers danced deliciously over her soft foot bottoms.
“Are you ready to talk to me yet ticklish Kate?”
“By now I’m sure that you realize that I enjoy inflicting punishment to my victims especially if it involves tickle torture!”
“I’ve also noticed that you seem to be very turned on by my interrogation methods” he exclaimed as his nails continued to swiftly tease and tickle her soft smooth silky stocking clad foot bottoms “but once I really begin to torture you my dear you’ll regret not cooperating with me!”
“I don’t know anything!”
“O-H G-O-D!”
“N-O M-O-R-E!”
“You must know something young lady we saw quite a lot of documentation, photographs and information spread out on your desk”
“P-L-E-A-S-E S-T-O-P-P-P-P-P-P T-I-C-K-L-I-N-G M-Y F-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-T!!”
The more Kate pleaded and laughed the faster John began sliding his nails across her slippery nylon clad feet, so swiftly in fact that his hands quickly became a blur. His focus was so intense that he lost track of anything else around him. Totally absorbed by the delicious reactions and sounds he was getting from his helpless victim he scrambled his fingernails over her twitching, trapped soles and toes without mercy.
Kate’s mind was clouded. Her body tingled and shivered uncontrollably. The tickling had her ready to jump out of her skin so why was it that she was so turned on by this maddening torture? Half of her was screaming in desperation for it all to end, the other half pushed her mind and body deeper into the darkness to see how far past her limits this crazed man could bring her and how much more of it she could take before breaking. The torture turned erotically diabolical and as John taunted and teased her every word, every tickling stroke especially on one of her weakest areas, her feet, seemed to push her closer to the edge of insanity and ecstacy. When she thought she was going to totally lose it Mr. Smith began to finally slow down his tickling. The change in pace and technique only made Kate feel more tickly, more excited! Her body bucked and twisted as the new lighter and itchier sensations created by his fingers made her sizzle from the inside out. John’s found every wrinkle, every curve, every contour of her sexy, stocking feet and for that matter the rest of the skin on her charged up body. The nylons definitely added an extra degree of ticklishness whenever this crazed tickler tickled her tender feet and Kate vocally cursed and secretly thanked herself for wearing them today of all days.
“We have found a lot of the items that Dr. Roberts carelessly decided to leave in the office or perhaps entrust you with my dear Kate but you know that we were unable to find that very valuable sheet of paper that containing a list of people’s names on it.”
“Again I will ask.”
“You didn’t happen to come across that list while you were snooping through all these documents and photos did you?”
Mr. Smith’s fingers began scraping the sides and tops of her feet, swirling his nails around her ankles and up the insides of her calves.
As she began to chuckle and tug at her bonds he asked her again if she’d seen this list of names.
Kate nodded her head no as a snort and giggle escaped from her lips. John’s tickling fingers were slowly moving up her legs. Her knees and lower thigh areas were almost as ticklish as her feet and while she relished a chance to catch her breath John’s tickles began to get more intense, the pressure he now applied to her lower thighs was causing Kate to buck furiously.
“It appears as though I’ve found another very nice spot to tickle you on now that you’re so sensitized!”
“Maybe this will be the area that forces you to talk to me!”
“I’ve changed my mind, your stamina and willpower is actually most impressive!” he acknowledged as his fingers squeezed their way up and down her legs, around her knees and then along the inner upper region of her thighs. As his fingertips slid into those folds and creases yet again Kate couldn’t believe how insanely ticklish it felt. John wiggled and slid his fingers back and forth over that highly sensitized skin brushing the front of her crotch teasingly a number of times while those fingertips tortured her relentlessly. Sensing her panic, her fear, her excitement he climbed onto the chair turned to face her feet and straddled her tummy. Now with Kate almost completely unable to move, his hands went to work on those upper inner thighs, the fronts of her thighs, her knees and the tops of her feet and toes. It felt as if there were three people tickling her instead of one. He’d tickle her until he found those electrically charged areas and when he did he’d tickle and torture the same spot repeatedly until Kate was about to explode. One zone that sent poor Kate into orbit was right up along the sides of her crotch. Mr. Smith skillfully and very ruthlessly tickled her there until she was squealing and cackling so wildly that he thought she was going to lose her voice as well as her mind. As if he knew her breaking point, he’d pull back every single time and bend down to tickle the soles of her feet or reach behind to squeeze her hips, poke and prod her tummy and trace his long fingers over her rib cage. The tickle torture combinations had her head spinning. She had no idea where he’d tickle her next. All she knew was that despite the danger of her situation, the torture, which was way beyond what she’d envisioned in her wildest of fantasies and the overall predicament she was faced with she was incredibly excited.
The methods of torture that this crazed man subjected her to were beyond surreal. Her mind (and body), now conflicted and unable to separate punishment from pleasure as he continued to amp up the tickling put her into a deep level of subspace that was beyond explanation.
“Where is the paper Kate!”
“Where is it?”
As the tone of his voice elevated to a higher pitch the intensity of his tickling did as well.
He turned around and now straddling her upper thighs swiftly tickled her sides, sliding his fingers into her armpits once again Kate went ballistic when his fingertips brushed over that tender ticklish skin.
Leaning down he nuzzled her sensitive neck and issued yet another whispered warning into her ear.
“Tell me what you know or I’ll tickle you damn near to death!”
His breath and mouth tickled her ear and neck as his hands feverishly tickled her underarms and sides.
“I- I C-A-N-T T-A-K-E-A-N-Y M-O-R-E-O-F T-H-I-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S!”
“I-L-L D-O-O-O-O-O-O A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G-G-G-G-G!
“Poor ticklish Kate all you need to do is co-operate with me and tell me what you know, where the doctor is and what you’ve done with that list!”
“I know you have it here somewhere.”
“Dr. Roberts would not have left all of the other evidence and just take that note.”
“H-e-e-e-e-e will be back soon!”
“I promise you-u-u-u-u I don’t know anything!”
“Nothing at all!” cried out Kate in between gales of hysterical laughter.
“Such foolishness!” John cried out over her howling laughter.
“I guess you’ll need a bit more persuading!” teased John who was mercilessly tickling her torso.
“Perhaps I need to go back down to your pretty feet again!”
Climbing off her he walked over to the doctor’s work tray and surveyed the array of instruments.
“Such a fine bunch of tools bet some of these will really drive you insane when I start tickling you with them!”
“What are you doing over there?” Kate asked nervously, still trying to catch her breath.
“Oh you’ll see!”
“Better yet you’ll feel!” he said chucking as he reached over for a small container of dental floss.
Mr. Smith pressed his index finger between her big and second toe pressing the nylon down into the crevice. Even this tickled Kate and she let out a squeal as his finger moved back and forth over that spot between her toes.
He began to loop the wax covered floss around her big toe and then pressed his finger between the first two toes on her other foot repeating the process until her two nylon clad big toes were tied tightly together.
“Wonder if I shouldn’t tie back all of those cute, ticklish toes Kate!”
“What do you think?”
“No please, please don’t!”
“Or perhaps you’re ready to start talking to me?”
The nails of his index fingers suddenly scratched the undersides of her big toes. Kate caught unaware screamed and squirmed at his latest attack.
Up and down the toe stems, just below the nails, along the sides, in between them on that ultra-sensitive skin, made even more ticklish by the sheer stockings he skillfully navigated his fingers in between, over, under and around every part of those two toes!
The tickles sent intense shivers through Kate’s body, erotically charged chills that tickled her to her core.
Mr. Smith tickled each pair of toes in the same fashion and Kate began to moan and quiver as John’s fingers delightfully tortured her long toes, the area where they connected to her feet, the spaces between them, the tops, the sides, the tips, even her pretty painted toe nails. Unable to control herself any longer Kate began to thrust her pelvis forward. When Mr. Smith combined this sexy toe tickling with long, languid fingertip strokes of her entire foot bottoms Kate began to realize just how turned on and addicted to this man’s tickling that she was.
He fondled her foot bottoms with passion and precision. His nails, wandering wildly, soon glided up her calves and around her knees.
“Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle Kate” he taunted.
“Itchy, kitchy, k-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!”
“Don’t s-s-s-s-s-say t-h-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-t!”
“O-H M-Y N-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!”
“I-T T-I-C-K-L-E-S-S-S-S-S-S S S-O M-U-C-H-H-H-H-H-A-A-A-A-A-H-A-H-A-H-A!
“THE LIST!” John blurted out.
No reply came from Kate who was unable to catch her breath.
Back to her toes and soles, insteps and heels then around the ankles, over the backs of her calves, behind her ticklish knees Mr. Smith tortured his ticklish captive. Faster and faster his fingers worked their magic over her feet and legs.
Kate again hysterically laughing and tugging at her bonds pleaded with Mr. Smith for relief.
“You’ll only get a break when you begin to answer my questions!” he shouted over her cackling.
His nails slithered deftly up and down her soles, scratching her heels and running across her toe pads then over her arches and into the balls of her feet where he drew circles that grew then shrunk then grew in size. Leaning down he began to suck on one of her tied big toes. His teeth scraped the underside, his tongue darted between the toes and he loved the feel of the nylon on his tongue as he tickled this sensitive spot by flicking and darting repeatedly in between her very ticklish toes. Again this combination of tickling confused, excited, tortured yet turned on Kate significantly. She squeezed her eyes shut, balled up her fists, arched her back and laughed and moaned totally out of control, unsure of what she was feeling but knowing she’d never before encountered a situation like this or felt such conflicting yet insanely erotic and torture some sensations.
Slurping, sucking and licking her then nibbling a hole through the toe of her stocking Kate felt his warm wet mouth enveloping it. John then tore open the nylon revealing all five of Kate’s ticklish toes.
“Feather time?” he asked?
Peeling the nylon off her foot he sucked and licked all five toes while his nails continued to scramble over the soft smooth skin of her trapped bare foot and her trapped nylon clad foot.
“Which one tickles more honey?”
“Is it the stocking foot or the bare foot?”
Kate squealed. Mr. Smith’s skilled mouth and fingers were about to drive her insane.
For what must have been a good 20 minutes he sucked those toes while having his way completely with her large and ultra-ticklish feet. No spot was safe no area remained un-tickled as John unleashed torture on her that would break even the most sophisticated and well-trained of spies.
“Shall I start working on your other set of toes now Kate?” he asked as he turned to her nylon clad foot and slithered his tongue across the toe guard causing her to wriggle and curl her toes. Lightly biting the tips of each nylon clad toe while wildly scraping his nails up and down her silky smooth soles caused Kate’s body to begin to spasm.
“I’LL T-A-L-K!”
“Y-O-U W-I-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-A-A-A-H-A-H-A-H-A-H-A-H-A!”
“N-O-O-O-O M-O-R-E T-I-C-K-L-I-N-G-G-G-G-A-A-A-A-A-H-A-H-A-H-A!”
She craned her neck to see Mr. Smith working feverishly on her poor feet. He had the look of a madman, trance-like and intensely focused on the task at hand. She then realized that she wouldn’t have been able to distract him from his torture regardless of what she or anyone else for that matter said or did.
“You’ll just have to let me finish tickling this foot my dear!”
“Equal opportunity and all that good stuff you know!”
Kate’s head was reeling as Mr. Smith tickled over her arch, worked five fingers along the curve of her instep, across her toe pad and up and down her stocking sole. Biting through the nylon he now stuffed all of Kate’s ticklish toes in his mouth and repeated the heel to toe nail scraping on both of her foot bottoms while he licked, sucked and nibbled her toes hungrily.
“I’LL T-E-L-L-H-E-L-L-LA-H-E-E-E-E-E-A-H-H-H-H-H-H-A-H-A-H-A- Y-O-U-A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!”
“T-H-I-S-S-S-S-S I-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S M-A-D-D-E-N-I-N-G!”
The more she pleaded the more ruthless his tickles seemed to be.
An eternity of foot tickle torture later John slowed down but did not cease tickling Kate. His nails glided up and down the tops of her feet, the fronts of her calves and knees and along her inner thighs. His fingertips slid sensually up and down the wet crotch of her pantyhose. She shivered and squirmed, tugging at the restraints trying to catch her breath so exhausted yet so excited. Goose pimples covered the surface of her arms and legs. “This was more maddening than the fast tickles” she thought.
The light tingly tickles were indeed worse and she began to beg him to stop torturing her!
“Tell me Kate where is the doctor tonight?”
“Are you planning to meet with him later?”
“Have you been helping him plan his escape?”
“O-H G-O-D!”
“Please stop tickling me like this-s-s-s-s-s!”
”How involved in this mess are you Kate?”
“N-O M-O-R-E!”
His fingertips began to tickle across that spot where her thighs connect to her torso. The surge that coursed through her body was as if she’d stuck her hand into an electrical wall socket! Or as if John’s hands were a surge of electricity sizzling through her core as he carefully probed this sensual yet super ticklish area.
As the tips of his nails explored a bit deeper, faster and more focused around her upper inner thigh area and the center of her crotch he immediately noticed the distinct change in her reactions.
“Cooperation means no more tickles and maybe release. Non-cooperation – well we both know what that means!”
Now squirming, moaning and giggling, out of control as this man drove her to levels of intense erotic distraction Kate began babbling incomprehensibly.
“Ready to tell me something of substance Kate or shall I continue?”
His hands worked her hips, squeezing lightly first then with more pressure before tickling up and down her sides. Before she could get used to one type of tickling he moved back between her legs to tease and taunt and torture her already extremely weak and excited body.
He’d tickle her neck and shoulders whispering into her ear all the things he was planning to do if she failed to cooperate and then head back to her crotch and upper inner thigh area. Her erect nipples were also teased with fingertips and then with feathers that John had earlier pulled from his bag and placed on the doctor’s instrument tray. She trembled and shivered as fingers and feathers explored her entire sensitized body not sure how to deal with the sensations she was feeling, wanting this to end but secretly loving the way the torture felt Kate fought the urge to tell John anything. Hell, she really didn’t know anything except what she had earlier discovered. Dr. Roberts had never confided in her about any of this. But this crazed man wouldn’t believe her anyway. She was trapped in a no-win situation.
Her fantasy of finding a tickler to take her to unchartered areas had come true but in the guise of this ruthless, insatiable torturing criminal not one of the men she had confided in, trusted and longed to have tickle her from the forums she was a member of on line.
Was this one of those ‘damsel in distress’ scenario that she’d read so much about in the forums being played out?” she thought as John’s sensual then rough, then erotic tickles continued to draw her deeper into a world she never knew existed. As he teased and tickled her mercilessly she realized that there was going to be no prince Charming coming to her rescue at any time soon. She spun in a whirlpool of jumbled thoughts and sensations that overpowered her senses and had her ready to do anything or say anything that this man wanted from her.
His fingers or mouth or tickle tools never left her body. Even when he let her catch her breath during the interrogation there was some sort of sensation play taking place. The torture was maddening, the eroticism beyond exciting. Fear, pleasure, punishment, pain, torture, tantalization all rolled into one and she literally struggled with her sanity as Mr. Smith drew her deeper and deeper under his spell.
He slid his fingers up the insides of her legs and over her parting lips and lightly began to tickle the tip of her throbbing clitoris through the sheer pantyhose. She bit down on her lip so hard that she drew blood. His other hand feathered her erect nipples.
Kate arched her back, shivering violently, her body totally controlled by this man as he slithered, stroked and feathered her into a state of delirium.
Her ****** was the most powerful she’d ever experienced.
John continued stroking her driving her crazy. Her skin was so sensitive now and this crazed maniac was tickling her as if he was possessed.
Unable to take any more of this Kate began screaming out “I’LL TALK!!!”
“O-H G-O-D N-O M-O-R-E
John continued tickling her insanely sensitized body taking full advantage of her heightened state of sensitivity.
All Kate could do was laugh hysterically, beg and plead for him to stop.
The ringing of Mr. Smith’s mobile phone finally distracted him from his tortured victim.
Kate squirmed and writhed in the chair. Out of breath she was thankful for the momentary distraction but realized that this man wasn’t going to stop until he got what he wanted. Her skin felt pin prickly and she twitched nervously as she listened to John talk to Carmen.
“No luck at his home?”
“Did you check the train station?”
“I’ll bet he’s up at the vacation cabin”
“You’ve sent someone up there?”
“Oh don’t worry about Kate. I’m sure I’ll have the information you need shortly if she has it!”
“She’s proving to be a lot more difficult to extract things from than I thought she’d be but I’ll ring you once I break her.”
Hearing this Kate instinctively began to tug at the restraints.
“That’s good, right, yes, try there too!”
“Call me when Frank gets up to the cabin”
“Ok so now let me get back to the business at hand!”
“I can’t help you!” cried Kate.
“I swear!”
“Still fibbing to me?”
“Guess I’ll need to ratchet up the torture a bit more then won’t I?”
“Let’s see what interesting devices we have here on the table to use on that ticklish body of….”
The crushing blow to John’s head prevented him from finishing his sentence.
Beyond relieved to see that Dr. Roberts had come back to the office, Kate breathed a sigh of relief before crying out to him for help.
“I’m so sorry Kate!”
“I never meant for you to be involved in any of this!”
“I had no idea what was happening, what was going on but I did hide something that I found in your desk along with the other papers and pictures I found.
“The list?”
“They didn’t get the list?”
“No even though he tortured me close to death!”
“It’s in the hollow handle of the broom in the closet you just put John into.”
“You’re the life saver Kate not me!” he exclaimed excitedly.
“Did he hurt you in any way Kate?” the doctor asked sincerely as he picked up the tape and began to tie and gag John.
“He’s quite a sadistic one.”
“So is that ***** Carmen.”
“They were made for each other believe me!”
“Not hurt physically but almost driven out of my mind!”
“Poor thing how long were you being interrogated before I got here?”
“It seemed like hours!”
”It was maddening!”
“And you weren’t hurt?” asked Dr. Roberts.
“What the hell did this mad man do to you?”
“I’d-d-d-d rather not say.”
“I just want to get out of here before they come back.
“That’s smart thinking Kate but I believe we’ve bought ourselves a little time.”
“If I know Carmen she’ll be driving out to our vacation cabin. She’ll also drive out to the house and probably to the train station.”
“Tell me something Kate.”
“Did I hear Mr. Smith mention tickling when I walked into the office?” Dr. Roberts asked confused as he finished tying John.
Kate shivered hearing that word.
Dragging John over to the closet he exclaimed “that’s certainly an odd method of interrogation”.
“Oh God it was awful he tortured me mercilessly!”
“I’m so-o-o-o-o ticklish-h-h-h!”
“It’s my biggest weakness!”
“Is it?”
The doctor walked over to the bottom of the examination chair slowly.
“Are you really that ticklish Kate?” he asked with a smile on his face.
“Oh God that look!”
“Doctor you’re not going to…n-o-o-o-o…please don’t-t-t-a-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-a-h-a-h-a-h-a!”

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