13 Year Tickle Victime Part 1

I was 13 years old, I was just beginning to develop more of a tickling fetish, and I began to be attracted to the opposite sex, about that time I met a friend who we'll call Katie, who loved tickling as as I did her and I always got into tickling fights and naturally I had a crush on her so she'd always win, she'd always peel my socks off and tickle my bare feet, it drove me crazy. So as a 13 year old with internet I'd search foot tickling through AOL and so one day Katie and I where hanging out at her house and I was telling her how I found these pictures of women tied up being tickled all over there bodies, and how it made me really excited, she than got this evil look in her eyes and asked me, Patrick would you let me tie you up and tickle you for as long as I want? I got really nervous I was like I don't know Katie, You know ticklish I am and your like an expert tickler, she was like, please sweet heart? It was the first time she had ever called me that and it made my heart flutter, and I said only if you let me do the same after your done with me, we both agreed and she proceed to go grab a few ties from her dads closet, she had me take my shirt off, so I was in a pair of shorts and Looney Tune flip-flops she had me lay down on her bed and tied my arms above my head, tied my knees together, and than my ankles, than blindfolded me, "alright she said, try to get free, I struggled against the bounds to get free, but I was stuck, "you ready my captive I choked out y,y,yes, she bent down and kissed me on the cheek and I felt myself blush. The game was I was a captured rebel officer like from Star Wards and she was an Imperial officer who would use any forms of interrogation to make me tell her where the Rebels hidden base was, I of course refused. She began to slowly tickle my right armpit, it wasn't to bad I began to laugh softly, "hehe, I, I'll never tell you anything you Imperial scum, as soon as the word scum left my mouth she began to tickle both of my armpits, I was just starting to grow hair in my underarms and they where super sensitive, Haha no, not there please not haha there , please hehehe stop! haha, she stopped for a sec, I've barely started you rebel scum, you could save yourself alot of torture if you would just tell me, Never! Fine your choice but you will get no more mercy from me, I swallowed hard , and she began to drag her nails down both my armpits, ahahaha nooo! stop I'll never haha tell you haha! She moved down my sides which are super ticklish and tickled up and down my left side with both of her hands, ahahha no my God stop it! Please mercy Please I'm haha begging you haha, no response to my pleas of mercy, she started tickling my right side with her sharp nails, she than stopped I thought I was getting a break, then I felt her tongue up and down my right side, which tickled like no other, I tired breaking free from the ties, but deep down I knew it wouldn't happen, than she started nibbling on my sides, ahahaha! Oh my God stop it, stop it, it tickled so damn bad, than she stopped and removed my blindfold, I'd been laughing so hard I'd started crying, she dried my eyes, and wiped the swear from my forehead, "alright sweet heart I'm gonna give you a little break, she took a cup of water and put it to my lips and helped me drink it, "next is your feet and I know how ticklish they are, and I need to grab some instruments of torture, she kissed me on the forehead and playfully said don't go anywhere. She came back a few minutes later, "oh good your still here, she showed me everything she grabbed, a toothbrush and a feather I was mortified I didn't know if I could take this, she bent down and removed my flip=flops. "you know Patrick you have the cutest boy feet I've ever seen and so soft. She began to scratch around my left foot, first the heal , hehe no please not my feet please, she ignored me, moving up with her nails onto my arch and sole ahahaha please no hahahaha, I'll get you for this hahaha I swear she then to began scratch up and down my left foot , hahahah! No! Stop haha it, mercy I beg you haha, she stopped and picked up the toothbrush and began sliding inbetween each of m toes ahaha no hahaha stop it, I tried pulling my foot back but was no use she than grabbed the feather and slided it up and down my poor defenseless foot for a few minutes, she than shifted to my right foot ignoring the gentle tickling and dragging her nails up and down my defenseless sole I began crying in fits of laughter hahahahaha! no more please no more, she stopped and continue with the tooth brush between the each of my toes making ahahahaha oh my god it tickles please stop hahahaha please Katie stop she stopped, "arlight Patrick your tickling is over now you get a a little reward, she took both of my size 6 feet at the time and began licking them and kissing them, it tickled a little bit, but felt so good, she sucked on each one of my toes which made me start to moan, I began to get an erection she stopped, oh hehehe looks like someone enjoyed that, she walked up to me and kissed me very softly on the lips and untied me, now it was time for revenge.
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Oh yes very good story I liked it very much.

Write a part 2 for the revenge.

It would be such a nice thing....