Jock/Skater Tickle Domination (m/m)

(This story is based on a true experience of Mine. It does include some sexual stufff, so if you don't like the topic, dont read...... otherwise enjoy)

Chris was a normal college student for the most part, normal, all except for his unusual likes for feet, tickling and his growing attraction towards other guys.  He used his college years to act on these impulses and experiment with all three.  

Chris was in the simplest of terms, a Jock.  Not a stereotypical "dumb jock"  but very athletic, sharp, slightly arrogant, and best of all, loaded with muscles.  He played three different sports at his university, and had the body to prove it.  His tall solid frame made him a hit with girls....and a few guys that he had decided to experiment with.

It didn't hurt that he was a fairly good looking guy either, with short brown hair, and brown eyes.  Really, he was a perfect frat candidate, but as Chris explained it "I'm not sighing up to take orders from those ********."

His last tickle experiences, well, he could never forget those.  Most of them involved him tricking former teamates into just the right spot at the right time.  He remembered how gullible some of them had to be to fall for the **** he said.  But never the less, once he had them trapped, he loved tickling them into complete submission.  

He loved playing with the whole male domination dynamic.

Chris sat in class today, the first semester of his Jr year.  He looked around, scoping out his class, wondering who if anyone he could play with this year.  

Just as his professor started to talk, his eyes shot over to someone that had walked in, and plopped down next to him.

His eyes swerved, and focuses on a skater boy in the seat next to him.  Strange that Chris had never seen on campus before. He couldn't help gawking at him curiously, and taking in his appearance head to toe. 

His skate shoes rested on his board that he rolled side to side under his seat.  His slightly hairy legs led up to his cargo shirts, and then up to his slim looking upperbody.  

And his face.... Chris was a pretty good looking guy but *this ****** is gorgeous*   Chris Stared at his face topped with a hat, that let his shortish brown hair stick out. 

He knew immediately that this guy had to be his target for this year.  Thoughts of vice raced through his mind as he pondered over all the possibilities for his "new target."

He was staring harder than he realized, as the skater guy reached out his hand and smiled proudly.

"What's up.......I'm Cody, and you are?" He whispered.

Chris shook his hand snapping out of it.  "Chris.....yeah...Nice to meet you."

"Yeah, lets hope we get through this ****** class"  Cody smiled again before turning his attention to the professor.

Class had gone on, but Chris found it almost impossible to focus. He snuck glances at Cody whenever he could. Most often he glanced at Cody's skating shoes, wondering just how tempting and ticklish the feet inside were.

The semester went on, and of course Chris made it his business to become friends with Cody.  They talked, got to know each other, and had started to hang out as friends before long.  

In the months Cody and Chris had hung out, Chris found something he could easily use to his advantage.  This skater boy Cody loved to drink, but he couldn't hold his liquor to well.  He found that most of his chances to take advantage of Cody, involved alcohol.

Every time they got together though, Chris's mind always wandered off, envisioning his good buddy Cody helplessly ticklish, and caving under his fingers.  He pictured it all playing out in his mind, that was, if Cody was even ticklish?  He had to find out.

One night they had left just left a bar, and returned to campus to hang out in an empty dorm lounge.  Cody, unable to handle his beer kept mouthing off about this and that, playfully trying to see how far he could push.

"Youahhknoww.....Ive alwasyKindaaof Thought You Jock types...haha.....wereekkinaddd off Dumb....Butt your okkkman" Cody smiled gesturing towards Chris.

Chris returned the smile and began striding over towards his tipsy skater friend Ominously.

"Whhatharee You gonna Do man? haha You gonna beat me up? Jockeeyyy? eheheeee?"

It was time Cody got what was coming to him, especially after an hour of his drunken nonsense.

Chris circled up  behind him.  He grabbed Cody, slipping his hand under his arm and wrapping it around his chest.  He had Cody in a half full nelson.

Cody cursed and struggled, but stayed trapped in Chris's grasps.  He had no idea what Chris was going to do to him, until he felt his side being gently probed by fingertips.

"Nnrhaha....WhatTHeHell You Doing Manna?? Phfftttttnoooofehahaaa Let meemeeaaaGoooo fuckklerahhaa that.........Thatfrickkkiinnngggg............TiickleeESs!!"  

Cody squirmed and tried to wiggle his way free, but Chris had great control of him.  He had held many of his friends down before for the same treatment, many of them were notably stronger than Cody.   Holding this skater boy still was cake.

"This is what happens when you talk to much....."  Chris taunted from behind.  

Cody was losing his **** quickly. 

He flailed his arms, fighting uselessly.  He jerked side to side trying to free his chiseled midriff from Chris's fingers. He had little success.  

He was starting to sweat, and Chris could feel his strength fading slowly.  Cody made a last desperate attempt to escape the tickling.  He bent his knees to sink to the floor, but Chris wouldn't let him.  He had Cody in quite the predicament.

Chris's fingers clumsily snuck into Cody's shirted underarm.  Damn did he ever do back flips when he was tickled there!

He was wriggling around so frantically.   His hat fell off, his pants had slipped down showing his boxers, and his shoes were so loose from all his kicking......    And yet suddenly, he released Cody, letting him scramble away feverishly.

Chris could have easily taken him down right then and there....but there was no need to ruin the game so early.  He would make Cody spill his guts eventually.

The tickling seemed to help Cody sober up.......and quickly.  Cody stood there clenching his arms tight to his body, picking up his hat.

"Dude...nOt cool...haha...Don't do that again, Im ****** ticklish man...."  He growled.  

Chris laughed and looked at him shrugging.

He was satisfied, finally answering the question of whether or not his good friend was ticklish......and he thought......He thought he may have seen a little movement between Cody's legs.

*naaahhhh couldn't have been, I'm having to much fun*  

Time went on, and Chris found that the more he hung out with Cody the more he found himself craving another shot at him.

He found that chance weeks later.  

Tonight, Cody and Chris found themselves walking back to Chris's dorm from a party.  They both went schlepping from one side of the campus to the other in the rain.  

By the time they got to Chris's dorm they were both soaked from head to toe.

Chris only hoped that this little walk through the rain wouldn't sober Cody up.

Sure enough, Chris opened his dorm room door, and Cody walked in, stumbling and swaying as he did.

Chris's smile broadened as he watched Cody stagger through his dorm room, leaving wet sneaker prints behind him.


"Heyy hey there buddy.....You really should learn to hold your liquor a little better...A few beers and just look at you.........lightweight"

Cody turned and smiled.

"Lay down here stupid before you fall........"  Chris gestured towards his couch.  Cody did so, collapsing facedown onto his sofa, his wet shoes hanging over the edge of the arm.

With no hesitation, Chris acted quickly on the situation.

He disappeared in his room and reappeared with some soft but durable rope.  It was plenty strong enough to hold Cody, and guys a bit bigger than him in the past.

Chris returned swiftly plopping himself down on the back of Cody's thighs so he couldn't move.

"Give me your hands"  Chris demanded.

"WHahadduudde? nnn-nooooonwaa....."

Chris grabbed both of Cody's hands pinned them firmly to the small of  his back , and tied them tight.  There was no way he was no way he could escape now.

Then he turned Cody over so that he was facing up, and he straddled his thighs.

"Hmmm that your all tied I could do damn near anything to you huh? I mean.......really, anyyythinnngggg I wanted........."  Chris smirked looking down at Cody.

Cody stared up dumbfounded, a dopey expression on his face.

"Whhat the **** do you tiedd up for mann..W-Nnnngghhahahaa OhhShiitt Ohh shithahahaaa Please not this **** again Stopit! Fuckerhahahaa Not TiiiiCClckling AGAIN!"

His babbling was cut, as fingers once again sank into his ticklish sides.  

Cody's wet red T shirt was so soaked, it was glued tight to his skin.  It was like having nothing on at all.  

"I could tickle the **** out of you all night, and you couldn't stop me...huh bud?"  Chris teased menacingly.  He finally had this skater boy right where he wanted.  Helpless...and in his clutches.

Chris took his time with Cody's uppers.

His fingertips pushed into Cody's sides making jerk and squeal boyishly.   Then he ventured up to his rib cage.  Chris could see every one of poor Cody's helpless ribs outlined in his shirt.

His index fingers traced over every rib, and Chris counted them as he went along.  He forced Cody to count along with the promise that the tickling "might" stop.  Of course it didn't.  

Cody's underarms were next.  

Chris stared down thirstily, lifting his trapped friends shirt.  His well shaped Ab lines were easily seen. Chris's tickling fingers traced them, making Cody tremble under him.

Then his fingers slithered their way up to the napes of Cody's underarms, stroking and caressing the smooth flesh in his armpits.  

Cody was totally losing it, bucking violently, ******* his hips every which way.  His laughter sounded more crazed and uncontrollable.  Heavy guffaws spewed out of Cody, from the pit of his belly.

He arched his back into the couch as if hoping to fall through it to get away. Poor Cody, no matter how he moved Chris's fingers kept contact with him.

It was getting so intense now.......but Chris wasn't worried.  They had wild parties in dorms 4 times the noise of this in the past.

"Does the babayyy have a ticklish belly button to?  Haha I think it does!"  Chris mocked, circling his index finger around Cody's muscular tummy till he found his innie bellybutton.  It was just asking for it!  His index finger worked furiously to scoop out lent that didn't exist.

For 30 minutes, Chris alternated back and forth between Cody's helpless armpits, tummy, navel,  and sides.  Not once did that handsome smile fade from Cody's desperate gasping face.

"NNOoooowww DUeuedaaahahahay-youhave tostooopoopp it mannnmmeahha...I'm gonaa FrikinngpeemySelf!  haha! CmmnonnanahahEhaAa StoppIiT!  STopHItihaahteettttt noownwawww!"  
Cody droned on, cackling and cackling as his cheeks glowed a shade of scarlet.

Chris was sure he saw it this time.......... Cody's ****, pressing a shape up into his damp cargo pants.

Chris relented for a brief period, only to turn himself around so he was facing the skaterboy's feet.  

His eyes traced over Cody's sneakers lustfully as he spoke.

"Ive wondered for a freaking long time what your feet are like man....since the first day I saw you"  he confessed.  

The moment was every bit as sweet as Chris had imagined.

He could feel Cody's fidgeting under him. His breaths got shallow as Chris's fingers touched his shoe laces.  Cody's anxiety was so thick he could practically taste it. 

Finally he was gonna get to see what was hidden under these high top skate shoes.

He slowly, ever so slowly grabbed one of Cody's red and black sneakers, and slipped it off.

Instantly, the pungent aroma of Cody's sweating feet thumped into Chris's nose.

*My ****** God!*  

A wave of ecstasy hit Chris as the sweet smell wafted into the air.  

He stuck his nose into Cody's shoe and inhaled.  The insides were so damp, such a stroooong ****** odor! He must have done alot of skating earlier today.  It wasn't foul,  just an extremely masculine aroma. Intoxicating.

"Whahtt the ****? Are you SMelling My feet?  you freeak fuckinmmmmmmmrrrrphhhhhhhhhp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Cody was muted as Chris fed Cody him his own sweaty, salty white sock.

"THe perfect gag for you, you mouthy drunk bastard."  

Cody's shoe dropped to the floor with a thud, as Chris stared at his barefoot.

*just perfect*  

Tanned with a nice deep arch, meaty at the ball, round fleshy heels, and quite smooth looking.  Just as Chris had imagined.  

He grabbed Cody's foot and began rubbing it slowly.  He brought his face close, licking the tops of his toes, flicking his tongue across them.

He thought........he thought he heard subtle, maybe even embarrassing little moans coming from Cody behind him.......Until his fingers began curling deviously again. This time over the slippery sole of Cody's foot.

"Im gonna tickle you all night and you cant do **** about it friend"  Chris smiled wickedly, slowly starting to tickle torment Cody's bare sole.  

His foot began twitching and wiggling and swaying.  Cody's ability to put up any resistance was gone, and he burst into hysterics immediately after his feet were tickled. 

He howled into his sock gag, but it all came out as muffled giggly nonsense.

"MMMMfuffmmmmmmmmfmMFmAahahmMmmmmmmmm! MMEmmMrmpppphhppppppppppHMMmmm! MmmRmmm!!!!  NnnnNRR!!!!!"  

In no time, Cody's face was warped with an expression of totally ticklish anguish.

Chris's tickling was methodical.  He started at his heel and covered every spot thoroughly up to this toes.  His arch and instep were especially sensative.

"I know this must be driving you fuckinn Crazy Man!"  Chris laughed.

Cody only got a break  for his other shoe and sock to be taken.  Both feet were now bare, naked, and scrunched as the air hit them.

Chris's wicked tickling went on and on, on Cody's barefeet.

He bucked and huffed, and laughed and screamed into his sock until he was red in the face.  
He had gotten so crazy, Chris had to wrap one arm around his ankles to keep him from throwing himself off the couch.  But, his bare sensitive feet remained propped up on the sofa, and Chris remained planted firmly on him, tickling him till he couldn't stand it.  

Finally, as they approached the end of an hour, Chris stopped.  He looked back at Cody grinning 

"You're a fuckinn Mess man...."  

Cody's face was cherry complexion, panting, and worn out.  He was sweating so profusely, even his underarms were putting off an odor now.

Chris turned to face Cody and gazed down between his legs.  Sure enough his **** was stabbing its way out of his cargos.  

"Your need to ***.........."  Chris demanded, stroking his hand once over Cody's **** still pressing into his cargos.

Chris was hard to.  All of  Cody's wriggling and struggling  and grinding against him had him horny.

Cody looked on helplessly as Chris's hands slowly slid up his leg.  He pushed his damp shirt out of the way, unzipped his fly, and slid his way into his cargos.  Chris's warm hands were fumbling around in Cody's crotch slot.

This time Cody didn't fuss, or even scream......He just shut his eyes, and began moaning softly.  His breath slowed down, and he sunk into the couch groaning through his gag.  


Chris took his pulsating **** into his hand, and started to stroke it slowly.  He could feel Cody's precum dribbling down his fingers as he worked him over.

***** Hes goonnnaablowww....Im fuckkinnnn gonnnaa....*

Cody arched his back, all his muscles tensed and he started to ooz his white hot goo.  Cody spurted  5 times in his pants, before he was finally able to relax after ******.   He moaned, gently sinking into the couch, finally relieved.  

Chris to looked down to notice he had blown all over himself, the excitement of utterly dominating Cody, and tickling him shitless was enough in and of itself.  

They both took a minute to catch their breath.  

Chris finally ungagged Cody, plucking his sweaty white sock from his mouth, and they looked at each other for a second.  Chris was expecting to get the most furious cursing of a lifetime......

Cody just sat up slightly on the couch and spoke.

"So....dude.....YOu gonna untie me or what?"

"What?"  Stared Chris...

"You ****** got untie me.....You can't keep me here all night....."  Cody smiled boyishly, just like the first day they had met.

"Soo.....?"  Cody asked.  

Chris grinned, turning around to lightly tickle the skaters bare feet again.

"EhEhOhohhOAllriGhhtha AssWhollee nomroehweAHAhA *******  Imeen! ....IMeAnn IT!"  Cody began squirming and kicking wildly again.

Chris glanced over at him, laughing.

"ALrightttt......Alright....I guess you've had enough for one night....."  He sighed turning Cody over and untying his hands.

Cody stood up, he stretched his arms and his legs.  He gathered his clothes, and  redressed himself nonchalantly.

Before he left Chris's he looked back smiling.

"YOu just wait till I get you dumb Jock!"

Chris laughed at the thought....the beginning of a unique friendship.
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Great story. Did Chris ever get to Cody's bare soles?

Yes, he had them both bare in the end. Each got an extreme tickling to.

Sadistic tickle story! Nice job

Great story! I hope there's more to come....