Helplessly, Hopelessly Ticklish Feet

Her soles are soft. At least they look soft. Not a blemish on the pink and white sole...just soft smooth and ticklish skin. I take the small feather and using just the soft tip glide down her left foot starting at the heel of her foot through the hyper sensitive arch down to her toes. When it caresses her arch her sole wrinkles ever so slightly as her leg give a violent jerk. She squeals in ticklish surprise. Her foot would actually move a lot more if I hadn't restrained her so well. The tops of her feet pushed or rather pulled down into the pillow by the leather straps, her big toes tied together and equally restrained. She looks so helpless and vulnerable with her soles facing upward, nowhere to go. I glide the feather back up her foot and she giggles helplessly at each stroke of her arch. It is obviously extremely intense for her and she would do anything, if she could, to move her foot or rub the lingering tickles away. I continue he feather stroking...up and down, up and down as she squirms and wriggles but never able to move those feet. Her giggling is contagious as I begin to laugh along with her. Her arches are definitely her weakness! After ten minutes of just feather stroking, her nerve endings are on high alert, screaming for mercy. The tickling is so intense the the giggling has turned to a panicked cackling and I decide to show a little mercy, noting though the extremely ticklish spot in the highest part of her arch.

I lay down the feather as she tries to catch her breath...she is so exquistley ticklish that even I am amazed and fascinated even more so. I pick up the small and poited artist brush and gently begin to "paint" the pad of her big toe, the bottom, the side, and I even delve in between them as fresh giggles pour out of her and her toes desperately try to evade and escape. I tickle each toe, ever so softly, so gently, so lovingly...each toe...the stem, the sides, and that soft area where they connect to the ball of the foot. Her giggling turns to laughter and her laughter to pleading. I know how she must feel because in the twenty minutes I have been tickling her, was it me under the feather and the paint brush, I would be nearly insane by now! "Aaaaah", I coo softly, "does it tickle?'...'I'm being so gently and soft and loving". I can't resist an longer. I want to feel the softness of her sole and take a single finger to simply explore. Her toes are so soft as is the ball of her foot and my meandering finger is rewarded with sweet giggles. I trace down the outside of her foot circling, but never touching the arch. Her sensitivity and ticklishness are increasing as she is quite aware that I am teasing her, honing in on her weak spot! M finger makes sensuous circles on her heel, slowly expanding coming closer and closer to that maddening and intense tickle spot in the very high of her arch. She is almost frantic now with anticipation and laughing continuously. My face is just inches from those adorable soles. I stop and just wait. Her laughter begins to fade and only her final residual giggles are left. She begins to calm down and her breather begins to slow. And I am staring intently at that spot that I know will drive her mad. "!!!" is all she gets out as I gently, softly, and lovingly begin to pet that one spot with just my index finger...over and over and over again! Her body stiffens but no sound comes out as she is plunged into silent laughter! Her toes push upward straining against the ties but have nowhere to go. And suddenly the floodgates of mad cackling laughter erupt as her body thrashes in what little confines it has. I know this is pushing her to the edge of her sanity...and her laughter is beautiful! And I lovingly stroke and pet and tickle that same little spot over and over and over... (MORE?)

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9 Responses Feb 17, 2009

That was great and sounds just like me on the receiving end. I would love to have this done to me in exactly this way - I always find the sensual, carefully thought out tickling way more ticklish than the horrible scrabbling that so many people do

Well that was simply yummy!

Omg I would love for this to be done to me! I would be a laughing, begging, ticklish mess! ;)

Please continue with more. I love the way you put it. So erotically sensual. Wish I can get some sole soles and toes to follow.

Well sone!

OUTSTANDING story! Very descriptive and form easily in my mind as a result of your fine writing. I can see her foot...your fingers...the feather...everything! I can even hear your voices and feel her helplessness...SO incredibly erotic...I MUST read part 2!

That's good stuff Quandry7777, you can write, and might consider becoming a short story writer as a living...Enjoyed very much, course, the contents helped as foot tickling is my favorite subject....

great story, man! You're talented! :-)

Yes more! Great descriptions! I can visualize every move you make, every move she makes. I enjoy it when the 'lee is tied face down<br />
<br />
I'm curious what you might do with the other parts of her seemingly ticklish body. :-) <br />
<br />
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