Helplessly, Hopelessly Ticklish Feet, Part 2

As I continue to gently tease and tickle her now off the charts ticklish arch, I make sure to stay in the one spot that is drive her mad. Gently petting and stroking with just the tip of my index finger. Her laughter is loud and full, yet adoringly girlish. I am fascinated as I watch her toe prints and the prints on the balls of her feet as they futily try to wiggle away, yet unable to do so. That one little spot must be so hyper ticklish that it is overwhelming every sense and yet I still continue to pet it and tickle it over and over again. Her laughter has weakened, not due to the intensity diminishing, but from exhaustion and her laughter turns to a mixture of laughs and sobs as her body forces her to surrender to the maddening sensation, all focused on that one little spot.

I take my other hand and using all my nails, begin to scrabble in the arch of her right foot. Despite her exhaustion, her body stiffens and a new wave of tomented hilarity erups from her throat. Her left foot being very lightly and slowly teased and tickled and her right foot being spider tickled quickly with my nails. To complete opposite and confusing stimulation that her brain can't process. Her mind has shut down and all that exists is the incessant and horrible, merciless, constant tickling on the soles of her feet. Her head is bouncing and thrashing up and down on the soft pillow I placed under her head; it is the only thing she can really move! Her laughter is no longer bubbly but near hysterical as I continue this maddening torture, yet ever so lovingly. I push her for a few minutes longer until I really fear for her sanity and stop. She continues to laughing for several minutes after I have stopped. She is breathing hard and it is hard to tell if she is still laughing or crying or both. She is breathing hard, trying desperately to catch her breath. I wonder if she is enjoying this as much as I am?  (More?)

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Yes, definitely more, I shall keep reading. So exquisite and even making my toes curl just reading it ...


Of course more. Loved it!

please add me......i want to tickle ur armpit now.........can
I'd hold your arms above your head and wiggle my fingers on each armpit, one at a time, driving you crazy and trying to wiggle free. I work my way down and gently dig my fingers into your hip bone! You jump and squirm. Then I send gentle pokes to your ribs!

Had enough tickling yet? :) Did u like my tickling

OMG! Poor Baby!

soooo intimate.great post. thanks.

Lovely story. Would love reading more.

This is an incredibly erotic story. Definitely want more!