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Tickling a Little Kid

(Keep in mind that this story is 100% not true) Ok, I was 13 years old at the time of this story. My mom's friend had asked me to babysit her 7 year old son for the weekend. At the first day of him coming over we had played some games but he seemed particuarily interested with my stuffed animals.

Later that day he mentioned something about his dad, and how he used to tickle him all the time. After his story I asked if he wanted to be tickled, and being the good-natured kid he was, he agreed. First, I took off his shoes, and set him on my lap. He was realy light, and I proceded to grab his ankles and put him into a little hole I had made with my legs.

His perfectly smooth feet were stuck in mid-air, and his hands, stuck under my legs. I gently started on his feet and then repeated that proccess, but with a wire brush I used to comb my dog. He laughed realy loud, and as I continued, I thought about what his mom had said to me about giving him a bath once every 2 days, and then did so.

After his bath I let him play with my stuffed animals for a while. Then an idea came to mind. I told him that we were going to continue the tickling, and he giggled with delight in his cute pajamas I had put him in. With a stuffed snake, I grabbed both his ankles, and tied them together with the snake. Then, I used my stuffed monkey to tie his hand together behind his back, with the monkey's limbs.

He started giggling even more, and I then layed him down on our couch, and unzipped his pajama-top, and folded it down onto his legs, and re-zipped it on his legs. After that, I grabbed his armpits and put him into my lap, but I didn't let go of his armpits. I then made my fingers twitch on his naked armpit skin and he flailed about in joy.

I stroked his bare belly and that made him scream in delight (It was a good thing that we lived in the country, with no neighbors around). I then put my hands around his ankles and tickled his soft soles for about 10 minutes. He said that his feet hurt so I let up on them. For a while we were still, and quite quiet. He then said that he was tired, and when I went to untie his bounds, he said that he liked the way he feeled, so I left them on. He took a nap for a while at about 5:00 - 7:30. When he woke up he said that he wanted to be tickled again, which was fine by me.

I sat under his feet and then furiously started on his waist and stayed there for about 25 minutes, and then realized he needed to catch his breath. The tied-tickling continued for about 30 more minutes, untill it was about 8:30. We had dinner and watched some T.V., and then I instructed him to get ready for bed.

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