Tickle Time

She looks up at me in anticipation of what is to come, and begins giggling immediately as I tiptoe slowly toward her with hands outstretched. Her hands and feet are restrained to each corner of the large, four-poster bed with yoga straps…spread eagle. She is helpless and she knows it, and is going to have to accept anything that I wish to do. Her eyes are locked on my wriggling fingers as she attempts to slide away without any hope of escape. 

“I haven’t even touched you yet!” I taunt while moving my fingers closer and closer to her soft, size 9 feet. She tries to scrunch her feet up but to no avail and at the moment of contact, the lightest touch becomes her entire universe. 

I begin by grazing my fingertips and nails along her soles, causing her to giggle and thrash while attempting to bury her feet in the covers. That’s fine, because I just tickle the tops, sides and under her toes until she’s lost all control. With two feet to tickle it is becoming challenging to maintain a good rhythm, so I take her left foot in my hands and focus on that one. Her toenails are painted and so lovely to behold that I just take a moment to appreciate their simple beauty. Then, exposing her sole completely, my fingertips dance across her sensitive skin, making her feet twitch in time with her shrieks of laughter. 

After some time (which must have seemed an eternity to my poor tickle victim) I can’t resist the urge to begin nibbling and licking those darling toes. Little bites and licks send shivering tremors through her body as her laughter becomes more and more desperate. 

“You’re having so much fun!” I say between licks. Now I take each toe into my mouth and suck each one, all the while a single fingernail writes invisible naughty words all over her tortured sole. 

“Guess what I’m writing and I’ll stop.” She can’t seem to get any words out between the moans and giggles and hiccups, so I just take it that she wants me to continue. I am getting quite excited by the moans she makes when I’m sucking your toes, though. It almost sounds like she’s having way too much fun and may end up being overly satisfied if you know what I mean. 

I decide it’s time for the other foot to get some attention, so I position my face directly under the other sensitive sole and lick from heel to toe, over and over and over while she erupts in another round of giggles. I think its funny how her toes spread and wriggle and twitch, so I lick and tickle between each one and begin sucking those lucky toes as well. More moans now…deep, passionate and thrilling. 

I can tell she’s beginning getting exhausted now, so I sing in my awful fit-only-for-the-shower singing voice, “We’ve only just begun…to tickle.”. 

I move up next to her now on the bed and she begins to calm down a little, with just a few giggles slipping out. As I rest my hand on her exposed tummy she tenses up and begins to laugh again…and I haven’t even started tickling yet! 

“Oh, you like it here as well, hmmmm? Is that lovely tummy ticklish too?” All she does is nod her head and make a feeble attempt to suck her belly in. Now I hear shrieks of laughter as my fingers dance over her soft skin, moving rapidly up and down and around to explore her ticklish spots. I feel her abs tense under my fingertips, and increase the pressure and speed while she thrashes again with no escape. My hands swiftly move up and down her sides and ribs, finding a special place which causes her laughter to increase sharply in pitch…yes, that’s the spot. 

She struggles and begs, saying “please, please”. It must mean she’s begging me to “please continue”, so I do of course. I’m thoroughly enjoying every move she makes, every shriek and squeal of laughter. I’m laughing along with her while planning my next move. 

“You’re loving this so much I can tell. Now that cute little bellybutton needs some attention, now doesn’t she?” I lean over and slip my tongue inside of her button and swirl it around. At first she seems to like it and moans softly but then, as the sensations grow stronger she slowly begins to squirm and buck. She now seems to be able to speak, and giggles, “No stop, not there”, with an edge of desperation in her voice. This is getting interesting. So needless to say, my tongue continues its diabolical exploration as she tries to buck me off. Now all ten fingers are working her abs out, above and below her now wet navel. 

“Your tummy is so much fun to play with.” A few wet raspberries make her shriek even louder, and my fingers begin working up and down her ribs, playing her like a piano. Her head is whipping back and forth as her face turns red and she begins silent laughter. My fingers wiggle even farther up to her pits, and all hell breaks loose. 

“Okay…okay…please…switch spots, switch spots”, she manages to squeal between gales of laughter. 

“Like this?” I add, as I move my tickling fingers just above her collarbone to her neck. She does her best turtle imitation, trying to draw her head down into her body. I laugh at the attempt but continue to tickle her silly. 

Now it becomes a tickling free for all, as I move all around her body…over and over as she tries to catch her breath and recover. I stretch my hands apart to reach feet and ribs at once, tummy and sides, knees and neck…until her world is rocked and she’s a giggling mess. 

Finally, I decide that she’s been such a good girl that I loosen her restraints and let her recover. She smiles and looks up at me as I lay beside her, then quickly she rolls on top of me and whispers with a devilish grin, “Now it’s your turn!” 

To be continued…?

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10 Responses Dec 24, 2009

AMAZING!!! What a story. I would be such a laughung mess with u tickling me! ya devil!

A nice bit of erotica!

Very, very nice! I think a splendid time was had by all!

"gales of laughter" I love that...... Love....

great story

Feel free to tie me down and tickle me like that any time ;)

CONTINUED???????????? where is the other story?

Whoah, too much testosterone.<br />
<br />
*sprinkles confession with some estrogen*

Play nice boys.

haha very good :]