The Tortorous Ordeal

*The following is based on actual events, but some parts are fictionalized*

Growing up in the town of Houston, TX, David expected some action in any possible way but his hopes was shattered. David was nineteen years old, and was enrolled in college at the University of Texas at Austin. He was the kind of fellow who socialize with others, and has a good heart. However, David had a secret, that made him fearful that people will find out about it. David was very ticklish, especially on his feet and tummy. He didn't want to be tickled to torturous laughter and the possibility of wetting himself, so he kept it hidden from the outside world until the day David made a mistake.

He went online, and found a site called He started to post numerous tickling stories, and his tickling pictures. Many people took interest in his ability to execute a perfect story. People loved his descriptions, and originality. He often chatted with online ticklers, and he was arranged to be tickled.

David cringed in fear when the guy arrived to give him a tickle session. At the time, David did not think that it was safe considering the nature of predators on the Internet. However, David relunctly went inside the man's truck to his house.

It would be a decision that David would soon regret considering all his ticklishness he had kept well hidden for years. Only his family knew he was ticklish, but kept the tickling to a minimum. Now exposed, David was going to be tickled to the extreme. His fate was sealed when he entered the man's vehicle.

David had butterflies in his stomach when he arrived in the house. The man led David by his hand to his bedroom. David was ordered to remove his clothing, except for his shorts. David did just that, and layed face up on the bed.

The unknown man wrapped socks around David, so that the rope would not burn. David's wrists and ankles was securely fastened to the four bed posts. At this time, it was the point of no return. David had thought out backing out, but decided to be brave.

The man put a blindfold, preventing sight from David's cute eyes. The unknown man started to tickle David's adorable and cute feet. David giggled, but he quickly escalated to laughter. He begged for the man to stop, but it was a futile effort. The man tickled David's arch, heel, and the middle portion, but it was David's toes that got him laughing the most. The man, whom we will calll Mr. X tickled David's feet with a hairbrush. David immedieatly started to laugh.

Soon, David was gasping, so the man stopped the tickling. He gave David a glass of water, and let him catch his breath. David was horrified when the man started to spider tickle David's tummy. David hollered with laughter, as he was reduced to utter hyseterical. The tickling was far worse than on his feet. David's belly button was tickled inside and out, and that made David laugh the most.

Then, the man tickled David's sides. David laughed and laughed, and pleaded for the man to stop, but the man would not budge as he raised his hands to David's armpits. David was beginning to express fear. His armpits was vulnerable for tickling, and there was nothing that he could do about it.

The man glided a feather up and down David's poor armpits, which was totally unbearable to the point where David wet himself. The man was quite angry, and told David that his tickling was just the beginning.

David felt electrical toothbrushes up his soles. The vibration made David laugh, which resulted in tears rolling down his eyes. The tickling on his armpits was up a nouch, as the man relentlessly tickled them as the toothbrushes did it's work. David couldn't even utter a single sound, as he was hollering with extreme laughter.

After 2.5 hours of nonstop tickling, David was finally released. His ordeal was over, and David could relax. Throughout it all, David never felt so helpless in his entire life. The tickling showed him how tortorous it can be when you have a devious tickler.

After the man dropped him off at campus, David decided not to go through that again, and contiuned on with his normal life when fate once again interviewened, and he had to make a decision to accept another tickling session or not.


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haven't been tied down and tickled yet...... but I wanna be enough where if there's fear I don't consciously know about it....

Good job, David! It made me remember the first time I was tied down and tickled, and how I was so scared and so excited at the same time. There was never any doubt in my mind, though, that I would have more such experiences in the future.