Revenge Tickling!

Tanya was four years older than me, our parents were best friends and i secretly had a crush on her. She was beautiful.....nice tanned long legs.....great bum......tight body.....long blonde hair and what i used to call 'naughty eyes'. We used to hang out all the time and everytime we hung out Tanya was obsessed with tickling me. And boy did she tickle me.......i am extrememly ticklish all over and she would just torture me senseless. On the flip side i could never tickle her.......she was always so much taller and everytime i tried she would just overpower me n tickle me relentlessly as punishment for trying. She was cocky about it too.....'you will never tickle me' she would say......'im not one bit ticklish anyway'. But i didnt at all belive this was true. I had sometimes got some sneak attacks where i would sneak up behind her n tickle her sides and armpits. As much as she would never admit it.......she would jump and quickly try to stop me.......she would then overpower me, pin me down and tickle me senseless. I would say 'if your not ticklish let me tickle you'.....she would say 'no......nobody is allowed to even try because i am not ticklish'. I just remember all through our younger years looking at her the beach seeing her in her pink god her body was amazing......her skin just looked so soft and tender......she was so brown. i just wanted to tickle her......her sexy body just looked like it needed a good tickling. It became an obsession, all i wanted to do was find a way make Tanya helpless and tickle her the same way she would tickle me. Or even just to see her get tickled by anyone would be amazing......just to see that body god. Then one day Tanya messed up and gave me my idea on how to get her back.

By this day Tanya was 16 and i was 12. This was not the day i got her back......but it was the day i got my idea. Now Tanya's mum (Kerri) was also amazingly beautiful. She was 39 years of age, but had a great body.....amazingly soft looking, tanned skin and a really naughty, kinky looking face....she had curly blone hair that just semmed to do it for me, even at the age of 12. I was spending the weekend at Tanya's house as my mum was away on buissness......and i fell asleep on the couch. I woke up to find that i was face down with my arms outstretched and tied to the dining room table legs......i could also feel that my ankles were tied together......i was bare feet. Before i could say anything i felt a blindfold being tied around my head. Now i had been tickled bad by Tanya before but never had i been tied up and helpless and this was the most unbearable experience of my was both Tanya and her mum relentlessly tickling my hepless body until i could not breathe.....they didnt say much......just giggled in delight i i squirmed uncontrollably beneath their relentless fingertips. One would sit between my legs and bum and tickle my upper body and the other would work my feet, then they would swap. But the thing that stood out for me was that i regongnised Tanya'a finertips.....she didnt really have fingernails.....however her mum had nice long fingernails and my god was she a good tickler.......her tickling was double the torture of Tanya's and when Kerri went to work my god it was unimaginable......past the pain threshhold. The speed of which her nails ever so sofly scratched the surface of my soles sent me into hysteria.....tears just rolled down my face. This lasted a good half an hour before they got bored and let me go. Afterwards i decided thay no matter how 'not ticklish' any person was, there is no way they could resist Kerri's fingertips. Then 'BINGO' hit me!

What a silly girl Tanya is.........tying me up and tickling me with help from her mum has given me an idea. An idea that made my blood boil.....if she has the nerve to do that to me then i have the right to team up with her mother and GET HER BACK! This would take some courage for me to do as i have all my life wanted to tickle, or see Tanya get tickled....I had never seen her get tickled before and i have always suspected that she is ticklish. So on another weekend that i stayed there while Tanya was asleep in her room recovering from a nite out the nite before, i approached her mother to chat about the possibility of TICKLING TANYA. 'Kerri' i asked......'is Tanya ticklish?' Her Kerri looked at me bemused......'what? she asked.......'is Tanya ticklish? i asked again trembling slightly........Kerri stared at me for a little while and then replied ' Tanya is one of the most ticklish girls ive ever known'. My blood bagan to boil.....'really.....she always tells me that she is not ticklish'.......Kerri just stared at me shaking her head.....' Tanya you will find is even more ticklish than you are.....and i know just exactly how to tickle her' she began to brag......'its all in her mind.....she just completely panics at the thought of me tickling her.......come on il show you' said Kerri. I couldnt believe it, this was what i always wanted.......i would enjoy every minute of this. 'For telling you shes not ticklish i will really really torture her' said Kerri. 'Lets make her eat those words'. Oh my god i was so exited i was just remembering all of the tickle torture i had suffered at the hands of Tanya and now it was time for REVENGE. She would now be punished in the most severe fashion for all her cockiness and evilness towards me, god we were gonna get her so damm good. Kerri stopped before Tanya's door......'go to my bathroom and get me my hairbrush, electric toothbrush and tanning oil' she told me. I didnt waste a second. When i came back we quitly opened the door and walked slowly towards Tanya. She was lying face down on her belly outside her doona wth her arms sprawled. My god did she look good......she was wearing a tight pink top that showed off he midriff.......tiny denim shorts where you could almost see her butt cheeks from the bottom and EREAKA....she was barefoot. Her soles were beautiful.....she was tanned all the way down to her feet and her soles just looked absolutely delishous......boy was i gonna tickle them good and proper. 'We are in luck' said Kerri.....'Tanya is a very heavy sleeper' The plan was that we tied her wrists to the poles at the end of the bed close together as this would expose her underarms which were very ticklish Kerri told me. Then we tied her ankles together and with the reSt of the rope we tied it around the underneath of the bed which would limit Tanya's movement of her feet. We had to pull her down the bed a little bit but this worked well because now her arms were completely outstretched and her feet just slightly hanging over the end of the bed. She was still see Tanya this helpless gave me shivers down my spine......Kerri and i worked out a bit of a plan of attack and we decided that we would tease her a little bit before we started the tickling. Kerri sat down on Tanya's bum as i sat down on the bed next to her head....'oh Tanya....wakey wakey'

Tanya's eyes opened and she appeared stunned for a second.....she turned to see my grinning face staring at her as she tried to pull her arms down soon realising that they were immobolised. 'what.........whats this whats happening' she asked with a trmble in her voice. 'Guess what Tanya' i said, 'remember all the times you tickled me and when you and your mum teamed on its revenge'. Tanya's face changed......fear could be seen in her eyes, the cockiness and confidence had been replaced by fear and uncertainty. 'But dont worry Tanya' said her mum. 'After all your not ticklish right?' ' dont do this im begging you, il do anything you want please dont do this' cried Tanya. 'But your not ticklish right? i asked. 'Im not' she said, 'but just please let me go il do anything you want. 'But Tanya if your not ticklish why are you so worried' asked her mum in a teasing voice. ' i just dont feel very well and i need to sleep please im begging you just untie me.......pleeeeeeeeease! Her mum and i both bagan to laugh......'ok Tanya' said her mum ' we will untie you on one admit to both us us that you lied and that you are very ticklish' Kerri smiled and winked at me. i smiled back. Boy did we have her where we wanted her. i looked at Tanya' body......her top had ridden right up to the top of her rib cage just below her breats. a lot of her midfriif was now exposed and boy did i wanna tickle it......boy did i look soft and tender and so god damm tickleable. Tanya took a while to reply. 'If you dont admit it', said Kerri ' we will tickle you for hours on end and we wont stop no matter how much you beg'......'Pleeeeeeeeeeease let me do name it il do begging you mum.......pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeee! Kerri handed me a blindfold 'put this on her','NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!....screamed Tanya. i promptly tied it around her head......'here we go' said Kerri........'OK OK I ADMIT IT............IM SO GOD DAMM TICKLISH PLEASE DONT TICKLE ME IM BEGGING U.....IL DO ANYTHING........I CANT STAND BEING TICKLED............................PLEEEEEEEEASE! I proceeded to pour tanning oil on Tanya's poor helpless soles......boy had the tables turned. Kerri also put some baby oil on her fingertips.....those fingertips....yes Tanya was in big trouble. Kerri bagan to dig those marvelous tickling fingers into Tanya's exposed sides while at the same time i went for some spider like movements as quickly as i could up and down Tanya's sexy bare soles.

HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STOP IT THAT TICKLES SO MUHUHUARRRRRRRCH! Tanya's husky voice was amazing, she was so loud and so unbelievably ticklish. Kerri and i were relentless. Kerri moved so quickly up and down Tanya's sides and i began to drag my finernails up and down her extrmely ticklish and helpless soles.......and i could tell how ticklish her feet were because it was obvious how mush she was trying to move them.....but she couldnt. PLEEEEEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHESSSSSSSS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...........I CANT.........I CANT........TTTAKE IT..........HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO.............STORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP AHAHAHAHAHARRRRRRR! That husky voice was just amazing, this was turning me on so god dam much.......i tickled those soles faster and faster just brushing them with my fingertips.........AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA......boy was she ticklish.

The tactics changed as her mum moved up to tickle Tanya's underarms as i proceeded to take to her beautiful soles with a hairbrush. HARHARHARHARHARHARHAR OMG PLEASE STOPPPPPPPPPP ITTTTTTTT..........I CANT TTTTTTTAKE THISSSSSS. PLEASE STOP IL DO ANYTHING HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...........HEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHE HHAHAHAHE! This was working even better. As her mum dug those long nails into Tanya's extrmely ticklish and exposed underarms......i was sitting on the backs of her calves going up and down her soles with the hairbrush! IL NEVER TICKLE YOU AGAIN I PROMISE.......I JURRRRRRRRRST CANT TAKE THIS IT TICKLES SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MURRRRRRRRRRCCCHHHHHHH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I turned to watch Kerri at work for a few god she was a good tickler........her fingertips just moved so fast up and down Tanya's underarms and boy was it working could see tears rolling down Tanya's cheeks........HEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEEHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAH MY GOD THIS IS UNBEARABLE EHHEHEHEHEHEHHAHAAHAHAHHAAHHAAHARRRRRRRRRR!

After i spend a few minutes on Tanya's soles with the electric toothbrushwe decided to give her a break for a few that time she pleaded with us to let her go........she even told me that she would date me if we stopped and promised her mum she would to all the laundry house work and dishes for as long as she lived there........hehehe.........she was desperate but the fun was not over for us and the torture was not over for poor old ticklish Tanya. Covering her midriff in tanning oil i began digging my fingers in to her ticklish sides......behind me her mother ran those superb fingers up and down those tender soles of Tanya's. OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PLEHHHHHEHEHEHEHEHEHESSEEE THIS THE WORRRRRRRR....THIS IS...............OMG I CAN T......T....NOOOOOOOOO. She couldnt even spit the words out anymore as she was just overcome with hsterical laughter......i have never heard anything like it.........her mother just killed her soles up and down dragging her fingernails........Tanya literally could not bare it as we both relentlessly tickled the absolute living hell out of her.

This tickling session lasted a good 45 minutes and afterwards Tanya was emabarassed and humiliated. Boy did she cop a tickling........revenge is sweet. However from that day onwards Tanya never tickled me anymore which was a little bit of a shame because these days i am now big enough to tickle her back.............and really the whole time i kinda like being tickled by Tanya....boy she was smokin hot!

smarttickler smarttickler
31-35, M
Jan 31, 2010