Revenge Tickling - Part 2 my last story of revenge i was ganged up on by both Tanya and her mother Kerri. Then Kerri and i ganged up on Tanya......and boy did we tickle her. So the obvious occured to both myself and Tanya......LETS GET KERRI, and lets get her GOOD! The only unknown for both myself and Tanya her mother ticklish! Tanya was not sure as she had never tried to tickle her mother for fear of being tickled back. Tanya's father left them when she was about 2 so she didnt recall him tickling her at all.

So one morning i stayed over......i was still 12 and Tanya still 16. We got up very eary before Kerri would be awake. Now Kerri was not a heavy sleeper so we would need to be quiet.The plan was just the same as what we did to Tanya.......tie her wrists up to the end of the bed and tie her ankles together. We would use tanning oil and a hair brush and electric toothbrush.....and of course blindfold her. We had a slight issue in that they had just got a german sheppard named Kasper and it had to stay inside for now as the fence was broken. So the worry was that when we opened Kerri's bedroom door that the dog would come running in a bark waking her Tanya gave the dog something to eat over the other side of the house to keep it occupied for atleast 10 minutes. As we opened Kerri's bedroom door she was lying face down with her bare soles poking out the end of the doona. Gee i hoped she was wearing very little when we took her doona off........she has a smoking body just like Tanya. As we lifted the doona off i was not dissapointed. She was wearing very small little white shorts and a white singlet top. Once we had her tied we would lift her singet top exposing her midriff. Kerri also had an extrmemly husky voice just like Tanya and i really wanted to hear her laugh. We decided firstly to tie her ankles togther which we did and then tied them down hard with rope at the bottom of the bed. Her bare feet were completely immobilised and just hanging out off the end of the bed.........very vulnerable. We then proceeded to tie both her wrists to the end of the bed completely outstretching them placing her in an entirelessly helpless position where she would be at the mercy of our keen fingers. Just as we finished tieing her up she woke up.

Kerri had a slighty bemused look on her face....'what are you doing?' she asked. 'Isnt it obvious' said Tanya......'where going to tickle you......payback'. Kerri didnt appear to be all that concerned......'ok........go for it'. Tanya and i looked at each other......'ok' i said 'you asked for it'. Tanya sat down on her mother's bum and pulled her singlet up exposing her midriff and i poured some baby oil on her bare soles giving some to Tanya to put on her hands. 'So are you ticklish?' i asked. 'Why dont you find out.' replied Kerri. So i proceeded to drag my fingerails along Kerri's bare exposed soles as Tanya dug into her midriff and began frantically working up and down her mother's upper body. reaction whatsover. We both tried a little harder with what we ere doing. 'No' said Kerri........' im not ticklish'. We were both shocked......she was so calm and still and she was actually completely 'not ticklish'. Tanya moved up to her mother's underarms and dug her fingers in......................nothing. She tried different methods.........nothing.........i ran the hair brush up and down her soles...........nothing........the electric toothbrush.......nothing. We both tried her inner thighs...........she didnt budge.....did not make a sound. The backs of her luck. We literally tried every inch of her body and could not get a reaction. It was safe to say that Kerri was just not ticklish. We both just sat their on top of her. Tanya was sitting on her back and i was sitting on the backs of her thighs. 'Well guys it looks although i win doesnt it?' exclaimed Kerri. 'Nothing you or anyone else does can possibly work because i am just completely not TICKLISHHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHEHEHEHEHAW AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAH OMG STOP IT THAT TICKLES SO MURRRRRRRCHHHHHH!

We were shocked........'what?', we werent tickling her. Was she putting this on? AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOO AHAHAHAHA IT TICKLES PLEASE MAKE IT STOP HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE. Kerri was squirming uncontrollably. What was doing this? And then we turned around to face her feet where Kasper the dog was licking Kerri's bare soles. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA MY GOD IT TICKLES MAKE IT STOP PLEEEEEEEEASE, begged Kerri in her sexy husky voice. We both stood up, we were was the dog doing this? We had tried everything we knew and this animal who didnt have any idea what it was doing was sending Kerri into hysterics. Kerri was laughing uncontrolably. 'Good boy Kasper.......get her'. yelled Tanya. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....PLEASE MAKE IT STOP IL DO ANYTHING PLEEEEEEEEASE yelled Kerri. Kasper didnt stop, Kerri's soles were sitting at exactly the right height for him to lick them at will and he looked perfectly comfortabe to do it for as long as he wanted. For all the effort Tanya and i put in Kasper was just cusually licking at Kerri's helpless and all of a sudden extremely ticklish soles. Kerri could not handle it at all........PLEASE MAKE IT STOP......THAT TICKLES SOOOOOO BAD HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Her husky voice was exilerating. She was squirming uncontrllably as this dog just cusually licked her feet. After about 5 mins Kasper got bored and turned away.

But oh no Kerri was not getting out of her torture that easy.....i held onto Kasper as Tanya got some peanut butter on a knife and spread it over Kerri's bare soles........'get her boy....go on get her'......Kasper promply strolled over and prceeded to lick Kerri's soles once more. OMG NO PLEASE MAKE IT STOP IM BEGGING YOU.......HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA IT TICKLES SO BAD I CANT STAND IT HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! Kerri was squirming and screaming in her husky voice as Tanya jumped on top of her and dug into her midriff again.......this seemed to make Kerri scream even more so Tanya kept going and i made sure that Kasper continued the genius job he was doing in tickling Kerri's soles. Boy was it tickling her. Kerri was laughing so hard tears ran down her face.

We kept this up for a good half an hour before Kasper eventually would not lick anymore peanut butter off Kerri's feet. We teased Kerri a little bit afterwards about this and she was embarrassed that it was the dog that was able to create laughter from her. One thing i knew for sure was that i was not gonna let that dog near my feet.

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Jan 31, 2010