Birthday Girl Tickle Torture

This happened about a month ago. It was my girlfriend's birthday. I had a suprise party all planned out for her and everything. The thing about my gf is she doesn't mind partying, she just doesn't like being the center of attention AT a party, which she obviously would be in this situation. Well, it was the afternoon of her birthday(the party wasn't until that night) and we had been hanging at my house for most of the day. This is when she told me she had found out about the "suprise party." I asked her who told her, but she wouldn't tell me( and still hasn't btw) I kept asking her but she still refused. Now, we were both into tickling, and had even tied up and tickled each other before, so she knew what i was thinking as i smiled at her when she refused to tell me who told her about the party. She took off running, and so i chased her all around me house, and after a few minutes, finally caught her. we were both on the ground, so i straddled her, and started digging my fingers into her ribs and stomach, and anywhere else i could reach asking her "who told you about the party". She started squealing and laughing, saying she'd never tell me. Oh, so we're gonna do this the hard way then i said. I went and got a roll of duct tape, pulled her into a chair, and sat on her while i taped her wrists together behind her, and then taped her hands to the back of the chair. With her only playfully resisting, saying she still wouldn't tell me who told her about the party, i taped each of her ankles to a leg of the chair. I then took both her socks off, asking her "are u sure u don't want to tell me how you found out about the party?" "please, please, don't tickle my feet" she said. My gf has extremely ticklish feet, in fact it is the most ticklish part of her body. Well, if you don't want to tell me i said, and then slowly began to tickle both her feet. she started squirming and giggling, struggling against the duct tape. please stop, please stop, please stop, she kept saying, in between giggles. Are u gonna tell me? i asked. She couldn't stop giggling so she just shook her head. I then tore into her feet, tickling every part of them, even in between the toes. She went wild, struggling, against the duct tape as hard as she could. She almost broke free, so i stopped and spent a few minutes tightly retaping her wrists and ankles to the chair, telling her she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. i then started tickling her stomach, ribs, neck, under her knees, any spot i could reach. she was wearing a short sleeve, button up shirt, and short shorts, so this left plenty of vulnerable areas. After about an hour to an hour and a half tickling her everywhere, i stopped and asked her one last time, how she found out about the party. She just kept giggling and said im not going to tell you, sticking her tongue out at me. Well i said, it doesn't matter anyway, i said because the party starts in an hour, so i'll just ask everybody and find out that way. No you won't she said, cause there's not gonna be a party. She's never been into big birthday parties, and told me she only wanted to spend her birthday with me. Awww, i said, squeezing her ribs, causing her to start giggling again. If that's what you really want, then ok, i said, leaning in and planting one on her. I then used the duct tape to tape her mouth shut, earning me a dirty look. I then called everyone i had invited to the party and told them it was off, saying my gf was being stubborn. At this point, my brother, who is the same age as me. had gotten home, and after he saw us, burst out laughing. Wanna help? i asked him, as i unbuttoned her shirt, earning me an even dirtier look. He agreed, so we both spent the next 30-45min. tickling her stomach, ribs, feet, neck, legs, thighs, knees, you name it. This was too good an oppurtunity, so i grabbed my camera and took a few pictures, then had my brother take a few of me tickling her. After that, my brother left, since he had only come for the party( and the food), so i had the house and my gf all to myself. Still finding this hillarious, i found a goofy bday party hat i had bought her to wear at the party( one of those carboard cone ones) and put it on her head. I grabbed the cake i had made, put it in front of her, lit the candles, and took one last picture( her duct taped to a chair, shirt unbuttoned, tape on her mouth, party hat on her head, cake and candles in front of her.) It made for a very funny picture, at least i thought so. I sang the birthday party song to her, tickling her as i sang. i then took the hat and the tape on her mouth off and cut her a piece. I then fed it to her while she was still taped to the chair, both of us laughing our ****** off the whole time. I then told her i would only untie her if she agreed to spend the weekend with me. She happily agreed, and so i untied her and we had a very fun-filled weekend(she told me she would definently get me back big time for this, so i guess i better be careful :)
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2 Responses Nov 23, 2011

Such a beautiful tickle story. I once tickled so long and hard she peed her panties... such a fun night.

Wow Lol!!! Totally Awesome :)