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Taped Up My Friend And Tickled Him

I like getting tickled and tickling people it's awesome to me hearing people's laughter always gets me. But one day my friend came over he is four years younger than me so at the time I was 12 and he was 8 so for awhile we played mey game and went outside and everything that same night he spent the night and we hung out for most of the night. So that night we had a wrestling match and it was no ordinary match it was a duct tape match whoever won got to duct tape their opponent and tickle him until he couldn't take it anymore and it was a good match but of course you know I won so after I won I grabbed the tape and taped up his legs and knees then his elbows and hands behind his back and his mouth. After that I tickled him soooo much that after I was done I left him there and watched tv for awhile and let him kick and squirm after I let him he ran straight to the restroom and we were tired after the match so we just went to sleep.
Shortie19 Shortie19 18-21, M 2 Responses Dec 31, 2011

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Yeah it fun watching him squirm but he couldn't go anywhere

Sounds like many experiences I've had, but I was almost
always the "victim".