All Taped Up(twice)

This story, unlike my last two, happened just a few days ago. Me and Amanda were hanging out at my house, and eventually started to get bored. Amanda thought this would be a good oppurtunity to try to tie me up again. she was wearing a short sleeve button up shirt and jeans, and i was wearing just a t-shirt and jeans. i was in my living room, just watching tv, when all of a sudden, she pounced on me with a roll of duct tape in her hand, and we started wrestling around, her trying to tape my wrists together behind my back. We play wrestled around for a little bit, until i managed to roll her onto her stomach and pin her arms behind her back. I immediately grabbed the roll of duct tape and started taping her wrists together. "looks like your little plan failed" i said to her laughing. We playfully argued back and forth while i finished taping her wrists together. i then sat on her legs and started taping her ankles together too. After that, i taped above and below her knees, effectively immobilizing her. "well, you get an A for effort" i said jokingly while still sitting on her legs, reaching behind me and lightly spanking her a couple times. She just laughed and yelped. "hey, watch it buddy" she said. I just laughed and gave her butt a firm squeeze. she let out another little yelp and just looked at me and stuck her tongue out. "time for some fun" i said, taking both of her socks off. She knew what i was thinking, and starting squirming around and begging me not to tickle her. "hey, you got yourself into this, it's only fair" i said, and starting tickling her feet(Amanda is extremely ticklish, especially on her feet). she started screaming, laughing, and rolling around, so i grabbed her feet, pulled them onto my lap, and wrapped one arm around them, while i dug into her feet with my free hand. I did this for about 25 min or so, Amanda laughing and screaming her head off the whole time, begging me to stop. I then spent a while tickling her sides, armpits, and under her knees too. After about an hour of this, i let her catch her breath. "ok, you win, now let me go" she said, still laughing a little. "oh, im not even close to being done with you" i said to her, ruffling her hair. I picked her up in my arms, carried her upstairs into my room, and sat her down in my chair, making sure her arms were behind the back of the chair, and taped her wrists to it. i then untaped her legs and ankles and retaped each of her legs to a leg of the chair, right below her knees and then at the ankles. i then taped her thighs to the chair for good measure, wrapping the tape around her thighs and under the chair. "there we go, much better" i said, giving her sides a good squeeze. I then unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her bra and bare stomach, her giving me a dirty look and sticking her tongue out at me again as i did. I then spent another 45 min or so tickling her everywhere i could reach, her armpits, stomach, sides, neck, feet, her squirming and squealing the whole way. Just then my phone rang. It was my dad, and he wanted me to pick my brother up from school and drive him to a friend's house, where he would be spending the night. I reluctantly said i would and hung up. "well, looks like we'll have to put this on hold" i said to Amanda. "just untie me" she said, squirming against the tape. "no, i don't think so. you're going to stay here until i get back" I leaned in and kissed her on the mouth, then picked up her socks and stuffed them in her mouth, and sealed them in with a few layers of tape over her mouth. "before i go, though.." i said, and grabbed my camera and took a few pictures of her taped to the chair, her giving me the dirtiest look she could. "bye" i said, and kissed her again on the top of her head and left. By the time i had dropped my brother off at his friends house and got back to my house, 2 hours had passed. I went upstairs and took amanda's gag off, asking "have you learned your lesson yet?" She said "yes, yes, i have, now please let me go" giving me the sweetest look she could manage. "alright" i said and untaped her from the chair. We had the house to ourselves for the night, so we ate supper, and then i suggested we watch a movie. as i was looking for one, she suprised me by trying to tape me up again! "So you didn't learn your lesson? well, i'll fix that!" i said to her, as we were rolling around on my floor. I again pinned her underneath me, and this time, i taped her wrists together infront of her, then taped the lower part of her arms down to her stomach, wrapping the tape across her arms and behind her dozens of time. I then retaped her legs together, again taping above and below the knees, and her ankles. I have to admit, she put up a bigger fight the second time, but i still won. Now tightly taped up, i picked her up and put her down on my bed, leaving her trying to squirm her way free. Just to annoy her, i picked two action movies i knew she wouldn't want to watch(the last rambo movie and the expendables) and decided to watch the rambo movie first. I put it in, and Amanda immediately started complaining, like i knew she would. "you know i don't like these movies" she complained. "yeah, i know, that's why i picked them" i said, smiling. leaving her taped up the way she was, i pulled her into my lap and wrapped my arms around her, pinning her upper arms to her sides, and kissed her on the cheek. We were now both dressed in pj's, her in a tight long sleeve shirt and sweatpants, me in a t-shirt and sweatpants. As the movie started, Amanda continued complaining, so i stuffed her socks into her mouth again and used the last of the roll of the duct tape to tape her mouth shut. We then watched both movies like that, her taped up and gagged in my lap, with me holding her there. She stuggled a little bit a first and mmmpphhed through her gag, and i periodically tickled her and felt her up throughout both movies. After they were both over, it was around 11pm. "ok" i said, "if you've learned your lesson, i will untie you. But if you try to ambush me again, i will retape you like this and leave you like this until tomorrow morning. ok?" i said. She nodded and mpphed through her gag. "good girl" i said, kissing her cheek, and then untying her. I felt a little bad about having had her taped up for almost half a day, and so gave her a full body massage, shoulders, back, feet, everything. "i'll give you this, you sure don't give up easy" i said to her. She appreciated the massage, and we started watching tv. Within about 10 min, she was asleep against me, with her head on my chest.
spidey230 spidey230
18-21, M
Jan 25, 2012