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Ok, don't get me wrong, I love my boyfriend more than anything in the world, and i wouldn't leave him for anything. But when i go over to a guy friends house, (he knows about my tickling fetish), i let him tickle me. Its not anything sexual or anything like that, but it feels wrong. i feel like i'm cheating on my boyfriend. how should i handle this situation?
OnyxVioletSky OnyxVioletSky
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Ask your boyfriend to tickle you

Hi there OnynVioletSky,<br />
Does your boyfriend know about your tickling fetish or only your guy friend?<br />
If you've discussed this with your boyfriend and he is unable to comprehend your desire to be tickled or doesn't make any attempts to tickle you, as half hearted as they may be (I find non-ticklers normally don't have any passion for this and tend to sort of just go through the motions rather than embrace it and deliver the kind of experience you crave although some can be converted to love it) then I personally see no reason why you shouldn't seek satisfaction elsewhere.I am very non-judgemental however this is a decision you will have to make after giving it some serious thought. Guilt feelings are normal as you feel you're doing something wrong but if you love your boyfriend eventually your need to be tickled (if it is a fetish) will create a lot of anomosity and frustration and weigh heavy on your relationship unless you're prepared to give up your tickling fetish, convince your boyfriend to embrace it or seek others who are like-minded either with his permission or behind his back that can tickle you the way you want to be tickled.

thank you. both my boyfriend and guy friend know about my fetish, and i don't feel comfortable with my guy friend tickling me. and in no way shape or form will I give up my fetish. but i will talk to my boyfriend about trying to embrace it. I will see how it goes :) i appriciate your help.

I could never give up my fetish for tickling women so I understand where you're coming from. It is always better to try to get your significant other to understand how deep something like this is for you and to have them at least make an attempt to indulge you.

If your tickle fetish is anything like mine, then it is very sexual!