Is Tickling Torture Or Teasing Or Total Pleasure

I have been into tickling since I was very young.  I adore ticklish females.  My experience has been that some hate it, some tolerate it, and a few love to be tickled.  If I focus on the person and not just tickling, then she is much more receptive to being tickled.  Of course the most ticklish usually means some sort of restraint to protect both the tickler and the one tickled and that opens up all sorts of other doors about bondage and dominance and submission that can really complicate things - or make them quite interesting!

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I think it makes them interesting, myself.

<p>I've been deathly ticklish since a baby and for me to be seriously<br />
tickle-tortured, (as opposed to vanilla "play" that only lasts a few<br />
minutes), is the wildest roller-coaster ride I ever get on.</P><br />
<p>There are some key spots on my anatomy that produce instant<br />
refex nerve reactions of the most strenuous type, the most<br />
serious of those being FEAR.</P><br />
<p>When I am restrained helpless and tickled it builds in intensity<br />
until I lose my mind with hysteria and lose all control over my<br />
bodily functions. This produces a mental and emotional "high"<br />
no drugs can match.</P><br />
<p>I used to be terrorized by getting tickled, but I found out the dark<br />
side has a bright side: physical, mental and emotional release<br />
from stress. The harder I laugh the more depression and worry<br />
disappear.</P><br />
<p>Its the best/worst thing that can happen to me. Try it!</P>

i love tickling, but i found it very hard to stop myself from it

Tickling and being tickled is truly a cornicopia of senations and emotions that range from erotic and sensual to off the wall outright insane and torturesome. There's the intense to sexy physical side of it as well as the enticing, exciting & even frightening psychologial side that makes tickling an incredible roller coaster ride.

@Pinkluvv I also am turned on by tickling, so you're not alone. It just make sex more pleasurable IMO. I can have sex without the tickling aspect, but i just feel cheated when I've not pinned down and tortured. I joined this site to also voice my confession about this, and many other things! Lol.

All of the above! I am extremely ticklish and somehow submit and endure all the tickling the tickler or tickers can dish out! Definitely a love hate pleasure torture deal!

We’ve all been tickled beyond our comfort zone, so we know that agonizing helplessness, laughter verging on hysteria, the frantic desperation for it to stop yet caught up by the intense sensation.<br />
But the wicked thing about it is, once you have had the experience, (and it's like nothing else), you can start to crave it again and again.<br />
<br />
I'm in Vancouver, BC and would love and hate to be tickled.<br />
<br />

Smyslov, I think you said it best when you said you like to focus on the person and not the tickling. That's true in any aspect of life, and I try to do the same.

OMG Embraceabl, I think my fingers were unconsiously moving in tickling wiggles with every word I read. Wonderful description!

SMYLOV, Which would you mind being tickled tortured by, a male or a female?

I love the question “Is Tickling, torture, teasing or total pleasure?” For me it can be all three at any given time or a combination. For instance there can be times when the tickling starts out as a gentle, soft caress of the skin. Something that just feels so good that you just want to stretch out under the touch; kind of like a cat when it’s into pet me, stroke me, touch me mode. So there it is feeling so good and I’m smiling and sighing and perhaps even softly gasping and moaning on occasion. It’s the kind of touch that even though it tickles; you don’t want to giggle or laugh to break that particular mood. Before long though, it happens, it subtly builds to a level that feels almost too good and it becomes impossible to resist the sensations and the first giggle or two escapes. <br />
<br />
The lines get a little blurred for me at that point. Total pleasure slowly becomes a wicked tease once those first giggles are forced from me. Sensations build and build and what was once a soft caress now is a teasing, maddening tickle to nerve endings that have all risen to the surface from the pleasure of the earlier touches. Now those not so innocent touches along my skin have a more diabolical goal. I can’t help but squirm and move in a completely different way now. Gone is the willful exposure of my body for that touch; now the movements are more evasive, twisting, squirming every which way to find a part of me that isn’t to ticklish to be touched. <br />
<br />
It’s gone from total pleasure, to a pleasurable teasing, to a wicked teasing and onto a full all out tickle. It is now that I’m looking for any escape route and now I’ve forced my ler to have to find ways to keep me in place. (Sigh. . . such fun!) It isn’t long before I am pinned in place, his body holding mine in whatever position he wishes, the heat of his body adding to and increasing to the temperature of my all ready overheated skin. The tickling is now deliberate, intense and approaching torturous. <br />
<br />
Every touch tickles so much and the laughter is never ending. He knows just where he has me and doesn’t hesitate to tease and taunt me. Questions like “Who’s my ticklish girl?” and statements like “Laugh if you want me to continue.” play a huge part in the teasing. I am so grateful for any breath of air that I can get in that I can’t even beg for it to end and therein lies the torture aspect for me. <br />
<br />
All I can say is thank heaven for the lers out there that know just how to get their lees just where they want them and for the delightful journey that leads us to that place. So definitely in answer to your question, all three!