Never Tickled As A Child

Growing up in a home where tickling was strickly forbidden, I missed out on a lot of fun laughter. I would see my cousins being tickled and wish I could join in, but my parents wouldn't let me.

I always wanted someone to really tickle me as a child. Sometimes I would try to provoke it by saying something silly and having them chase me. That never worked either.

Still to this day, I've never had a tickle fight with anyone. I fantasize about being tickled by Josh Groban! That would be a dream come true because I know he's ticklish also. -Revenge-

My ex-husband used to tickle me but not in a good way. I would walk away with bruises on me, and I don't call that fun.

My husband now is very cold that we don't even have sex, let alone having him tickle me.

I've watched videos of people being tickled, but it's not the same.

No one knows about how I feel except this group. Maybe someday I'll find a tickling group of friends and have my belly button tickled with a feather. That sounds like it would feel great!

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I know what you mean, I too have wanted to tickle and be tickled for a long time and I am fortunate enough to have recently made a friend I see during the summertime whom I can tickle.
But if I may ask, why was tickling forbidden in your house?

My parents thought it to be a sexual matter.

Oh I see. Thanks

It's so sad to hear that you have been denied the delicious feelings of being tickled your whole life! I fell in love with tickling feet as a young girl and can't imagine my life without this delightful fun way to make others laugh, squirm and wiggle.

I hear your pain. I love tickling and being tickled is the best. I was the same way and now my wife and I love to tickle each other and our friends!! If you would love to chat hit me up! I"m always interested in meeting new folks like my wife and I.

I wanted to be tickled (ladies only please) when I was younger, too. I don't know how it started, but that desire has always been there. Videos don't quite cut it--nothing beats the real thing. But it's been so long, I've virtually forgotten what it feels like. Tickling wasn't forbidden when I was younger... it just didn't happen often enough. And now as an adult, and being single, it pretty much never happens. So I understand having a deep, hidden desire for something that seems like it will never happen. Most of the time I go about life without it being an issue, but it's always there, and I still have my moments of strong frustration because of it.

It\'s nice to meet you. I\'ve never been comfortable talking about it with people I know. It\'s a shame that something so much fun has gotten way out of hand in the sexual department. I miss it a lot. I get pokes here and there, but I\'m still waiting for that ultimate tickle fight!

I just hope you both find the right tickler who will show you the incredible magical sensations that tickling can give you.

Add me please?

OK. I added you to my circle.

add me please :) would love to talk about bellybuttons and tickling :)

Okay. I added you to my circle.

Are you only into having your belly tickled?

No. I would love to experience a real tickling session without being tied down.

I think I could really give you a good session while not bound.Just locate the most ticklish spot and get it

You might like being tickled while tied down?

Go to the Tickling Media Forum. If you're hesitant because you are married, let me tell you there are lots of folks there who would tickle you without insisting on sex. I guarantee you'll find someone to help you out. Life is short - give yourself a break. - sole seeker

I really know how you feel.To this day I'm a frustrated tickle lover.I want to tell somebody so bad but I don't have the nerve.